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  • Multilingual voiceovers with a wide array of accents, tones, and styles.

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Nailing the perfect voiceover tone

Finding the right voice that truly resonates with your audience can be challenging. We can deliver voiceovers that ensure clarity and emotion.

Tailored voice matchmaking

Adapted for international markets

Affordable and speedy

Access a diverse talent pool

  • Voiceovers spanning cultures, languages, and emotions

  • Quality assured with expert artists

  • Tailored to your envisioned tone

Voiceover Capabilities

Commercial voiceover

Used to advertise products/services, they are delivered clearly to capture the listener’s attention.

Narration voiceover

This is used to tell a story.
They are often used in documentaries, audiobooks, and instructional videos.

Character voiceover

Used to bring a character to life, they are often used in animation, video games, and radio dramas.

Promotional voiceover

This is used to promote an event/product, and is typically upbeat and energetic.

Explainer voiceover

Used to explain a product/service clearly and concisely, this is often used in product videos/tutorials.

Immersive voiceover

This is used to create a sense of presence or immersion, and is often used in VR/AR experiences.

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Step 2

We match the expert creators

From our curated pool, we find the best creator who fits your brief and launch them into your project.

Step 3

Review & track your content projects

You can monitor the progress at every step on your easy-to-use dashboard and work with your remote team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is voice over and dubbing?
Voice over is the text spoken in media, whereas dubbing is the recording of new voices for an audio-visual media after it has been produced in a different language.
Voice over vs Dubbing; which should be used?
Voice overs are mainly used for news segments, e-learning content and documentaries. Dubbing is for TV shows and movies.
Why is voice over and dubbing beneficial?
A voice over and dubbing service helps your video to be super accessible to your customers wherein they can comprehend your message clearly.
What languages do you offer your services in?
Pepper Content offers voice over and dubbing services in all popular Indian and International languages. We have native speakers and translators who work for us.
What is the key difference between voice over and dubbing?
The most important difference is that dubbing replaces original audio and a voice over doesn’t
Can you make changes in the content after delivery?
At Pepper Content, our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied. You can share feedback and request reworks if you are not satisfied with our translations. Our translators will incorporate the necessary changes and the project will come to an end only after your approval.
Who owns the content post-delivery?
Once the delivery of your project is made, we will transfer the copyrights of the final translation copies to you. Therefore, no one can make any claim to the content post-delivery.
How much time will it take to deliver my transcriptions?
We assess your requirement and accordingly convey to you the estimated time of delivery before starting on the work. The time taken usually depends on the level of complexity of the project and the duration of the video.
Is Pepper Content a product description writing company?
Pepper Content is a content marketing company that helps clients create all types of marketing content including videos, blogs, articles, videos, whitepapers, translations, web content, etc.
Can you help localize my product descriptions?
With native translators in over 45 languages on board, we can help localize and translate all types of content and marketing materials.