5 Effective Ways to Promote and Amplify Long-form Content
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5 Effective Ways to Promote and Amplify Long-form Content

Articles with a word count that is anywhere between 2250 and 2500 earn maximum organic traffic. It is also said that the longer your content, the higher its ranking on search engines. However, the content must be of good quality, well-researched, and should match the user’s intent.

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Apr-26,-2021 4 min read
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There are 600 million blogs out there. Chances of breaking out of this clutter of short-form blog content seem low, unless you can consistently create original, engaging and high-quality content. While short-form content has a clear role to play in our fast-paced world powered by technology, long-form content is far from obsolete. 

Long-form content gets 77.2% more links, on average, as compared to short articles.

Articles with a word count that is anywhere between 2250 and 2500 earn maximum organic traffic. It is also said that the longer your content, the higher its ranking on search engines. However, the content must be of good quality, well-researched, and should match the user’s intent.

It is not enough to create long-form content; you need to amplify and promote it as well. You need to reach the right people so that you can improve your lead generation speed.

Here, we will discuss the strategies that you can use to promote your content. We will also be discussing the long-form content best practices that you need to follow to ensure the distribution strategy works perfectly.

Strategies to Promote Long-form Content

1. Add influencers to your post

We have all noticed the power of influencer marketing. You would have bought a product because the influencer you follow vouched for it.

Influencers are a great way to reach your target market. It helps explore the untapped potential in your niche. You need to include pieces from the right people in your target market to make it valuable.

Connect with influencers, take notes on what they have to say about the topic, and add it to your piece. The content will gain worth when these influencers share their quotes along with your article on their social channels.

While doing this make sure that: 

  • You always give due credit to the influencers when you are adding their insights.
  • Connect with them once the piece has been published to let them know about the same. 
  • Tag them on social channels so that your work gains credibility.nn

2. Explore guest posting options

Have an excellent piece that you want to share with the right people? There is nothing better than a guest post to improve your reach.

Guest post allows you to promote the content on other sites that are relevant to your target audience.

  • Always search for websites that have high domain authority, as it will increase the credibility of your website.
  • It also poses a bigger chance of you getting in touch with the correct audience set.
  • Narrow down to one aspect of the entire content to write on the guest blog. It will help you link back to the main content. This way, you will be offering new and valuable content to the website.

3. Send Emails to your Network

Leverage the network you have painstakingly built to improve the readership for the new content you posted. It will also help you nurture the audience that is already connected with you and will help increase the visits to your web page.

  • Give your audience a sneak peek into the content via a newsletter. Tell them what they can expect from the piece.
  • Segment your email list before you send it to the users. It will help you make sure that the users do not receive the content at the wrong time.
  • Don’t use a single message to promote the content. Make sure you personalize the email message when marketing it to multiple lists.

4. Share it on Social Channels

Sharing content on your social channels will garner more visits and engagement. It is one of the most important and essential ways to connect with your audience and promote your new content.

People are following you because they want to know what you have to say. They are interested in your brand and like what you do.

  • You might have to share the same message multiple times in a day. You should try and repurpose the content so that it reaches the audience again.
  • When you are creating a post for LinkedIn, make it more personalized. Similarly, when you are marketing on Twitter, tweak the content to suit the platform.
  • To reach more people and ensure that everyone who visits your social channel sees the content. So, pin the post and it will appear at the top.

5. Promote the Content Using More Content

The way you promote products and services using content, you can promote your content using other content marketing types. Write a short post pointing at one aspect of the original content. You can get people to download, visit the link or take any other suitable action.

  • Take one part of the content that connects with people. It could be a pain point that people are suffering from. Highlight it and provide solutions using the short-form content.
  • Make sure to add CTAs that will make the users take necessary action.

Long-Form Content Best Practices

It is possible to make your long-form content a lead magnet for your company. It would help if you read these tips:

1. Know Your Objective

What is the purpose of the long-form content? What do you aim to achieve by writing this content?

When you can answer these two questions, you will refine the work to suit your needs. If your goal is to offer something well-researched and valuable that will help the users decide, you will have to progress with the research accordingly. If you plan on providing solutions, then your content should offer the answers to the queries.

The answer to the above questions will also help you write the CTAs and introduce them effectively into your content.

2. Provide Value

When a user searches on the search engines, they need quick and informative answers. For instance, when they are looking for the best books to read, they don’t just want a list of great books. They also want to know why they are good, what are the achievements of the author, and how to pick one for a particular situation.

Every question has an intent, and the answer should fulfill it by providing an in-depth and insightful value. If your long-form content fails to offer the said information, people might not view it, and it might rank low.

3. Stay True to your Promise

When people write a headline, they don’t think it through. However, you must write a headline that matches what you are offering to the user. When you follow through with the promise you made with the headline, people will love the content, and more users will follow your business. It will not only boost visits but also improve website credibility.


Long-form content offers excellent value to the readers. It helps businesses connect with their users over a common issue by providing solutions.

It is essential to be patient, not just while creating but also while promoting and waiting for the returns. Long-form content doesn’t generate results overnight. You can expect the results to start showing over a period of time.

Working on a relevant and informative content piece can guarantee long-term conversions and revenue returns. 

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