100+ Best Content Marketing Tools of 2022

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Posted on 7/05/2130 min read
100+ Best Content Marketing Tools of 2022
There was a time when content was a one-way street. Creators would send out content, and consumers would consume it unquestioningly. Today, content builds communities and creates niche markets. It should bring together like-minded users and spark a conversation. Content is no more just in-bound.

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There was a time when content was a one-way street. Creators would send out content, and consumers would consume it unquestioningly. Today, content builds communities and creates niche markets. It should bring together like-minded users and spark a conversation. Content is no more just in-bound. It becomes imperative for brands to invest in the best content marketing tools and create a mean marketing machine. With various interactive content marketing tools, content marketing research tools, and content marketing management tools available, there is no better time for brands to optimize content for their success. 

Before we delve into the best content marketing tools you can use to leverage your content marketing game, let’s first understand what content marketing is all about. It is a marketing approach that focuses on the creation, distribution, and analytics of content. It is the use of social media posts, articles, newsletters, videos, blogs, etc., to attract consumers or spread awareness.

To understand this better, let’s take the example of an e-commerce business. To reach more people, they would use content in the following way: 

  • Create posts on social media that talk about their brand and product. 
  • Build a user base of subscribers to send newsletters and updates. 
  • Produce eBooks, videos, or articles to share information relevant to their domain. 

These are just a few ways in which this strategy works. Content quality, planning, and distribution process need to work in harmony for any content strategy to garner results.

Before we dive into the must-have content marketing tools, here are a few trends that might pique your interest. 


1. Community building

There was a time when content was a one-way street. Creators would send out content, and consumers would consume it unquestioningly. Today, content builds communities and creates niche markets. It should bring together like-minded users and spark a conversation. Content is no more just in-bound. There has been no better time than now for brands to use the available content marketing tools to churn out valuable content and build a community.  

2. Webinars 

As the world learns the concept of remote working and the internet blurs international borders, webinars are becoming common. These are an effective way to share free resources and collect a niche user base in return. We will share some simple content marketing tools for webinars later in this article.

3. Interactive content  

While the content does spark conversations, it must also provide a platform for interactions. This is the reason why the comments section is becoming the most exciting place to be. Brands spark conversions on Twitter, start threads on Reddit and create interactive apps on smartphones to meet the market need. There are various interactive content marketing tools that help to generate images and work with teams. 

4. Better SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one trend that would never die. The need for SEO is only higher now as more people walk around with search engines in their pockets. ‘Google-it’ has become the catchphrase of this generation. 

5. AI Integrations 

Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools are starting to make their way into content creation. With most tasks getting automated effectively, not using AI for content creation will work against your brand. Make sure to optimize the best content marketing tools to generate the best content for your audience. 

Tools for Content Creation 

Now to jump into what we are here for — those fantastic content automation marketing tools that will make a content marketer’s journey easier and faster. Here is all you need to know:  

Writing and editing tools 

1. Quabel 

The content marketing tools below are very useful to create blogs and articles for online use. Many of these free content marketing tools also allow for editing and correcting the copy-written material. 

If you are looking to pen down your first thoughts into a simple writing application, this is the one. Quabel is a distraction-free tool with flawless autosave features. The device allows the creation of a first draft or note ideas.

Details: Free tool, very easy to use. Contains minimal features. 

2. Hemingway 

Hemingway is an industry-standard text editing tool that highlights errors in writing and helps refine blogs and articles. The app has easy-to-use free features with a comprehensive dashboard that indicates grammatical and spelling errors

Details: Free and easy to use. 

3. Google Docs 

If you are still writing articles on your computer first, you simply create an additional step to sharing this work with others. Google Docs has all the features of MS Word, but only better. The godsent autosave feature cannot be compared with any other writing app online. 

Details: Free for users with a Google account. 

4. Grammarly 

If you need help checking your grammar, detecting readability scores, and reaffirming plagiarism for online blogs — then this is the go-to tool. A Grammarly score for new articles has now become the industry standard for quality. One of the best content marketing tools, Grammarly ensures that your website has error-free, quality content. 

Details: Free application with limited features. Premium version at $11.66 a month, which assists on advanced errors. 

5. EverNote 

An app that is perfectly designed for taking notes. The sync feature allows users to add notes to their phones and access them easily on the computer. The content marketing tool is fast, easy to use, and helps organize notes into multiple categories called “notebooks.” They also allow adding photos and audio notes.

Details: Free application with limited features. Premium version starts at INR 199/- monthly that lets you use it on more than two devices and sync to other applications like Google Drive. 

6. Google Keep 

A note-taking service by Google, this application, like Evernote, is also popular for its sync feature. ‘Keep’ is a lot more colorful and allows you to make notes, checklists, set calendar events, etc. When synced with the Google Account, it’s an all-in-one app for notes and reminders. 

Details: Free application with a Google account. Easy to use on phone and browser. 

7. Notion 

While we do categorize Notion as a writing tool, it does way more than that. This content marketing tool can double down as a writing application, note-taking tool, CRM tool, calendar tool, and much more.

Details: Free tool for writing, and can double down as CRM and calendar tool. Not very easy to use and could take time to learn.  

Transcription tools

These are tools that enable users to create written records from video, audio, or speech. These can help create audio to text, which can generate subtitles or produce content for SEO. 

8. Sonix

It is a transcription and translation content marketing tool that helps you make video files into text-tiles. You only need to upload your file into the software, and they export in the desired format in less than five minutes. This tool is proving to be fast and accurate.

Details: Starters at $5 per month for limited features. You can also avail of a free trial at first. Very easy to use the tool. 

9. Dragon Professional  

The dependable choice for voice-to-text transcription, the tool makes it easier to create reports, draft emails, and speed up other possessions that need writing. They use a nextgen speech engine that comes backed with advanced machine learning

Details: Simple to use, free tool for everyday use. 

10. The FTW Transcriber

One of the best content marketing tools, this platform offers enhanced features like auto timestamping, multiple format exports, and support for a wide range of files. You can use this to convert any video/audio file into text in real-time. 

Details: Ideal for video subtitling and ads. At a seminal free of $1 a month. 

Video tools

Video tools listed below will be beneficial to make fast and easy videos online. They are mainly free to use and need minimal skills to work. These best content marketing tools make the work of a social media manager easy.  

11. InVideo 

A go-to choice for short and straightforward social media videos. This content marketing tool helps you to generate interactive and high-quality vidoes. The interface is friendly and fast and suits the social media savvy generation. They have preset filters and templates that help to create videos in all sizes. 

Details: The tool is free for use and comes without any watermarks. Business versions are at $10/month and come with a premium stock of media files. 

12. Headliner 

A creator’s paradise, this app can help you make smaller clips out of more significant videos. Most creators depend on Headliner to create promotional content from main primary videos and podcasts. They come with features like cutting, editing, subtitling, and size modifications.

Details: Free tool with signup.  Most popularly used to convert audio-video. 

13. Clipchamp Create

This video-creating platform has a young and lively interface and lets you play with templates and pre-existing music. This content marketing tool can provide various video options like YouTube, Facebook, slideshows, and even animated GIFS. 

Details: Free tool with signup.  A creator version that allows 720P export and unlimited stock music and videos cost $9/months. The application is easy to use and adapt. 

14. Vyond

The tool is an easy-to-use video creation tool for industry-standard videos. The platform allows you to make long-form videos, too — their most significant selling point. The simple tutorial right at the start and excellent support give them an edge over the others. 

Details: Allows animations and explainer videos and many other marketing services. The tool comes with a one-month free trial, after which it costs $649/year.   

15. VideoScribe 

The content marketing tool is full of robust features that can help make professional-looking videos. One can make a flawless video with this without any prior knowledge of editing.  

Details: Easy to use tool for whiteboard animations. Prior knowledge of animation is always helpful. Starts at just $8/month when paid annually.  

Audio tools 

The audio content marketing tools here can generate podcasts or audio snippets for marketing. 

16. Audacity 

Audacity is one of the most straightforward audio editing tools available. One can consider this tool the starting step to all audio editing forms, with just the right amount of features to produce a professional-sounding podcast or audio clip for digital use.

Details: Fully free, open-source applications. Very easy to use and learn. 

17. PodBean 

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to create, manage, and promote your podcast, this is the website. Produce your podcast in minutes and learn how to master it in the process. One of the best content marketing tools available, it also helps you earn more listeners and monetize your channel in the future. 

Details: The plan starts at just $9 a month, which gives a home to your podcast, editing, and distribution tools. 

18. Zencastr

Zencastr is a unique online tool that enables podcast recording with a person sitting across the globe in real-time. Among content creation tools for podcasting remotely, this is hands down the best tool available.

Details: Free tools or podcast recording. Easy for collaborations and making show-notes. 

Music tools

Music tools are those content marketing tools that assist in adding music to your videos and podcasts. Any music track you are using for marketing must be sourced from the right platforms to avoid any liabilities or violations of IP and copyright. Here are a few fantastic platforms: 

19. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is the most widely used music tool. The content marketing tool is backed by popular YouTubers and content creators from across the world. It consists of detailed fragments by genres, lights, and moods to help you find exactly what you need. The website works on a subscription model, making it a perfect choice if you have frequent music needs. 

Details: Plans start at $15 a month but contain a very robust repository of songs. Ideal for both independent creators and agencies. 

20.  YouTube Studio

A top-rated source for free music and the go-to choice for most first-time video creators is YouTube audio library. All the music here is free to use for any video and very easy to find. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The music is well organized by genres and moods. 

Details: A completely free tool with a Google account sign-in.  

21. AudioJungle 

This is another popular website for all things music and sound effects. It has been around for many years and offers an extensive collection of music. Creators can pay just for the track they need. Searching from their comprehensive database could be time-consuming but bears results always.  

Details: One can pick and choose music. No subscription costs — users only pay for what they download. 

Graphics tools

According to Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report 2021, over 70% of all companies today include visuals and static designs in their content marketing plans. Compared to reading, the retention levels of a user go up by 65% if there is a visual aid along with it. These are a few content marketing tools that will help you make a difference.

22. Canva 

Canva is one of the most popular online content marketing tools for graphic design work. It provides ready templates, attractive designs, and tools in an easy-to-use format. One can create stunning posters, social media posts, infographics, and much more with no prior skills in the domain using Canva. 

Details: A free interactive content marketing tool with all the features. A premium upgrade gives you additional features.  Very easy to use and understand. Can also save designs for alterations with a login.  

23. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is an interactive content marketing design tool designed to keep collaborative efforts in mind. It holds a bank of unique designs and premium templates. Compared to other tools on this list, Spark has the advantage of having a collection of photos from Adobe Stocks.  

Details: One can buy Adobe Spark for just INR 797 a month. The same is also accessible to members with an adobe cloud subscription. The interface is slightly harder to use when compared to Canva. 

24. Crello 

This content marketing tool can help you create trendy designs and images for social media based on current market demands. They host a vast selection of curated templates with an ever-changing list of options. 

Details: A free tool with exceptional features. The premium plan for advanced creation starts at just $10 a month. 


Unlike the other design tools mentioned above, this one is not based on is a platform that accepts orders and fulfills creative demands. You may use this tool if your design needs are in bulk.

Details: A reliable tool if you are looking to outsource your work to a team of professionals based on packages. 

26. Visme

A content marketing tool that is ideal in infographics and presentations. They have a simple drag and drop interface, which enables easy creation with ready templates to start. Professional-looking presentations, charts, graphics, etc., are their USP. 

Details: Ideal for presentations. Contain a free version that lets you make up to five projects. After which the cost starts at $15 a month. 

27. Venngage

The platform for infographics has over a million happy users. It is a reliable choice for marketers since it holds a vast bank of infographics templates and icons that help create stunning designs. The artwork is exportable in all needed formats. 

Details: The tool is free to use with limited features. The premium version starts at $19 a month and hosts a larger gallery and editing capabilities. 

Photo tools

These tools offer a huge number of useful photos and tools, all combined in a single application. These are really important as people usually retain 80% of what they see compared to only 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear, according to Salesforce.

28. Unsplash 

Unsplash is a repository of high-definition, royalty-free images. These images can be used as banners for blogs or to create designs for social media posts. In return, Unplash asks you to credit the photographer with a link to the page. 

Details: A free content marketing tool for all kinds of images. 

29. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock is one of the oldest and most reliable sources for royalty-free images. They hold a very detailed collection of photos, graphics, and icons, vectors, and videos. The website has categories and sub-pages that make it easier to find what you need. 

Details: The platform works on a subscription model starting at $29 a month, and users are allowed to download a limited number of photos each month.

30. Flat icons 

This website is a companion to all design and graphic needs. They provide a robust collection of icons and images, which help enhance posters, presentations, etc. The icons are available in all formats like SVG, PNG, and more. 

Details: Most assets on the website are free and can be used on any of your designs. The premium package offers a lot more at just $2.5/month.

E-book creation tools 

E-books are fast becoming a must resource for most organizations. They are considered superior forms of marketing content. Most companies today use them as lead magnets. Here are a few tools to create e-books.

31. Draft2Digital

While most content marketing tools focus on content creation, this unique platform allows you to publish your eBooks. The distribution platform is beautifully designed and easy to use. 

32. Kindle Create 

A content marketing tool available on both Mac and PC, it helps brands create an eBook and purpose it for direct publication to the Kindle Store. This Amazon original product is yet to make an explosion.

Idea generation tools 

With technological advancements, Smart and AI content marketing tools can easily aid the generation of ideas. These are used to either aggregate ideas or generate content based on your pre-fed parameters. These are extremely modern content marketing tools.  

33. IdeasWatch

This is a unique content marketing tool that lets you create ideas and build on them with a crowdsourcing platform. People from various walks of life can provide inputs and help you build on ideas. They also have a repository of content ideas for anyone to use. 

Details: This is a free web tool that anyone can access. It is directed towards startups and founders. 

34., one of the best and most interactive content marketing tools, is an instant content generator that uses artificial intelligence. It can be used to create content copies or concepts for digital use. Simply enter the type of content you wish for, add details of your business, and it’s done. 

Link to video: 

Details: The content marketing tool is easy to use, free, and works flawlessly. 

Content curation tools

Apart from creating content, marketing also demands a list of curated posts for digital. This curated content features the work of others in the industry according to relevance to your target audience.

35. Listly

When looking for curated content, there is no better way to do it than in the form of lists. They hold well-curated lists that make it easier to sort information. They also have tools that help a small startup collect curated lists. 

Details: Free to use, social-media-like tool. 

36. Feedly 

A well-designed tool that helps you keep a tab on the trends and topics you care about. It allows you to add bookmarks and save lists for future use. The tool has seen a search volume of over 15 million terms and is fast becoming a domain leader. 

Details: The tool is free to use with a login. The pro versions allow you to access more sources, add highlights. 

37. Flipboard

While its website might tag it as a news aggregator, its in-depth categorization and social-media integrations make it a perfect source for curated content. This has become the go-to source for information gatherers. 

Details: A free application that once can be used on their phones and tablets. 

Content outsourcing platforms/tools

The tools below enable brands to outsource content creation since all content cannot always be created in-house. Today, many lean startups depend on platforms like these to reduce the staff and work at reduced costs.  

38. Fiverr 

Fiverr is based on a network of freelancers and gig workers. After reviewing profiles of creators, brands can hire one for a minimal cost on a project basis. Fiverr has now become the easiest outlet for gig workers.

39. 99designs 

When it comes to making a logo, creating graphics, or other designing-related work, 99designs has created a niche for itself. It has a network of professionals and creative experts who are easy to work with.   


Freelancer is another collection of gig workers for a brand to outsource its content needs. You can use their website interface and enter your requirements — once they find a match for your deliverables, the website then assigns a list of freelancers to choose from.  

Web analytics tools 

While creating content is just half the battle, you must track its progress once it is up and running. These content marketing research tools can help your brand keep a check on followers, performance, and other useful information. 

41. Webtrends

Webtrends is one of the most talked-about websites in this domain. This content marketing research tool gives valuable insights to gauge website traffic and engagement and provides content insights to improve the website performance.  

Details: A free demo is available for brands. At the end of this period, brands can choose the plans based on the features they need. 

42. Mixpanel 

This website gives you real-time information on website traffic and interactions with products. If you are running an eCommerce website, then this content marketing research tool is a must-have.

Details: The tool is free to use and gives unlimited data history. A premium version at $25/month gives better reports and data modeling plans. 

43. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a simple, easy-to-use, and widely used content marketing research tool for a website. It is a more comprehensive site that gives you details of user behavior, experience interface, and content traffic. 

Details: Free tool with a Google account login. More advanced. 

44. Kissmetrics 

This is an automation customer engagement content marketing research tool. It gives you detailed analytics, which is well distributed in segments and pages. It has report sections that are easily exportable for further research on user behavior.  

Details: Based on the type of business you run (Saas, e-com, etc.), they provide a different price point and list of features for each.  

45. Woopra

Woopra is a simple content marketing tool that can be used daily to gauge traffic and user data on your website. This tool is very popular among bloggers, news portals, personal brand websites, etc. 

Details: The tool is free for use for up to 50,000 actions. The cost for the analytics tool is close to $349/month. 

Social media analytics tools 

Social media analytics tools help you understand user behavior and further plan your social media strategy.  

46. SocialBakers

A content marketing tool that provides robust data on individual social media pages and helps brands study user inflow. Information on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is presented with usable statistics. 

Details: The cost will vary based on the needs of the brand. Pick and choose features on their demo page to generate cost. 

47. CrowdBooster 

If you were to break down your social media into ads and content, then CrowdBooster enables your brand to run better ads with further optimized audiences. They have a lot of data that helps you pick the right target crowd online. 

48. TrendSpottr

As the name suggests, this interactive content marketing tool uses AI and predictive methods to comprehend social media and marketing trends.

Details:  The tool is free for the first seven days, after which it comes at a subscription of $49/month. 

Social listening tools 

These tools essentially keep tabs on what people are saying about a business and its offerings, including content on the web. They monitor your brand’s social media profiles for customer feedback, direct mentions, and any conversations with relevant keywords, topics, competitors, or industries. The conclusions can help you select the optimal ways to improve your strategy.

49. TalkWalker 

This is a social search engine that gives user analyses and facts from various platforms keeping your brand ahead of trends.  

50. Tweriod

Tweriod is a highly rated tweet scheduling tool for Twitter. You can add tools to the platform, and they are published when the algorithm notices a spike in relevant traffic. This helps you drive more value from each tool. 

51. MashShare

This tool provides you with attractive social media share buttons for your blogs and website. The controls are backed with detailed analytics and click-through information.    

Details: The tool to use and gives incredible data about shares and traffic. 

52. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the best content marketing tools in this domain and has helped build many social media giants. They allow you to track, schedule, and manage all your social media from a single dashboard. 

Details: They provide dashboards starting at INR 1260/month and contain a very professional set of tools. 

53. Buffer

Buffer is an extremely popular content marketing tool for social media planning and scheduling. You can link to more than one platform and schedule your articles, photos, and videos on it. 

Details: Buffer has a combination of both publishing and analytic tools. The listening dashboard starts at $35 a month. 

54. Dash Hudson

They do not just help you create photos and video but also keep the brand’s performance in check. They help you analyze key trends and accelerate growth across social media and e-commerce channels. 

Details: For costing details, send in an inquiry to the website based on the requirements. 

55. Keyhole 

Keyhole is a real-time social media dashboard that enables a brand to check on social media numbers like retweets, likes, impressions, and much more. It also generates hashtags for posts.  

56. Sprout Social 

This content marketing tool allows you to perform various tasks like scheduling, publishing, analyzing, and planning. 

Funnel analytics tools

These analytics tools give an insight into each stage of the content marketing funnel, right from acquisition to onboarding.

57. Full Circle Insights 

Just as the name suggests, this is a wholesome content marketing tool that keeps marketing plans in check. It gives you data-driven insights that keep your sales, marketing, and content teams on the same page. 

Details: Based on the free trial and the features you wish to opt for, the platform gives you tailor-made costing. 

58. GoSquared

This tool is a perfect match for new marketers with an interface that is clean and free from jargon. The biggest selling point is its ‘Now’ tool which helps you track real-time user behavior. 

Details: The tool is free to use for small analytics. To unlock pro features like marketing automation and better lead generation information, start the plan at $25/month. 

59. ClickFunnels

This distinct tool brings both marketing and sales teams on a single app. The website is also loaded with resources and information to enhance your sales methods with the right content marketing tools. 

SEO analytics tools

This one is self-explanatory. These tools help understand how much your SEO efforts have borne fruit. 

60. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a detailed content marketing research tool that helps you optimize your blogs and website. It covers everything from keyword generations, backlink-checking, and goal-setting for audience reach.   

Details: The basic plan of this tool starts at $99/month. 

61. SEMRush 

A must-have app when looking to research keywords and online search volumes. It gives you detailed information on specific keywords and helps enhance the SEO of your articles. 

Details: The pro plan of this tool starts at $119/month. You can try a free version and unlock more advanced free features as you like. 

62. Moz

This is an all-in-one optimization engine that keeps a check on social media, manages SEO campaigns, and even reviews and alters the site-meta-data. This content marketing research tool can also function as a plugin for your google chrome browser. 

Details: The free tool is highly comprehensive, and the pro version helps you unlock many features like higher data points and site audits.  

63. BuzzSumo 

Looking for a source of ideas for your blog that adds genuine value to your SEO? This is the content marketing research tool you need. It also gives comprehensive insights and analytics for keywords. 

Details: The tool comes with a wide host of services; it’s ideal for surfing the website and picking the best options. 

64. MarketMuse 

MarketMuse crawls your site and identifies gaps in your content or structure. These discrepancies could lead to a low SEO score.  The content marketing research tool is powered by advanced AI tech that makes it fast and effective. 

Sales enablement tools 

These systems provide a view of the sales content lifecycle. These tools help sales teams track the performance of one’s content right from publication to pitching.

65. Docurated 

This tool is beneficial when you aim to repurpose content and present the most relevant of it to users and drive better sales. 

66. Qvidian

This tool is one of the more popular sales enablement tools which can reduce the sales team’s work and onboarding time. 

67. Savo

Savo is a collaborative sales enablement tool that works for any company size. It connects the sales team and provides resources for better actions. 

68. HubSpot Sales Hub 

The Sales Hub by HubSpot is a CRM platform. It helps in keeping the whole team on a single page and eventually set and meet targets. 

69. Seismic 

Seismic is a helpful tool to check if all your content is up to date and relevant to the current times. It helps build a better brand image and forecast trends. 

Management tools 

Management content marketing tools are the backbone of any marketing strategy. It is impossible to create an effective campaign without these. 

70. Emma 

This email marketing tool is popular for its various customization options. It gives various use-based editions like for business, personal use, agency use, and much more. This is email marketing based on a template. 

Details: The pro plans of Emma help you manage more than 10,000 contacts and start at $89/month. 

71. MailChimp 

MailChimp might be the best and most widely used email marketing tool. It can create and manage a subscriber base and has many templates that help you better manage your newsletters and email blasts. 

Details: The basic version of MailChimp is highly comprehensive. For a larger database, you could use a premium plan starting from $9/month. 

72. SendFox

A free tool with many features for a starting user, it has pre-made email campaigns, automation, and landing page generations. It can also be easily integrated with website content. 

Details: The tool is free for use and ideal for content creators, personal brand builders for its minimal features. The unlimited plan for larger contacts can opt for the $49 single-time payment. 

73. GetResponse

Unlike the above tools, this does more than just email marketing. It helps get more inbound leads by helping create, curate, and manage content. This tool claims to have a better Click Through Rate (CTR) than most platforms. 

Details: The tool comes with a standard 30-day trial run. After this, you can opt for a plan as low as $15/month. 

Blogging and CMS Tools 

A Content Management System or blogging tool is basically software that helps individuals and businesses to form, edit, and publish content. 

74. Medium 

Medium is a clean and easy-to-use blogging interface with a large network of creators. The only downside to Medium is that it is filled with creators and holds a relatively lower number of consumers. 

Details: ‘Medium’ is a free and easy-to-access tool that is ideal for blogging. 

75. WordPress 

WordPress is the longest-standing and most reliable blogging and CMS tool available on the internet. It is perfect for blogging and website building with loads of plugins and impeccable support. 

Details: It is free to use for anyone. To better the experience and unlock better customization, the plans cost as low as $100 a year. 

76. Drupal 

Drupal, like WordPress, is an open-source website and application-building CMS platform. With plugins and add ons, users can create distinct websites as per their requirements. 

Details: Drupal is a free and open-source tool. 

77. Squarespace

Squaresp77. ace is a template-based CMS tool that is popular for its user-friendly interface and attractive designs. They also have a cost advantage over others on the list. It is popular for the minimal skills needed and stunning designs. 

Details: A clean and simple website on Squarespace starts at just $12 a month.  

 78. TYPO3

This is yet another open-source CMS platform with incredible features. It is well-known for its reliability and large scalable potential at no added costs. The tool is ideal for both small and large businesses. 

Details: TYPO3 is a free and open-source tool that requires innate knowledge of coding. 

Collaboration tools 

Collaboration tools are also called CRM tools. They help keep the entire organization’s communication on a single platform. 

79. Trello 

Trello is often used as a content marketing management tool or a scrum system. It helps divide projects into many stages and organizes content and tasks appropriately with a drag-and-drop interface. 

Details: Free version has a ton of features that add value to your content marketing plans. A business version, at $10/month, allows more boards and collaborators.  

80. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular content marketing management tool in the world. It’s a one-stop shop for all things CRM. They are popular for the number of plugins and add ons possible to the interface. They are good for both small and large size groups to manage content by categories or departments.

Details: The tool is free for use with a large variety of custom options. The premium version can host more users and starts at $4/month 

81. Google Drive 

Google Drive has become a common platform for global sharing, thanks to its popularity. Google can also provide everything from email and cloud storage to technical and management solutions. 

Details: The tool is free for up to 15GB of data. Post this; the 100GB plan comes at an economical price of just INR 1,300/year as part of Google One. 

82. Asana

Asana is a content marketing management tool that helps teams work remotely while organizing tasks, setting goals, and estimating project deadlines. All this from a single dashboard. 

Details: The basics plan has robust features when compared to others on the list. The premium pack starts at $10/month and is best for companies with very large group sizes. 

Distribution tools

Outside of social media, brands need a set of tools to collect their outbound marketing content. This is where these tools come into play.  

83. SlideShare 

SlideShare is a distribution channel for brands to present, discover and share presentations and infographics. Think of SlideShare as a professional Instagram. 

84. PaperShare

This is a cloud-based promotional tool that allows content marketers to distribute content across channels. It also has sales lead integration and automation software.  

Influencer marketing research tools

How do you determine which influencer is the right fit for your brand? Here are a few tools apart from social media analytics.  

85. BuzzStream 

For starters, this tool is a browser plugin that allows you to categorize content pieces on the internet. You can then narrow down on these creators and approach them as influencers. 

Details: This tool can be added as a feature to a more comprehensive marketing tool. 

86. Ninja Outreach 

This is a cloud-based influencer research tool that lets you reach out to prospective influencers with a database as big as 25 million websites. 

Details: The basic plan of this tool starts at $189/month and gives you unlimited search across all domains. 

87. Awario 

This tool acts as a web and social media monitoring platform. It collects insights on influencers that you wish to research and reach them for your appropriate projects.

88. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo helps you to determine content based on a specific topic. Once you recognize these content pieces, you can further reach the influencers behind this content based on the insight of your target audience.

Webinar and online event tools 

As we discussed earlier, webinars are the new wave of content marketing. Here are a few tools to help you start your own webinars. 

89. Zoom 

A very popular brand since the COVID 19 pandemic started, the Zoom webinar feature is comprehensive and free from glitches. It can be used for both internal webinars and online events. 

Details: Webinar is available with the premium account of Zoom and starts at $14.99 per month.  

90. Airmeet 

A popular tool designed especially for webinars, it enables the webinar to be divided into groups to promote discussion. Thus, providing a real experience like you would experience at a physical seminar.  


Details: The business plans of Airmeet allow for over ten organizations and starts at $99 a month. 

91. Zoho Meeting

 An online meeting tool with a high-quality webinar feature. It is more popular for internal events than large-scale programs.  

Details: The webinar tool of Zoho starts at INR 570 a month and can host 25 attendees. While the more expensive options can hold over 100 participants. 

92. ON24

ON24 calls itself a virtual event platform. The features are closer to Airmeet, providing a virtual studio that feels like a real-life gathering. It also helps distribute and sell webinars for brands. 

Digital asset management (DAM) tools 

DAM software or tools help in uploading, storing, organizing, managing, sharing, and tracking one’s digital assets under one umbrella. This is usually accessible whenever and wherever, like on any device.

93. Canto

A simplified content marketing management tool that makes it easier to manage and organize content. It also creates a smarter workflow process for these assets. 

94. Adobe Experience Manager Assets

A cloud-based asset management service backed by Adobe, it is a perfect choice for agencies and creators who depend on other Adobe products daily. 

95. Brandfolder 

One of the most trusted digital asset management tools on the internet, it offers a free trial for new users and works with brands in over 60 countries. 

96. Widen 

A simple and widely used asset management platform to create, manage and distribute content. 

97. IntelligenceBank

Based on the size of the business, a brand can pick between four different sizes of asset management platforms here. It also offers file storage, risk manager, and compliance. 

Content audit tools

These tools help a web admin to audit all bits of the content on a website. This was all done manually or on a spreadsheet before. These programs and web applications save a ton of time.

98. Blaze Content

This is a very simple and straightforward tool that lets you store your content library. It audits and analyzes the content by creating a content inventory that includes metadata and analytics from various websites and blogs. It makes it easy to evaluate the content, creating a content audit with human insight.

99. Content Insight 

This tool allows you to create a repository of content that can be further used to summarize your present-day content inventory and plan for creations and publishing. 

Content collaboration tools 

These tools make the collaboration process more efficient, be it for blog posts or social media updates. Making the process smoother and seamless, they create a process to route work via distributing pieces and tasks to concerned parties and help in coordinating activities.

100. ProofHub 

This platform is a content marketing management tool that helps organize and collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and secondary vendors.

101. CoSchedule 

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar for marketing teams. It schedules events, social media posts, and tasks. It is also integrated with WordPress and other CMS tools. 

102. Compendium 

Another calendar-based collaborative tool that effectively tracks all tasks across multiple channels. It is free and works wonders for both big and small companies. 

103. Drive by Google

Google Drive is one of the industry leaders in collaboration tools. The familiar interface makes it easy to use and share with a majority of Google account holders.  

Conversion optimization 

This is the process of holding users on your website employing add-ons and pop-ups. 

104. Pippity 

They improve conversion on your site by creating pop-up forms for email signup or database entry. These forms are customizable as per the website’s need and traffic inflow. 

105. Sumo 

This tool allows for various pop-ups and obtains forms for enhanced lead generation. 

106. BrightInfo 

Bright info has an inbuilt tool that studies your present website traffic and suggests form placement based on this data. 

Interactive content marketing tools

107.Ion Interactive 

This is a fascinating and interactive content marketing tool that can convert the existing content on your website into interactive content. 

108. ContestFactory 

Reel in customers with surveys, sweepstakes, quizzes, and much more. Here, all of these are perfectly optimized for your website and responsive to mobile users.

109. Wheeldo

Retain users on your website with lead-generating quizzes and email list signups. Also usable on social media channels. 

110. SnapApp

This interactive content marketing tool allows brands to create interactive content which can be replicated on multiple channels. 

111. Qzzr

Create fun pop-up quizzes on the website to retain audiences and generate engagement, further optimizing lead generation. 

Content marketing platforms 

112. Monday.Com doubles up as a content marketing management platform. Teams can organize their data at a single point and keep a check on workflows and content distribution.

113. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most renowned platforms in its domain. It covers end-to-end content marketing demands with excellent support and a variety of plugins and add-ons.

114. Percolate

The content marketing management tool, designed mainly for B2C companies, has content management capabilities integrated with relationship management for marketing. 

115. NewsCred 

This content marketing management tool allows brands to manage their entire content marketing process from a single platform. It accounts for distribution, measurement, process streamlining, and customer experience. 

B2B marketing tools  

116. Terminus

This marketing tool is designed to keep B2B marketers in mind. It allows brands to target the best accounts, engage with them, and stimulate marketing and sales tasks. 

117. Demandbase

This tool creates a specific and relevant communication channel with the buyer on every sales flow step. Often referred to as the ideal tool for B2B marketing. 

118. Engagio 

Their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) software is useful for B2B marketers to understand, act on and measure account-based initiatives. It simplifies their sales process by determining target accounts and expanding customer relationships. 

Survey tools 

These content marketing tools are essential at the starting research stages. They help you create forms and collect well-tabulated data. While some of these tools charge a fee, the cost applies to just the first few months. 

119. ServeryAnyplace 

This tool allows you to create responsive designs and survey forms for your website or social media. The dashboard also gives robust data analysis. 

Details: At just $33/month, you could gain incredible templates, interactive options for your forms, and much more. 

120. Google Forms 

Google Forms is an elementary form creation tool that is easily customizable and linked to your Google Drive folders for data collection. Most popular for internal surveys for its lack of 121. distribution channels.  

Details: If you are a member of the premium Google-Workplace applications, the advanced features of the tools are available. 

121. SurveyMonkey 

One of the most popular industry leaders in online surveying, it creates forms and helps in distribution and data analysis while a strong support and response team backs them.  They also have a bunch of pre-existing research based on previously collected data. 

Details: The best plans for this tool start at 1,500/month. 

122. WuFoo

This tool is a cloud-based form-creation application used for surveys. It’s also valuable for creating invitations and booking forms. This tool is another subsidiary of SurveyMonkey. 

Details: The Wufoo app starts at $14/month, which gives advanced features like automated workflow and the ability to send confirmations. 

Key Takeaways

  • Content is one of the most valuable interactive marketing tools, that has the potential to be a consistent lead generator. 
  • Content marketing research tools help to generate quality content targeted towards a specific demographic. By providing valuable information, a brand gains the trust of its audience, thereby creating a reliable community. 
  • Hemingway, Google Docs, Grammarly, are some of the best content marketing tools that help in editing and creating error-free content. 
  • InVideo, Headliner, Clipclamp Create, are some of the most popular content marketing tools that help to create visually appealing content that fosters higher interaction. 
  • Canva, Crello, Adobe Spark, are some of the best content marketing tools to generate interactive graphics. Colorful infographics are a great way to pass on tons of information in an appealing format.
  • Ideaswatch and are two of the best content marketing research tools that help to generate ideas and maintain a consistent posting schedule. 
  • Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Drive are some of the best content marketing management tools that help teams work together. 
  • Ahrefs, SEMRush, Buzzsumo, Market Muse, are some of the best SEO content marketing tools that aids in keyword generations, backlink-checking, and goal-setting. 
  • The best content marketing tools like Google Analytics help a brand measure ROI against their content marketing efforts. 


While this is a very detailed list of some of the best content marketing tools, there are many more to pick from. The ideal content marketing tools are easy to use for all team members and provide more value from a single dashboard. 

Do not allow the vast list of the best content marketing tools to confuse you; instead, use it as a reference frame to plan your content marketing strategy. There are plenty of content marketing management tools to help you plan work events, work alongside your team on the same document, and collaborate with other teams in the same organization.  


1. What are the best tools to use for content marketing?

To create the best of content, marketers need to use a mix of various interactive content marketing tools like: 
Writing and editing tools
Video and Audio tools
Graphics tools
Photo tools
E-book tools
Content curation tools
Web and social media analytics tools
Sales Enablement tools
Blogging tools

2. What are the content marketing tools?

Content marketing research tools help reduce the time and efforts of marketers and freelancers by aiding in content creation and distributions tasks. Content marketing management tools help organize brand collaborations, work meetings, and build team spirit. There are interactive content marketing tools to generate visually appealing content that fosters engagement. Analytical content marketing tools help to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

3. How do I choose content marketing tools?

Checklist to choosing the best content marketing tools:
The content marketing tools/software should be easy to work with
Tools should focus on customer service and tips or offers for long-term customers. They should also offer webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. apart from the tools.
The content marketing tools should be easy to integrate and have an easy interface
Don’t forget to measure improvement and ensure these tools are helping you reach goals.

4. What are the best SEO tools?

Some of the best analytical content marketing tools to help measure the effectiveness of a brand’s content marketing efforts are as follows:

5. What are examples of good marketing?

Some brands have performed better than others in their content marketing efforts. These include GoDutch, ClearTax, Nykaa, Dunzo, etc. The secret lies in their collaborative, analytical, and interactive content marketing tools to generate the best content, targeted towards a specific audience. Most popular brands reveal that they always tailor their content for their audience and churn out various forms of content for different platforms. Customization and hyper-personalization is the key to establishing a lean and mean content marketing machine. 

6. What makes good marketing content?

Good marketing content is all about creating great content consistently and being abreast of recent content marketing trends. Studying the strategies of brands that have nailed their content marketing can also help. The best content marketing tools only ease the efforts. Try to get interactive content marketing tools and content marketing management tools on board. These tools will help you to manage the consistent posting schedule, keep your ideas together, and work alongside your team to generate the best content.