10 Ways GIFs and Memes Can Rev Up Your Content Marketing
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10 Ways GIFs and Memes Can Rev Up Your Content Marketing

These two, too cool for school content formats are the untraditional formats all brands are using to boost engagement on their social media channels. Let’s see how you can use it too!

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Apr-9,-2021 4 min read
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Content consumption online is on the rise, and businesses are looking for inventive ways to engage with users. 

The use of memes has been popular since the inception of the internet, and the trend is growing stronger with each passing day. A meme is an image, video, or piece of text, typically humorous in nature, that’s copied and spread rapidly by internet users with slight variations. There are countless websites dedicated to memes on a set pattern or a topic. 

Similarly, Graphics Interchange Format or GIF is another widely popular content marketing trend that drives a lot of engagement. Almost every social media platform allows developers to upload GIF visuals to create a vibrant collection of content exchange. They’re often a great alternative to videos simply due to the engaging visual elements.


Have you ever wondered what was the first meme ever made? It was a computer-animated baby called Baby Cha-Cha-Cha or Dancing Baby. It was the first-ever meme to go viral on the internet. The meme created in 1996 showcases the unique capabilities of a CGI software released by Kinetix Character Studio. It quickly gained popularity among internet users. The Dancing Baby screensaver was a popular addition to desktops everywhere.

People on the internet are alway looking for funny and interactive ways to engage with your brand. If you haven’t unlocked the myriad marketing benefits that come with using memes and GIFs, you should rethink your strategy. 

Here are ten reasons why GIFs and memes can rev up your content marketing efforts.

  1. Easy To Consume

When content is easy to consume, it can deliver a message more effectively to more people online. GIFs and memes are very easy on the eye, often resulting in a ‘wow factor’ that engages viewers while conveying your message. No matter whether your content is funny, witty, satirical, smart, urgent, or neutral in tone, it’s likely that people will make the most of every GIF or meme that goes with it. Provided you can create a powerful context, this content marketing trend is here to stay. Indeed, memes and GIFs are like virtual gifts that spark interest in seconds.

2. More Relatable 

Memes often create a cult following, especially when a certain niche is developed through consistent content delivery for target consumers. GIFs have a similar impact and have a more visual undertone to the creative aspect of consumption. In a nutshell, connecting with or appearing relatable to target audiences is the key objective of creating memes and GIFs. A Harry Potter meme can, in fact, work for any business considering how popular the fictional character is in the 21st century. You just have to get the message right. The critical point to remember is that everybody responds differently, and your job as a content creator is to catch up with the latest content marketing trends online.

3. Easily Shareable 

When you find something interesting, you will mostly share it within your close circle. The internet has made sharing so much easier, and most users are looking to share something or the other all the time. Memes and GIFs are extremely shareable as posts, in comments, as messages, or even as greeting cards. The best thing about memes and GIFs is that they have a peculiar power to catch you off guard and ensure an instant impact. People share what they find fascinating – it can be a meme with text or a visually stunning GIF.

4. Speak the Internet’s language

The more relatable a piece of content is, the more it will get shared and generate engagement online. The internet has evolved, and more people are using the platform today than ever before. While a few things have changed, some things on the internet have stood the test of time. One of these things is the internet’s language. 

When everything about the internet relies on how information is presented, users look for the most inventive messages. Memes and GIFs are part of this glorious nature of internet activity. Memes are designed to spark a sensation among viewers who can deeply relate to the message quickly. Likewise, GIFs have the potential to transform anybody’s mood with visual splendor and wit. The internet’s language is all about presenting information in the most inventive manner possible. 

5. Mobile-friendly 

A long video may consume a lot of space on your smartphone while low-resolution images may be a buzzkill for an ordinary internet junkie. However, memes and GIFs hold a special place in the heart of every internet user. They’re short bits of visual content that instantly convey a message. In a highly responsive setting, this makes the combo of memes and GIFs an excellent content marketing tool that’s mobile-friendly as well. They don’t consume much space and contain potent messaging that’s visually appealing in any form.


6. They are addictive 

When you share content online, you always hope that people get hooked on the message you are trying to send. In the case of a blog or a video, the content must be compelling. Memes and GIFs have a unique capacity to get people hooked on an idea in no time. That’s because the piece of content they are viewing doesn’t take too much of their time and attention and has something unique to offer. That’s exactly what a well-written meme or a well-designed GIF is all about. It’s very similar to how people get attracted to slogans and logos that catch their eye.

7. Multi-platform compatibility

Anybody using the latest versions of Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, or any other messaging platform or even chatbot knows the power of emojis. They’re compatible with multiple online channels. GIFs and memes are highly relatable for a vast majority of internet users, making them almost as good as emojis. Their impact is quick, and they draw an instant response. Most messaging services have integrated GIFs and memes that are used quite liberally by users. They have now reached every corner of the internet and branched out into web technologies. 

8. They tell a story

The most widely appreciated aspect of GIFs and memes is that they have a lot of activity condensed in such a compact space. They can narrate an entire story in just a split second. Therefore, they are great content marketing tools ensuring a long-lasting impact. Popular TV shows, film clips, political icons, historical figures, and cartoons are often featured in memes and GIFs. Additionally, this type of content encourages the online space to get inventive and bring in a new story of its own. 

9. Original thinking 

Memes and GIFs are among the most popular content marketing trends because they display original thinking. Creators are often tested with numerous ideas, which finally boil down to one stunning copy. Internet users are quick to commend people for their originality. Memes, GIFs, and graphical elements are a great way of exhibiting this creative flair.

10. Made for people

GIFs and memes are created to inspire people. They’re meant to deliver a message that resonates with the interests of internet users. Hence, it can be said that these forms of content are made for the people. They’re easy to share, widely used, and in abundant supply. The use of memes and GIFs underscores the creativity that has made the internet so popular. Without these forms of content, a content marketing strategy can be losing out on a humane touch that boosts user engagement.


That being said, there are numerous other ways to create compelling pieces of content, like by using infographics, interactive videos, contests, and polls. But, memes and GIFs are an evergreen concept. If your brand can crack the art of creating apt memes and visually appealing GIFs, you are in for a treat. While 56% of 18-20 year old’s follow memes online regularly, 23 million GIFs are posted on Tumblr every day. That’s just one statistical segment of the world wide web. Why not make the most of these fascinating content marketing trends for business?

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