20 Unique Content Marketing Ideas that Delivered Incredible Results
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20 Unique Content Marketing Ideas that Delivered Incredible Results

Gone are the days when just great content writing or a well-made graphic became viral; today’s digital world demands heightened creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

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May-17,-2021 3 min read
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Did you know that compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs 62% less and generates about three times as many leads? Now that you do, it should make you wonder how to make the most out of content marketing for your brand.

Social media has provided an incredible platform for businesses and brands to grow and create their own community. Still, owing to a hyper-competitive market, it is more important than ever to market your content in unique ways.

Gone are the days when just great content writing or a well-made graphic became viral; today’s digital world demands heightened creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

So if you are a content marketer struggling to come up with ways to set your brand apart, here is a curated list of 20 unique and successful content marketing ideas that delivered incredible results.

Social Media Content Marketing

1. Cupshe

A swimsuit brand on Instagram, Cupshe relies heavily on user-generated content. It asks its users to tag their account on their pictures for a chance to be featured, and since lots of Instagram users want greater visibility, this campaign works wonders for their engagement. 

2. GE

This massive company that manufactures jet engines, wind turbines, locomotives, etc., wanted to change its perception from being a B2B product company that is hard to market on Instagram to a company that promotes design. They started a #GEInstaWalk campaign where they asked influencers and people to tour their manufacturing facilities, take pictures, and be reposted on their accounts.

3. SeeJaneWork

This Insta shopping feature is truly a boon for marketers. If you have a business account, you can turn your posts shoppable, denoted by the small white bag on the top right. SeeJaneWork leveraged this strategy, making shopping a convenient experience for customers. 

4. Intrepid Travel

US-based travel company Intrepid Travel started a content hub called The Journal where different travelers share their travel stories, which are marketed on their social media with the hashtag #BeIntrepid. This has driven up their visibility and has given their customers a feeling of community and belonging. 

5. TechCrunch

Using the Facebook chatbot feature, TechCrunch sends its readers top news stories, which increased readership and generated more traffic for their page. This is a great alternative for long email marketing copies, which often get lost in the receiver’s inbox.

Blogging Content Marketing

6. Microsoft

Tech giant Microsoft has mastered the art of blogging as an effective marketing strategy. From top company news to tips and tricks on using their suite of products, various blogs are sent out by the company, which has generated greater interest and user engagement for the brand. 

7. Headspace

‘The Orange Dot’ blog by Headspace does daily articles on multiple topics like fitness, managing stress, relationships, and more such relevant themes. They have showcase imagery that is unique to their brand accompanying each article. This sets their blog apart, and the relatable content writing drives up the reader-base.

8. Buffer

The social media software application resorted to a growth hack that involved guest blogging. This meant that they wrote a few content pieces a day which were pushed out on sites that receive high visibility and traffic. Their content is top quality, relatable, and provides a lot of useful information. 

9. Neil Patel

Internet’s favorite marketing guru, Neil Patel, is a brand in itself. His blogs on content marketing have been widely read, shared, and applied in real life by brands. What makes his blogs stand out is the original content, research, quality of writing, and the industry knowledge that he offers. Good content can go a long way, and these blogs are proof of that. 

10. Amazon India Blog 

The multinational technology company believes in sharing genuine stories with its readers through its blogs. From an up-close glimpse of their facilities to stories of the delivery boys or their new campaigns to promote local products, its heart-touching content connects with readers and elevates engagement. 

Video Content Marketing 

11. Bank of America

The ‘Better Money Habits’ campaign by the Bank of America, in partnership with Khan Academy, was a big hit. It featured people in various industries sharing candid financial advice and experience. It was informational, honest, and spoke to the young adult crowd. Bank of American thus, proves that providing value to your audience can elevate the impact of your video marketing.

12.  Gillette

This men’s grooming brand’s ‘We Believe: The Best Man Can Be’ campaign featured men standing up for what’s right, be it on the streets for strangers or in close circles for friends and family. It had a thought-provoking and inspiring social message that attracted major engagement and started social discussions online.

13. Always

A feminine hygiene products brand, ‘Always’ made an award-winning campaign that went viral recently. The video challenged young women to treat the words — #LikeAGirl — not as an insult but as a compliment. Out of the box, inspiring, and with a strong empowerment message, this campaign really worked for the brand.

14.  Old Spice

This male grooming products brand hit the jackpot with its widely popular video marketing that featured an attractive man delivering humorous lines. What happened? Besides men, it engaged more women to buy their products for their men. Amazingly, these women were not even their target customers, but the sales boomed. 

15. Snickers

People love throwbacks and something familiar, so Snickers gave them just that by bringing back Mr. Bean. The ad featured him as a ninja and had the perfect product placement. 

Visual Content Marketing 

16. GoPro

Quality visual content is the pillar of GoPro’s marketing strategy. Their high quality and fascinating pictures with concise infographics have made them a great hit with their audience. 

17. Zomato  

Zomato’s brand of food humor is super popular and unique. It can immediately connect back with the brand and has therefore amassed widespread praise and engagement. 

18. Kylie + Kendall

The two Kardashian sisters run a successful beauty brand online that has a massive following and pull. They rely on aesthetic and high-quality visual content for their brand’s marketing which fans wait for day after day. 

19. The Minimalist

A creative marketing brand that has proved to its clients that it truly can revolutionize marketing, The Minimalist embodies the ethos that less is more. This creative agency popularly uses minimal visuals for maximum impact.

20. Rolex

Great photography and visual content can make an iconic brand even more iconic, and Rolex is proof of that.


Having gone through some very successful campaigns listed above, it will now be easier for you to judge what kind of content marketing strategy works best for your brand. Create a distinct brand image and remember that, above all, users value authenticity and originality. 

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