15 Blog Post Ideas to Increase Traffic and Improve Audience Engagement

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Posted on 13/09/219 min read
15 Blog Post Ideas to Increase Traffic and Improve Audience Engagement

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  • 15 Best Blog Post Ideas to Bump Up your Traffic
  • Need More Inspiration
  • Get Cracking on that Post
  • Key Takeaways
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Blogging is a time-tested way to drive traffic towards your website and make your audience want to stay there. More than 40 lakh active Internet users view 2000 crore pages every month. A well-written SEO-centric blog can immensely improve blog traffic. But before getting into the technical aspects of SEO and understanding how your blog posts need to be structured, one important question needs to be answered. What exactly should your blog posts be about? 


Whether you are a beginner blogger looking to make a mark in the digital space or an experienced blogger going through writer’s block, you are probably no stranger to the question of selecting blog post topics. Choosing suitable blog topics also plays a vital role in increasing traffic to your blog. For the former group of individuals, an important piece of advice before starting your journey is to blog about things that are exciting to you. 

There may be several topics that people are interested in reading about, but if you just try and select a topic because it is popular, you probably won’t get very far. Writing generic blogs on existing topics is not likely to get you a lot of engagement or get more traffic to your blog. It can have quite the opposite effect. A combination of expertise and interest will help you to stand out. 

On the other hand, if you have found a niche that you find exciting and are looking for blog post ideas to increase traffic on your blog, the ideas mentioned here could help guide you in the right direction. This is perfect for those times when you have been in front of your computer for hours without being struck by that flash of inspiration.

So, without any further delay, here are a few best blog post ideas likely to increase traffic and improve audience engagement.

15 Best Blog Post Ideas to Bump Up Your Traffic

1. News and current affairs

There are innumerable things constantly taking place in the world around us, and people need a way to filter the things that are useful to them from those that aren’t. People regularly depend on news from a Google search or their social media feed. Providing interesting information from your preferred niche can get your post a lot of traffic. Make sure that your headlines are catchy. It will draw in more readers and improve blog traffic 


2. Opinion posts

The internet is an open and democratic forum. You can make your voice heard by providing opinions on trending topics. Whether people echo your opinions or are against them, if they are well-presented, then they are hard to ignore. It will bring a bit of personality into your writing if you follow this path. Over time you can build a loyal audience who can’t wait to know what you think about the latest happenings, thus increasing blog traffic by a considerable margin. 

3. Sharing memes and vines

Who says all blogs have to be serious and informative? Memes from just the top 5 meme accounts on Instagram reach over 4600 crores of millennial and Gen Z users worldwide. Sharing the best memes and vines (or short video clips) from social media with a small write-up can make your blog popular among younger internet users. Visually appealing content like gifs and memes is a great way to increase your blog traffic. 


4. Insightful tutorials

If you have a skill or talent for doing things that others struggle with, it is good to share it with the world. Short, to-the-point, and well-packaged tutorials can make learning a new skill seem like a breeze. As you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, your blog traffic will improve by a significant margin. 

5. Informative posts around your area of expertise

Everyone has a particular niche in which they have gained extensive knowledge or experience throughout their life. Long-form content like detailed how-to guides is still in high demand. Informative posts from a field you studied or have worked in can be beneficial to your visitors and quickly establish you as a voice of authority on the topic. As you gain more readers, your blog traffic will improve. 

6. Reviews

Consumers need to read reviews before making a buying decision, as they are constantly bombarded with several choices. Whether it is through reviewing products from a particular niche, books, movies, or even web series, the information you provide on your blog posts can be beneficial to brands and consumers while simultaneously increasing engagement on your posts and increasing blog traffic.


7. Interviews of prominent personalities or potential mentors

While a loyal audience will be interested in knowing your opinions on matters, interviewing a popular public figure could get you traffic from a yet untapped market. Your blog post could be among the results shown to people when they search for the person’s name, which will expand your audience base. It will also improve your blog traffic by a significant margin. 

A general chat might also interest your users, but if you can get some insight and personal anecdotes, they will really help your post stand out.

8. Share infographics

Infographics exemplify the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Bloggers recognize the power of visuals, as 71% of them reported using visuals as a part of their marketing strategy in a recent study. A great infographic will convey all the information of an article in an easily digestible manner. You can either find and share infographics from your niche that you found online or work with a graphic designer to create infographics of your own. If you conduct a bit of research to know what exactly people want to know about in your niche, your infographic could go viral in no time, bringing tons of blog traffic to your website. 


9. Provide inspiration or motivation

Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and again. You can be the one to provide that to people through daily motivational quotes, videos, or just images. You never know whom you might manage to pull out of a rut with your messages of hope and inspiration. Leave a CTA for consumers to interact. It will lead to comments and shares, increasing your blog traffic. 

10. Listicles

People love lists! Listicles help you structure your blog post in an easy-to-understand manner and tell your audience exactly what they can expect. Just remember to pick blog topics that people might currently be interested in knowing about, figure out a good flow, find some relevant images, and you could have your listicle in place. If your target audience loves your posts, you are bound to see an increase in blog traffic. 


11. Travel Experiences and Stories

More than 80% of travel planning is currently done through the internet, and the rise in digital dependence brought on by people working from home will only increase these numbers. Fellow travel and adventure enthusiasts always seek blogs post with travel-related information or the ones that share delightful stories and travel experiences. If you travel to remote locations and bring their stories to life, your blog will see a flurry of engagement, shooting up your blog traffic by a significant margin. 

12. Social media posts of celebrities

Sharing tweets or other social media posts of celebrities on a particular topic in a single blog post is a good way of getting more engagement from your audience. Highlighting or giving an opinion on social media happenings such as celebrity Twitter wars just needs a keen eye. If you know the trending hashtags and celebrity feuds, you are set to blog in this niche.


13. Productivity hacks

Self-improvement is an industry that is estimated to reach a revenue of more than 9723 crores by 2022, which means there is tremendous scope for individuals posting content in this field to grow along. You can share some simple tips and tricks for people to improve their productivity from your own experience or industry leaders. Helping people save time, be more productive, and check off more things from their task list will help them grow and help your posts get higher engagement. As your posts get more comments and shares, your blog traffic shall also increase.

14. Spiritual content

People need their faith and belief in something bigger to hold onto during difficult times. If you have a spiritual bent of mind, sharing information about spiritual practices or tips for healing yourself spiritually could help you find your niche. As the pandemic rages on, more and more people are resorting to meditative practices to maintain their sanity. Try to gain some insight into this niche and begin blogging. Soon, you will see an increase in blog traffic as more readers join your journey. 


15. Personal blog

If you have an exciting life story, enjoy exploring new things, or already know some people interested in learning about your life, starting a personal blog could be the simplest way to achieve maximum growth. Personal blogs can touch upon parts of your regular life or specific incidents from your life that others might relate to. The best part is that you will never run out of content since there will always be something from your life you can update your audience with. 

Need More Inspiration?

Some more ways of finding content for blog posts that drive a lot of traffic and improve engagements are looking through Google for the most searched topics and keywords, following other creators from your niche to see what they are posting about, encouraging guest posts from others on your blog, and post polls and questions on your social media to know what your audience wants to know more about. 

The tips shared above are just a guide to get out of a tough spot and improve your blog traffic. Once you find your feet and understand your audience better, you won’t need more help to keep your posts flowing.

You can also try to develop engaging and best blog post ideas. 

Get Cracking on that Post

One of the most important things in the world of blogging is consistency. If you are passionate about your niche, it might just be a matter of time before inspiration strikes again; till then the above blog topic ideas can help you keep your audience engaged. 

Sometimes you may start with an idea from this list and then take it in a completely different direction. Just ensure that your opinions and words are unique and not just a repetition of things from other sources. Never plagiarise content. 

Starting a blog or regularly writing blog posts can be tough. But once you have momentum behind you, it will get progressively easier. The rewards you get in terms of engagement, increasing blog traffic, and positive feedback make it worth the effort. 

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your content. 
  • You need to use keywords to make your content visible to your target audience and improve blog traffic.
  • A well-formulated search engine optimization strategy would increase traffic on your blog.
  • As your blog’s readership grows, blogging becomes a gateway to get more traffic on your website. 
  • As your traffic grows, your blog becomes a potential lead generator. 
  • To get more traffic on your blog, ensure that your content is free from all grammatical errors. 
  • Humorous opinion posts, visually appealing content like videos and memes, informative posts, and insightful tutorials are more likely to get better interactions. As users engage with your content, visibility grows. You get more traffic on your website. 


Blogging is probably one of the most underrated lead-generating tools worldwide. Every day, we see that the distance between a brand and consumers is decreasing. In a hyper-digitalized world with a raging pandemic, brands have to work twice as hard to become credible sources of information. Blogging is one of the ways to get traffic to your blog as it ensures you maintain a steady supply of content to your audience without asking for much in return. If you wonder how to increase your chances of ranking on search engines, the answer is simple. You need to foster more interactions on your website. This will grow your readership. And, you will also get more traffic on your blog. The two phenomena are interconnected. 


1. What are some of the best blog topics?

Some of the best topics to improve blog traffic include: 
1. How-To Guides
2. Politics
3. Food & Beverages
4. Beginner and ultimate guides
5. FAQs
6. Interviews

2. What are some of the popular blog topics in 2022?

Some trending topics to increase blog traffic in 2022 include: 
1. Health and fitness 
2. Technology 
3. Fashion
4. Travel 
5. Food 
6. Digital Marketing 

3. How can I improve my blog engagement?

Some ways of improving the engagement quotient and getting more traffic to your blog are: 
1. Don’t overfill your blog with ambiguous content like ads and plug-ins. 
2. Target your target audience’s main interests. 
3. Be unique and original.
4. Always, always have visuals. 
5. Back your writing with some data. 
6. Promote your content.

4. How can I get more traffic to my blog in 2022?

Some ways of generating traffic on your blog are:
1. Have more long-form blog posts.
2. Include trending topics.
3. Have long headlines for blog posts.
4. Comment on other blogs in the niche.
5. Repurpose your content.

5. How often should I post?

You could post twice or thrice a week. However, try to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Ensure that your blog posts are error-free. Do not spam your audience with content. To increase traffic on your blog, keep your blog posts interesting and relatable. Humorous and relevant content is more likely to foster engagement. More online interactions with consumers lead to more visibility. 

6. How to never run out of ideas?

Maintain a content calendar. Sometimes, an idea strikes. But, since our posting day is away, we forget about it. Make it a habit to note these ideas down. Ensure that your idea supply in your content calendar is always incoming. To increase traffic on your blog, maintain a consistent posting schedule. With your content calendar in place, you will always have something to post.