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With Pepper’s Content Marketing Platform your content, data, and teams come together to achieve your marketing goals on time, every time


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Why do you need a Content Marketing Platform?

Overview Fact 1

The old, chaotic way of marketing with content, data, and teams scattered everywhere

Overview Fact 1

The new, modern way of marketing with content, data, and teams at one place

A tailored suite of best-in-class tools

Ideate, create, manage, distribute, and analyze all your marketing campaigns on a single dashboard, designed for winning teams.



Is your content strategy missing in action?

Craft your content strategy based on data derived from top-notch tools and AI algorithms

Create a data-driven strategy

Get keyword ideas and organize them into a portfolio to track your rankings.

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Tap into the latest trends and ideas

Get topic suggestions and traffic predictions based on your keyword, leveraging competitor data and AI

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Gain competitive advantage

Keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy with the content research report and stay ahead at all times

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Content OS

Maximize your content output

Create and manage content efficiently by making the most out of the AI-powered platform

Create high-quality content on the go

Use our intelligent text editor, Pepper Docs, combined with our AI and SEO writing assistants to write engaging content

Bid adieu to hours of manual content review

Use our automated content audit workflow that checks for grammar, plagiarism, word count, readability level and more

Ensure all stakeholders are on the same page

Collaborate, brainstorm and create together with your internal and external teams in an inclusive and efficient manner

No more second-hand publishing

Integrate with your CMS and publish your content in a few seconds, without formatting hassles


Content Analytics

Keep tabs, without switching tabs

Always be tracking your content’s impact and mould your content strategy based on data and insights

Determine content effectiveness

Integrate with Google Analytics and Google search console and review your content’s performance.


Identify the missing pieces

Fill in the gaps in your content with the help of suggestions based on competitor data and AI


Your content ecosystem in one place

Our happy customers

Take the chaos out of content marketing