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Content attribution

Measure the value of every piece of content on your website.

Analytics and reports

Check your website performance, everything from top-ranking keywords to the number of visitors.

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions backed by real-time insights and analytics

Measure the ROI of your organic content

Quantify your organic traffic value

  1. See the value your organic traffic brings to your business.

  2. Track the cost savings generated by high-ranking keywords' traffic.

Keep tabs without switching tabs

  1. Get a clear picture of your website's traffic, visitors, and keywords.

  2. Find out which pages and keywords are performing the best and driving traffic.

  3. Understand how many pages and keywords are contributing to your traffic and discover areas for improvement

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Frequently asked questions


What types of metrics and data can I expect from Content ROI and analytics?

You can expect metrics such as traffic, visitors, and top-ranking pages, keywords, and more. These metrics offer a comprehensive view of how your content is impacting your business.


Can Content ROI and analytics help me justify my content marketing budget to stakeholders?

Yes, by showcasing the dollar value of your content marketing efforts , you can provide evidence to stakeholders and secure or even increase your budget.


Do I need a dedicated analytics team to make the most of Content ROI feature?

Our Content ROI and analytics dashboard is user-friendly and is designed for marketers. You can get valuable insights without a dedicated team.

See the real value of your organic efforts