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Reach global audiences with our top-tier subtitling services which are expertly crafted to preserve the emotion, tone, and context of your content. Whether it's a film, corporate presentation, or educational video, we make sure your message is understood universally.

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Subtitling Capabilities

Open subtitles

These are permanently visible on the screen and are often used in cinemas.

Closed captions

These are designed for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. They appear at the bottom of the screen.

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Our expert team outlines the project objective and crafts a thorough brief.

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From our curated pool, we find the best creator who fits your brief and launch them into your project.

Step 3

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You can monitor the progress at every step on your easy-to-use dashboard and work with your remote team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is subtitling?
It incorporates text into audio and video content to transmit verbal communication messages in written form.
What subtitling services do we provide?
We offer subtitling services for documentary subtitling, video subtitling, social media & website subtitles, broadcast subtitling, Vimeo and YouTube subtitles, online learning subtitles, promotion and advertising subtitles, and television and film subtitling.
Is hiring professionals necessary for subtitle translation?
There's no substitute for a professional team working together to get the job done right. If you're looking for someone to write (or even research or design) subtitles for your movies and TV shows, then it makes sense to consider hiring professionals. At Pepper, we match the best subtitle translators with your projects, improving the quality of your products manyfold.
Can I trust Pepper with the speed and quality of subtitle services?
We have selected the most efficient subtitle professionals who are aware of content urgency and deliver premium quality services within short deadlines
Are subtitle services worth it?
Subtitle services are a great way to add subtitles to videos or audio. Subtitle services can improve your videos' search engine rankings, making them more relevant to your viewers. They can also help you grow your business by providing search engine-optimized subtitles for your content, which will help expand your audience without spending money on advertising. This clearly shows the worth of such services.
When should I avail professional subtitle translation services?
Perhaps you're short on time and have to manage a lot of things. Perhaps you're concerned about the potential appearance or quality of service. In such instances, it’s best to avail of professional services for subtitle translation. Our Pepper subtitle translators can make your workflow very easy.
What are the benefits of subtitle writing?
Subtitle writing can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing your product or business. If done well, it can encourage people to take action on something you care about. Subtitles can increase your video views by as much as 300%. They can help build an international following and give your videos more exposure.
Why should marketers add subtitles to videos?
Video transcription has many benefits, including increased reach, better engagement and visibility, the opportunity to rank in search engines on local keywords, more brand visibility, and connecting with your targeted audience globally.
What is the difference between subtitles and captions?
Both these are the text versions of the spoken dialogues. However, subtitles are translated into a different language, and captions are written in the same language as the audio.
What is better, subtitling or dubbing?
Both dubbing and subtitling have their pros and cons. While subtitling is easier, dubbing can be more engaging for a target audience. Make the right choice depending on your time and budget.