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Pepper vs SurferSEO: A Detailed Guide

Here’s a summary and comparison between Pepper and Surfer SEO based on content marketing features.

Enterprise/ GDPR Certifications
Privacy assurance
Yes, GDPR compliant.
Yes, GDPR certified.
SEO Toolset
Keyword Research
Yes, recommends keyword opportunities using AI and competitor data with data points like search volume, ranking difficulty, and keyword intent.
Yes, suggests keyword clusters based on seed keywords with data points like search volume and ranking difficulty.
Topic Research
Yes, recommends content categories and topics mapped with primary and secondary keywords using AI and competitor data.
Yes, each keyword cluster includes topic suggestions with potential traffic gain.
Content Creation Tools
Content Outline
Yes, shows advanced content intelligence including outline, keywords/terms, content length, readability, number of headings, and FAQs.
Yes, suggests AI-generated titles, headings, sub-headings, and paragraphs.
Content Editor
Yes, provides a full-blown content editor with SEO and AI writing assistant and real-time SEO content grading.
Yes, provides an SEO content editor with real-time content grade and creation assistance from Surfer AI.
Grammar and Quality Check
Yes, native Grammarly integration, including a human quality control layer for the marketplace.
Yes, a Grammarly extension is available for the content editor.
Plagiarism Check
Yes, integrates with Copyscape for real-time plagiarism checks.
Workflows and Collaboration
Yes, natively supports status, assignee, and workflows for task management.
Yes, enables sharing and collaboration on files.
AI Writing Assistant
Yes, provides an AI writing assistant with templated prompts for creating search-optimized drafts.
Yes, provides an AI assistant for generating outlines, drafts, and complete blogs.
AI Finetuning for Brand Voice & Style
Yes, customizable for brand voice and style using brand details and chat assistant.
Not present
CMS Integration
Yes, native integrations WordPress, Shopify, Zapier; adaptable to other CMS platforms.
Yes, native integration with Contentful and WordPress; adaptable to other CMS platforms.
Website Analytics and ROI
Yes, provides organic content value (in dollars), traffic, users, top-ranking keywords, and optimization insights.
Not available
Refresh existing content
Website Content Audit
Yes, identifies high-potential webpages using GA/GSC data.
Yes, identifies high-potential webpages using GA/GSC and Surfer data integration.
Content Gap Report
Yes, provides a step-by-step optimization guide based on top-performing page content.
Yes, lists SEO errors and improvement steps.
Free training and dedicated onboarding
Guided start
Comprehensive training program with detailed help articles, guides, and tutorial videos.
Offers free training resources including Knowledgebase and Surfer Academy.
Content Creation Service
Content solutions
Yes, marketplace with 100,000+ writers and industry experts to create various content types on demand.
Not present
Trial Plan
Sample access