10 Tips To Reinvent Your Digital Marketing And Win

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 30/11/217 min read
10 Tips To Reinvent Your Digital Marketing And Win

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Why Reinvention Makes a Difference in Digital Marketing?
  • 10 Top Digital Marketing Tactics to Reinvent your Marketing 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs 

These days plain marketing does not cut it. Businesses need experimental digital marketing to be ahead of the competition. This is because of the increasing number of internet users which is almost 4.7 billion, which is more than 60% of the world population. The current COVID times have also posed a different and difficult challenge for marketers. The world as we know it has changed and the way people see and interact with information has also changed drastically. 

This calls for the reinvention of our old techniques and methods to reach audiences. Also when such a huge population prowls the internet daily, it becomes a daunting task for a small business to reach and impress such an audience which is exposed to multitudes of marketing messages everyday. The trick is to keep experimenting and stay up to date with the newest digital marketing strategies.

Use the below-mentioned top digital marketing tactics to stay ahead of the curve and reinvent your digital marketing strategy. 

Why Reinvention Makes a Difference in Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, reinventing comes into the picture when your current plans are not working that well. This can happen due to a lot of reasons, but most recently it has been happening with businesses that have not evolved and are still using traditional marketing strategies. 

Let’s look at the differences between traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies:

No.Traditional Marketing StrategiesDigital Marketing Strategies
1.Traditional marketing makes use of traditional platforms such as print media and billboardsDigital marketing strategy makes use of digital channels like social media or websites as marketing-focused tools.
2.Makes use of traditional media channels like newspapers and magazinesMakes use of digital media like websites or social media
3.Audiences have access to hard copy marketing material which can be read and browsed over againAids the audience to choose how they would like to consume marketing content
4.Lets you activate big audiencesHelps you trigger audiences based on age, gender, location, and interests, thus having a great effect
5.Example: Telemarketing Example: PPC and paid campaigns 

There is a lengthy list of digital marketing strategies that you can opt and work towards once you know that your current plans are not yielding the expected results. But, how do you know when to work on your digital marketing strategy? Here is how: 

  • If you are not able to achieve the targets
  • Low or no ROI
  • Following the same strategy that of competitors 
  • Not enough website traffic
  • Not enough audience engagement
  • Losing out on potential clients

10 Top Digital Marketing Tactics to Reinvent your Marketing

1. Include content marketing in your marketing plans

Content marketing is today an essential part of any marketing plan and it is one of the best digital marketing tips ever. Like marketing guru, Seth Godin said, “Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” 

What is content marketing though? It is not just content on social media, articles, or blogs. Content marketing is a long-term activity that assists businesses in creating strong connections with audiences.

It is not easy to get exposure to clients from the start. Your content team must deliver what the audiences require. They need to find out a problem and address it with your product or service. You also need to choose which aspect of content you need. This will help you find the content mix which works in particular for your viewers.

So if your existing marketing strategies and online marketing tactics are not working, fret not. Make a list of the mistakes you think you are committing and come up with your future plan and goals to improve digital marketing. Some of the points could be:

  • Focusing on building a niche audience base
  • Finding out exact objectives to set up KPIs for content marketing
  • Create an effective content strategy and plan
  • Use content marketing tools to get powerful insights
  • Maintain consistency irrespective of what you offer
  • Assess results every month

2. Focus on growth hacks

There are many digital marketing terms and one of them is growth hack. Growth marketing or growth hacking is getting popular every day. It has also become an important part of present-day business strategies. According to Optimizely, growth hacking can be defined as ‘the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an active user base, sell products and gain exposure.’

Also called growth marketing it is all about regularly experimenting with the present plans, putting together customer feedback, enhancing quality to reach a vast audience, and improving digital marketing and brand awareness.

So, executing growth hacks in the right manner could boost your present marketing plans to enhance your online presence quickly.


3. Scrupulously work on your customer image

Creating a buyer persona is extremely important to be sure of your target audience and marketing strategies. But, what is a user persona? According to Hubspot, “A buyer or user persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” 

In content marketing, a buyer persona is created considering factors like demographics, behavioral patterns, goals, motivation, and involvement with the issue/product at hand. These personas are what constitute the final target audience of your content marketing strategy. A B2B buyer persona will ideally represent your final client or, better still, the final decision-maker. 

There are two kinds of buyer image or personas broadly – B2B & B2C. 

If the business is B2C and sells services/products to a customer directly, then your buyer image must have all the important information of that particular client – not for a business person. For. eg. their lifestyle, interests, likings, challenges. Etc.

4. A/B Testing in Email Marketing

To put it in simple words, A/B testing or split testing means comparing two versions of the same things to figure out which does better with the audience. This can help businesses make the ideal decision at the correct time.

This type of testing is the procedure of comparing two forms of a web page, marketing tool, or email and ascertaining the difference in performance. It is also useful to know which images, words, phrases, testimonials, videos, and other things work the best. Remember, even simple changes can affect conversion rates.

A/B testing assists marketers to know the differences between the two strategies and make the vital marketing decision at the correct time. 


5. Execute post-campaign analysis to make better marketing decisions

Post-Campaign Analysis or PCA means estimating the campaign success by devising every channel’s efficiency and then making an effective report for the next one.

How does Post-Campaign Analysis aid marketers to make a data-centric marketing decision?

  • It is useful to know which parts of the campaign were executed well
  • Provides an idea of how viewers reacted to your campaign
  • Scans the final effectiveness of the campaign against its objectives
  • Ascertains how many persons viewed your ad and how your ad ranked 
  • Provides useful learnings for upcoming campaigns

So, if your existing plan does not bring the desired results, the PCA model can help. Since you are investing huge monies for your marketing effort, it is mandatory to reinvent strategies to work quickly and generate the required ROI.

The steps to carry out a PCA procedure are mentioned below:

  • Match your targets with the desired outcomes to know if they meet
  • Evaluate both parts carefully
  • Gather feedback and make a note of the mistakes
  • Make the report information ready and work on the next KPI
  • In the end, make a plan to devise future campaigns in a better way

In this way, you can follow the steps mentioned above and invent your own marketing strategies for upcoming campaigns.

6. Tell your brand’s story

So how to improve digital marketing? The usual brand promotions are saturated now. People are just not interested in the same pattern of selling. If you must sell, it should have an emotional appeal. The trust factor should be there. Tell people about your brand beyond just the services and products. In this manner, your link with the target market will get emboldened. People will acknowledge your efforts, innovation, and trustworthiness.


7. Socially engage

If you know the impact of digital marketing and want to know how to improve digital marketing, you will already have a business page on Instagram or Facebook. Social media marketing is booming and there is no saturation point yet. Brands get to their prospective customers on notifications and news feeds. 

Social media offers business opportunities. Get the full benefit of social media by keeping your followers busy with your images, products, information, services, memes, videos, etc. Present your brand image that is true to the USP of your brand. Showcase your profile picture, banners, logo, cover image, etc. It will help you get high-quality customers.

8. Know your clients well

A majority of the businesses which begin with digital marketing have inadequate information on their target audience. They may know general stuff like income group, age group, location, etc. However, an expanding business needs a touchpoint to reach every time. 

Provide mini perks like a free subscription, ebook, free delivery, research paper, newsletter, etc. to get information. People who are interested will not mind sharing this information to keep pace with what you are offering. This information is fundamental and has the capability to get the best conversion rate.

9. Continuous content

From just a startup to international businesspersons, no one is tired of content. It is a continuous process that your business requires. You must keep sharing high-quality and relevant content to expand your business reach. 

Good content is of prime importance to grow your horizons. Content is an element that draws engagement. It may be a social media image with infographics, text, blogs, videos, posts, Instagram stories, etc. Your content should entertain, capture attention or inform people. 

10. Email marketing is here to stay

No one really understood the journey of email from a medium of formal communication to an important channel to market businesses. It is still known to be a formal channel. But, you can carefully reach your clients via emails. 

It is an excellent way to remind your probable and present buyers of your services/products and latest offers. Emails assist in connecting individuals to brands. They know your brand better than your competitors. It is a good idea to include email marketing in your digital marketing strategies and give a personalized marketing encounter to consumers. 

Emails that have a personal tone do better leading to increased conversions. Mention their name, last buy or give an exclusive offer. With a catchy line, you can make the most of an email popup. According to the Emarsys data, 81% of small and medium businesses still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention.

Digital Marketing is a domain that is here to stay and change with new technologies. A lot of new businesses have begun their digital process. If you are an active businessperson on digital media, be proud that you are doing a good job. But if you are someone new to it or striving to survive in this age of digital competition, digital marketing companies will assist you. Their services include website development, online marketing tactics, app development, branding, and digital marketing. 

Internet users are growing in numbers and digital marketing is becoming a vital and well-known method to market business. Digital marketing is a domain where business people and entrepreneurs can view their present and future growth. Interest and inclination in digital marketing have grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. Digital marketing is aiding businesses of all types and sizes to grow. Before, digital marketing was just another term in the transition of marketing. The growth of digital marketing media was expected. But, the rate of digital acceptance in India has grown more than expected. Businesses are including it as their main promotional and marketing strategy. Digital marketing is more important today than ever before. Take the necessary steps to invent or enhance your marketing strategy now to boost your outcomes next year. An effective and omnichannel marketing strategy will combine technology and media across activities, classifying not as per technology type but as per the campaign objectives.


1. How do I reinvent my digital marketing strategy?

A few steps to reinvent your digital marketing strategy include:
1. Adopt content marketing full-heartedly
2. Try Split Testing to get the best out of your campaigns
3. Include your brand story in your communications
4. Always analyze your campaigns through metrics

2. How to improve digital marketing?

1. Think about conversions and not just leads
2. Think about what is the long-term value
3. Go all guns blazing in customer service
4. Create an ultimate buyer’s journey
5. Always know when to go back and reinvent 

3. How to increase sales through digital marketing?

1. Optimize your site based on SEO.
2. Define who your target audience is.
3. Know where your audience concentrates.
4. Define CTAs that actually convert.
5. Perform A/B tests about your strategies.
6. Automate and track your email marketing campaigns.
7. Start a Content Marketing strategy.

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