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Debunking 5 Myths About Content Creation

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/04/222 min read
Debunking 5 Myths About Content Creation

Have you ever come across advice on LinkedIn that just didn’t work for you? We have too. Content creators and brands tend to believe a lot of myths that are anything from untrue to oversimplifications. Join us as we debunk some of them below. 

5 Myths About Content, Busted 

We have identified five common myths about content. Now, it’s time to bust them. Read on. 

1. Content is the most important component of web presence


Content is certainly important, but in a competitive market, you cannot underestimate the importance of design and SEO. Design and content support and complement each other. Companies often overemphasize one and cut corners with the other.

2. The more content you create, the better it is 

This myth comes from the early days of SEO and social media algorithms rewarding the volume of content. But the game is different now. Quality has become more important than quantity.

3. You need to be present on every platform 

No, you don’t need to utilize every content channel. Only establish yourself on content channels that are relevant and likely to impact your business. Engage your target audience where they spend their time most. 

4. Editing software can easily fix all writing problems


Tools, such as Grammarly and Hemingway, while being useful to identify grammatical and language-related errors, have not reached a point where they can replace human editors. You can’t just have anyone create content and expect automation to make it impeccable. For writers, this means that you’re still relevant and there’s no replacing a skilled writer.

5. The language should be simple 

This is an oversimplification. Surprised? The level of complexity in the language depends on the target audience. If the target audience is young and not highly educated, it’s better to go with simple language. If the audience is people from technical professions, a little complexity could work well. 

The world of content marketing is highly dynamic. Domains evolve along with technology, and algorithms change frequently. It’s important to stay updated and know what’s trending and what’s irrelevant. But most importantly, always stick to the basics and think like a reader.

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