After our conversations with global marketing leaders, we have curated the ultimate list of marketing luminaries who have transformed the face of content marketing as we know it.
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Meet the marketing mavericks

Meet The Global Content Stars

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The Content Marketing Platform Everyone Is Wishing For

Andy Przystanski

A platform where I could have all my freelancers, generate research reports,  check traffic numbers, manage keywords, and other SEO tools... It's a laundry list!

Andy Przystanski

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Lattice

Aniket Thakkar

A good workflow management tool where we could gather requirements, assign them and get visibility on projects, write content, collaborate, check SEO components, and get analytics - it'd be great to see all of this on the same platform.

Aniket Thakkar

VP of Marketing at Smallcase

Brett McGrath

I'd like a platform that would help with all phases of content - a research component, understanding and finding keywords, writing content, publishing, and having distribution capabilities.

Brett McGrath

VP of Marketing at The Juice

Ben Sailer

A project management solution with communication and collaboration tools where I could manage all my writers, research, manage, write, and distribute every piece of content and then generate a report to see the results of your work.

Ben Sailer

Director of Inbound Marketing, WordPress.com at Automattic

Emily Dumas

In an ideal world, I'd love to have a platform to find subject matter experts and help me in my projects from beginning to end and do everything on a single platform.

Emily Dumas

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Evernote


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