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How To Start with Social Media Marketing: 39 Resources for Beginners

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Posted on 27/02/228 min read
How To Start with Social Media Marketing: 39 Resources for Beginners

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Social media is increasing throughout the world. However, half-heartedly pushing your content on social networking platforms is not social media marketing. It is, in reality, spamming. This article will help you get started with social media marketing.

Social media has become an indispensable element of everyday life in less than ten years. According to the most recent social media figures on Oberlo, there will be nearly 3.78 billion active social media users globally in 2021. You might be wondering about how to start social media marketing. It requires time to pay attention and participate in social media, and it requires more effort. The resources in this article assist you in building the skills to be successful on social media.

However, to know how to get started in social media marketing for the best outcomes, use the below tools and resources. 

How to Start Social Media Marketing: 39 Tools to Use


Social Media Blogs

Following professionals in the area is among the most acceptable methods to improve your social media proficiency and stay updated. However, even if you are an expert, you need to stay on top of the newest trends, community news, and ideas. Checking these sites daily is a terrific way to stay on top of social media marketing for beginners.

1. Social Media Explorer

SME is a professional services firm and a blog with many social media marketing specialists. The SME blog is frequently regarded as one of the industry’s most intelligent, and many of its contributors have authored bestselling books on various elements.

2. Social Media Examiner

The examiner is different from a social media explorer. Instead, it is one of the leading blogs globally whose social media reports are chock-full of social media marketers crave.

3. Social Fresh

Social Fresh is a firm that specializes in social media learning and analyzing. Its mission is to motivate and assist the social media business. It’s the best social media resource to inspire the marketer. About 300 of 500 fortune companies have participated in its seminars and events.

4. Scott Monty

Monty is a marketing consultant who speaks on a variety of topics. But on the other hand, his social media writings have always been eye-opening.

5. HubSpot Marketing Blog

You can get important news and detailed how-to instructions upon various social networks on the HubSpot Marketing Blog. Fifty-six percent of marketers who use this blog resource claim that it benefits blogging.

6. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the world’s most fabulous content marketing blog. Rainmaker Digital, the company’s parent, serves over 200,000 unique consumers across three companies and generates over $12 million in yearly sales.

Social Media Marketing Tools

These are the tools for social media marketing that make it easier to use social media. Do you have a good intent on how to get started with social media marketing? Or, if you intend to get your social media platforms in line, add these tools to your list.

6. Google Alerts

Get an email alert whenever your search phrase is referenced on the internet. Stay updated for any references of your company on the internet.

7. Google Trends

Find out how often people use Google to search for any phrase. It helps create relevant content by researching popular issues in your business.

8. Headline Analyzer

You can use this tool to examine your headline and keep it as clickable as practicable. It’s great for both social media networks and blogging.

9. TweetDeck

Any social media marketing manager needs a scheduling tool. Tweetdeck ensures that you don’t go idle on holidays, handle all time zones, and also makes everything more straightforward to manage and arrange.

10. BuzzSumo

This tool helps you find the most popular material on a specific topic or from a particular website.

11. FollowerWonk

It is a free tool from Moz that shows you the number of followers on any profile. What are the people who follow you? What city are they in? What time of day do they post?

12. Google Analytics

It helps you find out which social media sites drive visitors to your website. 

Social Media Publishing Templates

Businesses utilize social media templates to enhance the organic traffic of their postings on multiple social media platforms. In January 2021, there were 4.2 billion active social media users globally, and various people utilized templates to increase their reach. Therefore, to understand better how to start social media marketing as a beginner, templates can be the best option.

13. Instagram Templates for Business

Since Instagram is the most picture-focused social media platform, no post will reach out to customers. So, employ this selection of Instagram templates to generate brand-aligned images that appeal to the users to stand out from the crowd.

14. Social Media Calendar Templates

This template helps in tracking your social media campaigns. Apart from a social network, it also counts the engagement received, holidays to coincide with, and the posts supported by sponsored marketing.

15. Social Media Content Calendar Template

You will want to organize your social media posts on an offline calendar before loading them into a publishing tool. The above-mentioned free template helps organize the social media material in a spreadsheet to keep track of time, time, and social media channels.

16. Social Media Image Templates

On social media, it’s commonly recognized that graphics attract greater attention than text. 

With such a selection of social media picture templates, you can get business ideas off to a good start with social media marketing. 

Resources for Updates

Even though you’re a professional social media, you need to stay current on industry trends, developments, and upgrades. So here are some websites that we recommend marketers visit regularly.

18. Social Media Today

Another renowned one-stop-shop, this website offers in-depth articles on the new tools and trends.

19. Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel, a marketing thinking leader, offers a different viewpoint on social media’s newest ideas.

20. Gary Vaynerchuck’s Blog

Gary Vee’s blog provides valuable information about what, why, and how social networking works. In addition, Gary repurposes his stuff into films and podcasts, so you’re fortunate to start social media marketing. 

Best Content Creation Resources

As per the Content Marketing Institute’s research of 2017-18, content marketing is used by 86% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers. Photoshop and Adobe Premiere aren’t the guardians for creating content on social media anymore. Several other choices can help you save time and money. If you want to know how to start social media marketing with the best content, the following are the essential resources to consider.

21. Canva


Consider Canva as a handy tool for quick and easy layouts if you prefer Adobe Illustrator or Paint. Using their easy-to-use drag-and-drop capabilities and ready-to-go designs, you can create a captivating social media visual in minutes.

22. BuzzSumo

If your creative side is running out of steam, use BuzzSumo, a content curation engine that helps marketers find high-performing or extensively shared content, trendy themes, and trending influencers. In addition, it offers a wealth of information to help you develop your content and make it alive and up to date.

23. Animoto

Animoto is the video counterpart of Canva and can assist you in creating a professional video in minutes.


Don’t be fooled by Youtube’s minimal banner size. This tool can compress, resize and crop photographs in seconds.

25. Headline Analyzer

Copywriting for social media isn’t simple. The idea is to avoid clickbait while being sharp. Upload your manuscripts on this site to assess how legible and engaging each piece of material is and leverage the energy of technology.

26. Unsplash

For social media marketing, photos and graphics are essential. When your smartphone photography falls short, visit the Unsplash site. It is available for free and offers high-quality stock images.

27. Grammarly

Grammarly can help you produce excellent social media writing by proofreading anything you create. Download the web browser extension to identify those bothersome mistakes and run-on phrases. 

Ebooks for Social Media Marketing

If you want to know how to get started in social media marketing, social media books will help you. The following ebooks will clarify various networks and subjects in greater depth.

28. A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page

This article will teach you how to accomplish everything from composing an interesting company description to producing an eye-catching banner picture, whether you’re making a company website for the first time or wanting to update your website.

29. How to Attract Customers with Facebook

This ebook will teach you how to utilize Facebook to help your company achieve genuine business outcomes.


30. How to Create High-Quality Videos for Social Media

Videos, like photos, generate a lot of social media interaction. And while creating a high-quality video for your social media platforms may appear complicated at first, it’s also reasonably straightforward. To understand how to quickly transform your workplace into a production studio, download this free guide.

31. The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

This is a fantastic tutorial from Moz. This book’s 12 sections are jam-packed with valuable data that every marketing person should know. You will want to save this ebook for the future because of its importance.

32. How to Get More Twitter Followers

HubSpot teamed up with Twitter professionals to offer actionable advice for social media managers who are just getting started with their accounts and want to grow their following quickly. 

Social Media Podcasts

Estimating nearly 100 million individuals engaged to podcasts per month in 2020, with 125 million projected in 2022. So if you want to study as you relax, exercise, or travel to and from business, podcasts are an excellent method to do it.

33. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner brings positive stories and professional interviews from prominent social media marketing specialists.

34. The Social Pros Podcast

Each podcast episode features real professionals doing productive work for real businesses. When you listen to it, you will hear ideas from Jay Baer of Convince and Convert.

35. The Social Toolkit

This is the podcast to keep up with the latest digital tools, applications, and technology for social media marketing.

Social Media Books

Reading books written by professionals offers excellent ideas as a marketer. Here are a few recommendations for social media marketing for beginners

36. The B2B Social Media Book

This book focuses on implementing social marketing to B2B enterprises, specifically how to use social media to generate leads and income.

37. The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

You must read this book authored by Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s famed former Chief Evangelist. He’s a content and social marketing pioneer, and this book is jam-packed with excellent guidance.

38. Likeable Social Media

The cornerstone to widespread social marketing, according to Dave Kerpen, is to be liked. But unfortunately, being liked on social media is easier than it sounds. This guidebook will assist you in breaking the code.

39. The Tao of Twitter

This book aims at active marketers who need to learn Twitter’s fundamentals rapidly. In far less than 2 hours, it will show you how to engage and begin making significant relationships.


Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the 39 top resources for social media marketing success. Nearly 63% of clients demand firms that provide customer assistance via social media, and thus these resources are necessary. Now that you have gone through the best ones, it’s an opportunity to make a strategy for utilizing these resources for the best outcome.


1. How do beginners start social media marketing?

Here are a few social media marketing tips for beginners: 
Find the right social platform
Figuring out the right content for your social platforms
Use visual and interactive content:
Attach a cause with your business:
Your content should be authentic and relatable:
Social Media Managem

2. What tools are needed for social media marketing?

Here is a list of 7 tools you need to ace your social media marketing strategy
If This, Then That (IFTTT)