Get access to top 3% creators

Scaling content doesn’t have to come at a price. Don’t compromise on quality. Get access to subject matter experts in your domain, scouted for your most important projects.


150K creators working for 2500+ brands

Season your content marketing with Pepper

Curated talent network

Our platform scouts for the best creators to work their magic for your brand. No more hiring hassles

All content types, under a roof

We cover content types ranging from SEO blogs to videos, all in multiple languages

Scalable content creation

Start creating and distributing content at scale with on-demand expertise as per your niche

AI-powered CMP

Get your hands on our one-of-a-kind content marketing platform (CMP) to manage your content, data, and teams in one place

How does it work?

Leverage the AI-powered platform to ideate, create, distribute and measure your content on a single platform. Make content marketing work for you.

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Share your requirements

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Get matched with an expert

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Track your content progress

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Receive editor-reviewed and audited content

Here's what our users are saying

VerSe Innovation

We progressively integrated our system here after seeing how much more work we could do once we started utilising the platform.

Prasun Shukla

Client Servicing, Verse Innovation

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With Pepper's help we were able to launch our app in 5 regional and 2 international languages and increase our user base by a whopping 53%!

Siddharth Chuahan

Chief Growth Officer, Kohbee

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"To replicate the amount of copy Pepper churns out for us, we would have to work 3-5 times harder. Plus, they have greatly reduced the turnaround time for content production.”

Hari Krishna

Creative Team

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"Pepper got us to our desired efficiency level very quickly. I can rely on their infrastructure and have the confidence that I will get as many pieces as I request in the desired time frame."

Samrat Krishna

Marketing Manager, DarwinBox

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Frequently asked questions


How does Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace work?

Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace works by providing businesses access to a curated network of talented freelancers. Businesses can share their requirements and Pepper’s platform will scout the right talent for them.


How can Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace benefit my business?

Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace can benefit your business by providing access to a diverse pool of skilled freelancers, saving time and effort in sourcing talent, ensuring high-quality content creation, increasing scalability for projects, and reducing costs associated with in-house content teams.


How are creators on Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace vetted?

Freelancers on Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace go through a rigorous vetting process. They are required to submit their portfolios, undergo skill assessments, and their previous work is reviewed. This ensures that only the top 3% of creators are part of the marketplace.


Is there a project management functionality available?

Yes, Pepper Content's Talent Marketplace provides project management capabilities to streamline collaboration between clients and freelancers. The platform allows you to track progress, share files, and manage the overall workflow for efficient content creation.


Can I communicate directly with creators on the talent Marketplace?

Yes, the platform enables direct communication between clients and creators. Once you are connected with a creator for a project, you can discuss project details, provide feedback, and collaborate on content creation seamlessly through the platform's messaging system.

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