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Create content that generates results. Use Pepper’s platform to optimize new and existing content at scale. Pepper powers the end-to-end content marketing process, from strategy to analytics.

Pepper vs Writer: A Detailed Guide

Here’s a summary and comparison between Pepper and Jasper based on content marketing features.

Enterprise /GDPR Certifications
Privacy assurance
GDPR compliant.
Comply with SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.
AI models used
Smart switching between the models i.e. Open AI, Llama, and Anthropic depending on the use case.
SEO Toolset
Traffic growth essentials
Yes, supports everything from SEO strategy to SEO analytics.
Not present.
Content Creation Tools
Ready-made templates
Yes, pre-set templates with brand personalization are available with capabilities to create customized prompts and templates.
Yes, pre-set templates are available.
AI Finetuning for Brand Voice & Style
Yes, allows you to add brand details to create personalized content with prompts or the chat assistant. Pepper can write based on the content added as a knowledge base.
Yes, allows you to style guide specifications and brand voice guidelines with the ability to write content based on data sources.
Content Editor
Yes, the AI-powered content editor can generate text content, and SEO blog drafts along with AI chat assistance. Also provides content grade, SEO writing assistance, Unsplash, and WordPress integrations.
Yes, the AI-powered content editor can generate text content based on some templated prompts and quick actions and gives a content grade.
Grammar and Quality Check
Yes, Grammarly integration + content grading system; with a human QC layer.
Yes, spelling and grammar checks are available on the editor.
Plagiarism Check
Yes, native integration with Copyscape.
Yes, plagiarism checks are available.
Workflows and Collaboration
Yes, supports project management with a team (both internal and external) dashboard, project planning calendar, and task management workflows.
Workflows are not available. Allows you to add team members.
Yes. allows you to import a Knowledge Base across all formats.
Yes, allows integration of data sources via Knowledge Graph.
CMS Integration
Yes, has native integration with WordPress, and Shopify, and supports other CMS integrations.
Uses Knowledge Graph to connect to the business data sources for accurate outputs and insights.
Website Analytics and Audit
Performance metrics
Yes, shows dollar value of content; traffic, top keywords, pages, optimization insights; and integrations with GA/GSC
Not present.
Audit & enhance
Yes, automatically identifies webpages with higher traffic potential using historical traffic data through GA/GSC integration and provides a step-by-step guide to optimize content.
Not present
Free training and dedicated onboarding
Guided start
Yes, offers a free training program as part of the onboarding process. Offers a library of detailed help articles, use case guides, and tutorial videos.
Yes, has a dedicated help center with articles and guides.
Trial Plan
Sample access
Offers a free training program for users and teams and a seamless onboarding process. Provides a library of detailed help articles, use case guides and tutorial videos are available.
Has a dedicated help center with the resources to traverse the platform in the form of articles and guides.

Content creation is just one piece of the puzzle

Data-driven SEO strategy

Craft a robust SEO plan by pinpointing the right categories, themes, topics, and keyword recommendations tailored to your website data.

Content refresh capabilities

Optimize your existing content to its full potential. Identify high-potential pages and follow a step-by-step guide for seamless content optimization.

Content ROI and performance

Measure the ROI (in dollars) of your organic content and effortlessly track your website’s content performance.

Is Pepper the right platform for you?

Pepper is the ideal platform for you if:

  1. You're a marketer in a growing mid-size or enterprise organization aiming to boost revenue through content marketing.

  2. Web search as a channel is a key focus for you.

  3. You're keen on incorporating AI into your content marketing to enhance efficiency and scalability.

Consider exploring other tools if:

  1. You're a solo marketer or freelancer seeking AI-generated content.

  2. Your expertise lies in social media or performance marketing.

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