Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers
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Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers

Everyone can use a little bit of help sometimes. This list of content creation tools are a goldmine for freelance writers and marketers.

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Apr-26,-2021 5 min read
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Being a freelancer is a lonely journey. The use of content creation tools can make that journey slightly less lonely and simpler. Similarly for marketers who are struggling to organize and structure their day-to-day work. In a world where technology is evolving so fast to solve our problems and make out lives simpler, it is but obvious that there are thousands of content marketing tools out there that can reduce the time and effort marketers and freelancers spend in mundane content-creation tasks.

According to a recent survey, 27% of marketers cited content production to be the biggest challenge they face when marketing content. People spend a lot of their time and effort creating strategies for content marketing, often neglecting the actual production aspect of it. In this blog, we break down the different types of tasks marketers need to scale and structure their content marketing efforts. Let’s begin!

Email Marketing

While some experts may say that email marketing is dead, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Statistics show that 87% of marketers use email marketing, making it the third most effective distribution channel. 


Here are some content marketing tools you can use for email marketing:

1.    Sender: A free email marketing tool, Sender offers a variety of templates that can be customized by anyone, without the need for knowing advanced HTML. Common visual elements like videos, images, and texts can be used to create stunning and attractive emails and newsletters.

2.   Sendinblue: This tool functions as a communication platform while allowing you to manage email marketing. It has more than 70 design templates that allow you to customize, design and create visually appealing emails that can also be previewed and tested using A/B testing features. Another interesting feature is its segmented recipient list which can help you categorize your target audience and send out bulk emails to specific groups without doing so manually. The process saves time while optimizing your email marketing efforts.

3.    SendPulse: Although commonly known as a multi-marketing channel platform, SendPulse is widely used as an email marketing tool. Its USP is a subscriber rating feature that helps you analyze click rates and read and unread messages of each subscriber.

4.   HubSpot: One of the most widely known content marketing tools for emails, HubSpot offers an automated platform for your email marketing needs. Its free email marketing tool helps many small businesses that are just starting out. HubSpot also has a lot of other marketing tools natively integrated and allows a centralized form of access once you have an account. Ready-to-use templates, a drag-and-drop visual editor, and a user-friendly interface make HubSpot a highly preferred email marketing tool.

5.    Mailchimp: A leader in the email marketing tools space, Mailchimp offers a free plan with limited features and one you can upgrade to by paying. Even with its basic free plan, marketers can access features like creating and scheduling emails. Mailchimp’s USP is a smart recommendation feature. This feature gives you an insight into your audience and optimizes your email marketing efforts. The content manager enables you to save your designs and store files for future access. Automated welcome emails, order confirmations, and abandoned cart reminders save your time.


6.    Mailjet: An intuitive and collaborative tool for email marketing, this product comes with many pre-designed templates for creating responsive emails.

7.    Moosend: This email marketing tool allows you to launch behavioral campaigns based on activities and information provided by subscribers. Using the detailed performance reports provided by the tool, you will be able to create better-crafted emails for a more targeted subscriber base thereby leading to a higher ROI. Repetitive emails and tasks can be automated. Moosend’s USP is that it does not include its own logo in its emails.

8.    Omnisend: Use this platform for all your email communication and draw insights from its analytics regarding consumers and audiences.

Content tools for videos, motion graphics, music, and slideshows

At a time when visually appealing content is the need of the hour, businesses must invest in high-quality content marketing tools for creating videos, music, and slides.

9.   PowToon: This easy video editing and creation tool allows you to create professional marketing videos. PowToon’s drag-and-drop feature, animated designs, and interesting visuals can be customized. PowToon has a three-tier pricing structure, with one part being free and offering some basic features.

10.  Ezgif: It’s an interesting tool for creating GIFs. This standalone tool allows you to upload images, change their sequence and create animated GIFs that can be resized for your needs.

11.  Wideo: This online video platform helps users to create, edit and share videos. Personalize your content with your brand logo and design ideas using this tool. Wideo also has a variety of pre-made templates for those who may not be comfortable creating a video from scratch.

12.  Slidely: Create visually appealing slides using existing content and add your music using Slidely. This tool enables you to directly share your content on social media platforms without having to deal with resolution issues.

13.  Canva: An extremely useful, and versatile tool that can be used to create anything from static social media posts, to ads, presentations, newsletters and even videos. This all-encompassing tool for content creation, Canva is great not only for creating infographics, but also for any other kind of visual content online which can be used for blog posts, slide shows, video thumbnails, dashboard images, social media posts and much more.

14.  Prezi: Another template-based presentation tool, Prezi can make boring presentations highly engaging and interactive through its dynamic format. It makes your presentation a more immersive experience, almost like a video.

15.  Rocketium: Online video maker Rocketium is a great tool for producing content for social media. It offers a very simple and intuitive interface making it a quick and easy tool for video production.

Content creation tools for blogs

16.  Sumo: A free blogging tool, Sumo has features like social media sharing buttons, email capture for subscribers, and some in-built analytics for your blog. You can even upgrade to a paid version for additional features.

17.  Grammarly: A tool that most people might overlook for their content creation needs. Grammarly is not for creating content but to ensure that the content produced is error-free. It has a browser extension feature and works with almost any commonly used software. It is the perfect tool for editing and producing grammatically correct content.

18.  Copyscape: A tools to check for plagiarism, this is an effective way for editors to guage authenticity of the content that is put out in the blogs. It has a free version, as well as a premium option.

Content creation tools for infographics

19.  Infogram: Create designer-level infographic posts using Infogram. Infographics are powerful content that can be shared on any medium. Infogram has various pricing options and offers features in the form of pre-built templates and ready-to-use images.

20. Piktochart: A great tool for creating interesting infographics, presentations, flyers and promotional posters, without the need for a professional designer. This content can be added to blogs to make them more appealing.

21. Another useful tool for creating stunning visuals for infographics with its vast repository of templates and graphics with quick turn-around times.

Content creation tools for producing podcasts

The internet is overcrowded with visual elements in the form of videos, slideshows, livestreams, and social media posts. Podcasts are new, but have a vast potential target audience to tap into. Here are some great audio creation tools you can use for getting started on your podcasts.

22.  Audacity: This free software tool is a must-have for beginners. Audacity’s accurate sound recording and editing features allow you to generate audio content in various file formats including wav, mp3 and aif.

23.  Alitu: A great tool known for its simplicity when it comes to editing. Alitu is a web-based tool and allows you to refine your audio with features like noise-reduction, compression, conversion of file formats and audio leveling. They can mostly be used for five-minute snippets and are good for recording intros and outros.

24.  Adobe Audition: A tool from the Adobe suite of software, Audition is an advanced professional editing software that can be used for creating podcasts.

25.  Logic Pro X: For Apple users out there, this is an easy-to-use advanced audio editing tool. Its robust features allow you to record podcasts. It has professional music and audio mixing features.

26.  Zencastr: A software for advanced content creators, this tool allows you to record interviews, live chats and produce high-quality podcasts.

Content creation tools for social media

According to a survey, almost 31% of US adults report being online constantly in the age of smartphones and constantly connected devices. This plays a significant role in their exposure to content marketing online, mostly through social media. Consequently, investing in content marketing tools for creating effective social media content is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Here are some of the content marketing tools you can use for social media content:

27.  Adobe Spark: A tool you can use for creating eye-catching social media graphics. Adobe Spark has a repository of templates and existing content pieces and allows you to add your own. These can be used to customize and create memorable and visually appealing posts for your audience on social media.

28.  Lumen5: This is essentially a video maker with special features. AI content and text from your blog can be used to convert videos into informative marketing content using this tool.

29.  Animoto: Animoto can be used to create short-form content or videos by turning photos, videos and clips into slideshows that are great for social media platforms.

30.  Stencil: It’s a great tool for adding graphics to your social media posts and adding your unique touch to images.

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