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6 Tips for Growth Marketing Strategy

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/04/223 min read
6 Tips for Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth is vital for every business. Without growth, no business can survive for longer regardless of its industry of operation. There comes the need for a concrete growth strategy that aims for the long-term growth of a business.

Without a well-planned strategy, any business is bound to suffer. The cause can be the flickering consumer preferences and other influencing market factors.

Here is a discussion on the importance of growth marketing strategy and how to create content that brings growth to your business by Abhishek Patil, founder of GrowthX, who simultaneously handles Product & Growth at CRED and has worked as the Head of User Growth of Dunzo.

6 Growth Marketing Strategy Tips

Let’s take a look at how you can create content that can grow your business.


Search for topics specific to your audience

Abhishek Patel offered deeper insight on the topic. He explained the value of performing detailed research before you begin creating content.

He also explained how to scale when writing any type of content. It can be your marketing copy, product copy, strategy copy, etc. It is important to focus on creating content for relevant topics for users.

You can search for hot topics from platforms such as Quora. You can pick up the relevant ones for your audience and begin producing content based on that.

Prioritize the type of content you should build

There are so many content options to build for every platform. You can go with posts, reels, and more. It is also important to know how much time you’ll need to invest in creating a specific type of content.

Another thing to note is your lead time. It refers to how long it takes to get leads from your content. Also, consider how many customers you can reach with your created content.

Create content loops

As Quora does to its users, start creating content loops to scale your content better. You use Google to search for answers to your question. Quora answers show up on the top. You go to the website to find your answers. After that, you look forward to other questions associated with the topic, thus spending more time on the website.

This is the core content loop that quite a few brands use. So, try leveraging the power of creating content loops relevant to your business.

Get your users to write for you

Try to develop content strategies that can motivate your users to write for you. This is beneficial because you can get a new perspective on an idea you didn’t think of before.

If you offer a consumer product, get your users to distribute your content at least. This could bring you more exposure if not user-generated content.

Create content that matches the interest of the user

When a user visits your website to search a query or look for a product or service, your landing page should provide the intent they visited your web page. This is one of the primary things to consider. If your landing page has no relevance to the users, they will not find it resourceful.

There will be really fewer chances of you getting a lead from them. Patil states, “when you create content and give value to people, the plugin of your product has to be related to your content.” Without a targeted context and intent, it is challenging to win conversions, even if your business has a large traffic volume.

Focus on consistency

Emphasize the importance of being consistent with your audience and focus on creating your customer’s persona. Figure out where your customers spend most of their time. This way, you can learn the channels your customers spend their time and money on and figure out how to pitch them to get results.

Conclusion: Strategizing for Long-Term Growth

Before you invest your time and energy in creating engaging content, make sure you have worked on all the factors mentioned above. These are key to leveraging the power of strategizing to gain long-term growth for your business.

Note: This blog is an excerpt from a session on Evolving Agencies: Masterclass on Growth Marketing by Abhishek Patil, founder of GrowthX, who simultaneously handles Product & Growth at CRED and has worked as the Head of User Growth of Dunzo. The session was part of Elevate–a global virtual content summit organized by Pepper Content, bringing together industry leaders in content marketing.