What Is Moment Marketing?

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Posted on 16/08/229 min read
What Is Moment Marketing?
Are you wondering what moment marketing is? How can it help your brand communicate better with your customers? Let’s understand more about it in this blog.

The delivery of the message or content is of utmost importance in digital marketing. If you create the most acceptable content for your digital marketing campaign and it is delivered at the wrong time, it will go to waste. Providing the content at the right time to your audience is essential. If you are still wondering what moment marketing is, let’s take a closer look and understand the process with a few moment marketing examples.

Table of Contents

  1. About Moment Marketing
  2. Importance Of Moment Marketing
  3. 5 Moment Marketing Examples
  4. Dos And Don’ts Of Moment Marketing
  5. Your Guide To Moment Marketing In 10 Steps
  6. Conclusion
  7. Key Takeaways
  8. Faqs

About Moment Marketing

What is moment marketing, after all? It is a marketing approach that focuses on targeting a business to its customers at the right moment or the moment that matters (when the customer is already looking for a solution to one of their problems that your brand/business can solve). Nowadays, moment marketing is a popular term in digital marketing and advertising. Brands are experimenting with this concept in their unique ways, which has also proven to be one of the effective marketing methods for several brands. Brands like Netflix and Burger King also make the most of moment marketing.


Moment marketing is simply delivering a message relevant to an event to start a spontaneous interaction with customers. While at a point in time, interruption marketing used to be the widely used tool by digital marketers, now the shift has moved to a particular factor of relevancy. Nowadays, you can see several moment marketing campaigns especially launched by big and small brands.



Importance of Moment Marketing

Now that we have understood what moment marketing is about, let’s look at why it is emerging as an essential technique in marketing:

1. Cost-effective

Moment marketing is primarily such an effective marketing technique because it saves a lot of money. Only when your marketing campaign reaches your customers at the right time will it be effective for the reason it was designed and created for. Instead of splurging recklessly on advertising costs, moment marketing is a better and more thoughtful approach. Tapping onto the right trends and knowing your audience well is all you need to do moment marketing effectively.

2. Levels up your brand value

Moment marketing can leverage your brand’s image. Several brands have become a sensation by using trends and current happenings to make their marketing messages relevant to their customers. Moment marketing can potentially increase audience engagement. As audiences have shorter attention spans and a plethora of content available for them to engage with, it is only via moment marketing that a brand can lure in the customers effectively to read their message or content and participate further.

3. Effective conversion

With the help of moment marketing, a brand can immediately start a conversation with its customers. Trending topics can help the brand connect with the audience better and vice versa. Suppose the audience is already reading or following a specific trending issue or a current news event. In that case, likely, they won’t be able to resist reading your marketing message if it’s centered around the trend or news. When a connection is established, there is a higher chance of a conversion.

5 Moment Marketing Examples

Now that we have a clear grasp of what is moment marketing, let’s observe and learn from these micro moment marketing examples and current moment marketing cases.

1. Amul

Amul is one of the finest examples when it comes to moment marketing. Being a dairy brand that already enjoys a trusted reputation all over India, Amul found its voice early. With the much-loved mascot Amul Girl, it has been practicing moment marketing for the last fifty years.

Their newspaper and digital ads are so well-timed and smartly crafted that the audience finds them relatable and extremely witty. They have been amusing the audience with their on-point one-liners almost every day. What makes them an excellent example of moment marketing is the topical nature of their content, which never fails to amuse the audience.


2. PepsiCo India

Another brand that is making good use of moment marketing is PepsiCo India. Pepsi is known for its youth-centric campaign and famous catchphrase ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swaag’. PepsiCo India continued their ad campaign even after the match had finished. Their campaign revolved around ICC Women’s T20. Shafali Verma, a sixteen-year-old cricketer, became the face of this campaign for PepsiCo India.




3. Burger King

Burger King is a famous brand that is exceptionally good at capturing moments. One of the finest examples of moment marketing by Burger King was their Valentine’s Day campaign. Burger King changed the topic of conversation to break-ups rather than the usual mushy content we see and hear around Valentine’s Day. Featuring Sima Taparia, Burger King’s campaign encouraged people to break up their current relationships and move on to better things.


4. Zomato

When iPhone 11 pro launched its phone with three cameras, Zomato used the opportunity for quirky and humorous marketing. Twitter was one of the platforms where Zomato unleashed its creative moment marketing.


Another good moment marketing example by Zomato was when they used the Rahul Bose incident to create witty taglines like, “You could get a banana milkshake and banana split in less than the amount the 52-year-old actor paid for his bananas”. Zomato tweeted a picture of three cups of tea strategically placed to resemble the camera design of the iPhone 11 Pro.



5. Netflix

Netflix has constantly been keeping itself in tune with the marketing game. Apart from Instagram, Twitter is also one of the platforms where Netflix has a pretty active presence. Netflix’s tweets were viral during the Jal Lijiye meme, rains in Mumbai, the #Bindo trend that went viral, and many more incidents and topics. Netflix notably tweets regularly as a part of its social media marketing strategy. Their brand of moment marketing is what can be called stiletto sarcasm instead of bluntly criticizing things.



Dos and Don’ts of Moment Marketing

Simply knowing what moment marketing is and a few examples to learn the tactics from is not sufficient. Here are some of the crucial dos and don’ts of moment marketing.


When choosing an ongoing event or trending topic, make sure you are suitable or apt for conveying the message. Out-of-place references can negatively affect your marketing efforts. You don’t have to create a marketing message if a trending issue is extremely exciting or fun. The message must also be in tune with the event or trend.



Creating a content calendar never goes to waste. Instead, it will help you align yourself to your content creation goals. This way, you can maximize the effect of your moment marketing efforts. The calendar will help you maintain a schedule of what research needs to be done and by what time. You can take note of the important events on the calendar itself. Or you can also create a separate calendar for noting the trends and events and another for content marketing.


Also, mark on the calendar that you’re maintaining all national and international holidays, as they are relevant events for the customers.




You can later use these events for marketing campaigns if an idea strikes or email newsletters, etc.

Your Guide to Moment Marketing in Ten Steps


1. Moment marketing, like other forms of marketing, is based on the principles of compelling storytelling.




Make use of emotions and characters when creating a marketing campaign. Create collaterals, add a narrative value to the message, or appeal to a specific feeling in the customers. This will make the message relevant to them.


  1. Stay alert about the latest trends and happenings around the world. Especially those events that might have a direct association with customers. Keep an eye on social media. Several trends are born on social media.


  1. Identify an event as tragic or sensitive, and avoid making comments or marketing initiatives around it. It can be deemed inappropriate and insensitive by some individuals. Avoid creating hard-selling promotional content.


  1. The most crucial thing about moment marketing is that it is all about the right timing. This tactic will only be effective if you are posting the content at the right time.


  1. Pay attention even to the negative feedback shared by your audience. Your content or the entire marketing campaign might backfire sometimes, but it is important to take criticism constructively and use it to improve the next-moment marketing campaign.


  1. The message should come from a place of genuine intention. Avoid being exploitative. Otherwise, the audience will not find the news relevant.


  1. At the same time, do not prioritize quality simply to keep up with the pace of the trend. Timing is crucial in the context of moment marketing, but at the same time, keep in mind that the quality of your content will initiate the communication between the brand and the audience. Make sure the content is relevant and valuable for the audience/ customers.


  1. Avoid any sort of imitation. Some companies try to replicate the marketing efforts of other competitive brands. But this will not help as it might render your creativity unoriginal. It is a good idea to use concepts of your own. You might seek inspiration from the moment marketing initiatives by other brands, but your brand’s message has to be different and will serve an entirely different purpose.


  1. Humour is the lifeblood of moment marketing. Most brands that pursue moment marketing for their campaigns cash on wit and humor that is well-timed and effective. If you can make the audience laugh, the chances of them remembering your message is higher than when your brand simply feeds them facts. Memes are an excellent tool for moment marketing messages. Another good use of humor and wit can be projected in the form of light-hearted healthy banter on social media platforms. Sarcastic humor is mainly appreciated by everyone if done well. Mercedes and BMW have often engaged in light-friendly banter on Twitter.


  1. It is also essential to keep in mind that you are aware of the legal and ethical implications of following a trend or molding it to create a moment marketing message. When you decide to craft a message or a campaign around a trend, read enough about a trend. Moment marketing, though time-bound, should still not be done in haste.





We are loving in the age and time of making real connections with the consumers instead of promoting one’s brand as if hard-selling a product or service. Moment marketing is the right marketing technique that helps a brand start a conversation with its customers, leading to conversions. The only downside is that moment marketing is short-lived, and the moment marketing message will cease to make meaning or hold relevance. Hence, to drive the maximum impact, experts must convey the moment marketing message at the right time.


Moment marketing is an intelligent way of reaching out to a more extensive section of the target audience. On top of this, moment marketing requires the least number of pre-requisites, providing lasting visibility and recognition to a brand.

Key Takeaways

Moment marketing is a targeted marketing approach that targets a business to its consumers right at the moment they are looking for it. It is also about taking advantage of an event to deliver a relevant message.


With the proper knowledge about your audience and awareness of the latest trends, moment marketing can save your brand many marketing costs.


Owing to the short attention span of audiences today and the amount of content they can engage with, moment marketing makes a brand’s message relevant to its customers and encourages them to participate further.


● Amul’s newspaper ads and now the digital ones are well-timed and smartly crafted and are very topical, too, making them one of the top brands to be deemed as one of the best moment marketing examples.


Moment marketing shares a common streak with other marketing techniques, such as using emotions and characters when creating a marketing campaign, creating collaterals, adding a narrative value to the message, appealing to a specific customer feeling, etc.


Keep an eye on social media as many trends are born on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Knowing what the audience is talking about or indulging in is crucial. Keep track of traditional media as well.


Do not create any marketing initiatives around sensitive or tragic issues and events. Avoid them as much as possible since they might trigger some people.


● The most crucial thing about moment marketing is that it is all about the right timing. This tactic will only be effective if you post the right content at the right time.



1. Why do brands do moment marketing?

With moment marketing, brands can utilize a current event or situation to create connections with customers and marketing collateral. Such events can help the brand position itself in an already going conversation. It also brings relevancy to their marketing efforts.

2. How successful is moment marketing in India?

Amul, one of India’s most trusted and loved brands, relies mainly on moment marketing. Amul is the only brand that understands and does moment marketing well. After building itself for a long time, Amul still tries to stay relevant and crafts interesting content around current events and happenings within India and worldwide.

3. How can a brand stay ahead in moment marketing?

To make the most of moment marketing, here are some quick tips:
● Keep sales at the center of your digital campaign
● Create communication messages that are event-led or occasion-specific
● Keep your brand message at the core
● Keep in touch with pop culture
● Make use of humor

4. What are the four micro-moments?

The four micro-moments every marketer should know are as follows:
● I want to know
● I want to go
● I want to do
● I want to buy

5. What is the meaning of micro-marketing?

Micro-marketing is one of the approaches to advertising. It targets a specific or selected group of customers in a niche market. The products or services are then directly marketed to a targeted group of customers.

6. What is the use of micro-moments in moment marketing?

Micro-moments are points where a customer exhibits a specific type of need. This is extremely helpful for the brand or the business in mapping the customer journey and the customer needs at various points in the journey.