What The Future Holds For Email Marketing?

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 21/09/202 min read
What The Future Holds For Email Marketing?

Email marketing is changing continuously owing to technological advancements and evolving expectations of consumers. So, it is both challenging as well as exciting to keep up with customer’s interests and serve them well. Email marketing services are among the best ways of marketing available today. These services are not only cost-efficient but are also known to provide a huge boost to the business when used tactfully.

Expected Trends in Email Marketing in the Upcoming Period

Here are the important trends in email marketing services that can be expected in the upcoming year:

‘Death of email marketing’ is a myth

Millennials generally resort to communication through messaging apps, which might indicate that email marketing services would no longer be needed, but this is not a fact. If we look at the past, we would find that email marketing had been declared ‘dead’ numerous times in 2007, 2009, 2011 as well as 2015. Still, almost 70% of its users believe it will remain relevant even in the upcoming decade.

The most important thing that the email marketers have to keep in mind is to be savvy enough to meet the changing requirements of the demography. The emails must have catchy subject lines so that the receiver will be enticed to open the mail. The use of eCommerce email conversion optimization strategies along with visual hierarchy in email design can keep up the consumer’s interest.

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Smarter email marketing

Consumers have become quite conscious and ensure thorough research before making any purchase online or offline. In such a scenario, we can see that the email marketing services in the upcoming year will need to become smart in order to connect with the customers and provide them with all the required information.

The email marketing services should be such that the customers are convinced to visit the website, the business’s social media page and then use the marketing email for further communication, ensuring the integrity of the experience.

Marketers need to gauge the customer’s requirements before attempting to communicate with them using email. This will achieve the purpose of email marketing services. Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences are efficient ways of customer engagement and marketing across different channels.

Enhancing personalization of email marketing

Though email personalization has been an existing concept, it is going to become better with more data and the use of advanced technologies. Successful email marketers make use of consumer behaviour to cater to their requirements through the efficient use of emails. It is the key to grab their attention because there are a lot of variations found among the consumers. The technological advances enable the smart use of location from the mobile or wearable devices. It even helps in automation of the emails besides ensuring a personal feel.

The emails are customized for different devices because the consumers have an attention span of just 13.4 seconds (as per Litmus). This necessitates marketers ensure a concise subject line in the emails for mobile devices to keep the consumers glued. Similarly, in the case of wearable devices, call to action is required. In any email, it is important to remember that it must have 90% educational content and 10% promotional content so that consumers find it useful. The email marketing services should formulate strategies that can enable sending the right message to the target customers in the appropriate format, for it to be effective.

Acquiring consumer data and implementing of advanced technologies for an amazing user experience

Email marketing in the upcoming years will make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a next-level experience to target consumers and subscribers. AI can be efficient in determining the best email content along with the effective subject lines and images for appealing to the consumers. In short, such tools will be amazing ways of creating messages that are contextually relevant for individual consumers rather than a whole group with various consumer behaviours. Thus, there will be a better email ROI.

Instant communication through emails

We have witnessed a spike in the use of voice technology worldwide, which indicates people like to get quick responses to their queries. Research indicates that there are 52% of smartphone owners who seek information on deals. So this gives rise to the need for ensuring that the emails are in line with the voice revolution. One to one conversation can be initiated with customers through conversational commerce.

Besides this, it is quite important to understand the way in which smart voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant services such as Alexa interact with emails. With this information, an audio strategy can be curated for email marketing. This will enable consumers to have a seamless interactive experience with emails across different platforms at any time. Thus, an organization will have numerous loyal customers by providing them with a hyper-personalized experience.

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