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A Glance at the Future of Digital Marketing 

Sonam Sharma
Posted on 30/05/223 min read
A Glance at the Future of Digital Marketing 

The competitive landscape of digital marketing is rising and evolving every day. Old trends seem to obliterate with time while new ones take their place. And this is happening at a rapid rate! Various trends shaped the digital marketing industry in the last decade alone, but the pandemic has brought a revolutionary shift. 

Current digital marketing trends


The old ways of communicating have been torn down overnight and replaced by virtual solutions. As a result, marketing took a profound turn and shifted towards consumers and engaged with them where they were present! And this shift is going to continue, accelerate and further evolve. 

Let’s look at how digital marketing will change in the future and what digital marketing agencies can prepare for. 

The Future of Digital Marketing

Marketing is ever-evolving. Brands must embrace changes as per consumers’ preferences and provide them with digitally enhanced solutions. In digital marketing, efficient techniques coupled with modern tech make up the new trends you can look out for in the near future. Here is a list of trends that can shape the digital marketing industry. 

  • More personalization

Personalization has indeed gained more prominence, from ads to emails. As per statistics, nearly 74% of customers feel frustrated when they view content on the web and cannot relate. When you view your customers as more than just a revenue source, you can connect them to your brand, and it will ultimately aid you in gaining a loyal client base. Brands have realized this and are moving toward offering their customers a hyper-personalized approach.



When you think of hyper-personalization, you can consider Netflix or Amazon as examples. Think of how they curate shows and products, respectively, for you as a person with your own preferences and likes and dislikes. 

  • Rise of AI 

Unknowingly, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of our lives, and it has also found a dedicated space in marketing strategy. One typical example is the increased usage of chatbots, as they assist consumers in real-time and simplify communication. As AI develops, we will see more of it coming into play to engage with people. 

Take, for instance, – a fantastic AI product that helps you think of topics as a content specialist and works to help you write on that topic. 

  • Shoppable posts

According to Smart Insights, people spend 2 hours a day viewing posts on various social media platforms. By showcasing the ad to the consumer, brands get to entice customers to check out their products/services. The customer can simply click on it, buy the product, or get more information about it without hassle. As users spend more time on their smartphones, shoppable posts will increase. 

Shoppable posts


  • Increase in micro-influencers

No matter how much technology empowers us, we will not lose the human-to-human connection. The best example is the rise of influencers and their social media followers. Influencers can sway their audience’s opinions with their intriguing content. So we can very well predict that influencer marketing is here to stay and grow. Connecting with influencers for your brand is a great way to communicate with a large audience base. 



  • Voice search optimization

With the increasing popularity of virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri and mobile phones, voice search will soon become a new digital marketing trend. Although it is not yet included in Google’s search algorithm, voice search is still highly relevant. Optimizing your web content for voice search is a smart move your brand can make early on. 

Voice search optimization


  • Live videos

With the amount of attention that live videos attract, digital marketing will reach new heights shortly. Live videos have the potential to become one of the most dominant web content types. It is the best way to attract a crowd and boost brand visibility. Scheduled posts are alright but getting to interact live creates the next level of authenticity and buzz. 


Parting Words

The ever-expanding expanse of digital marketing makes trends old in a snap. That is why it is vital to always look for recent online advertising trends. However, keeping in mind some old formulas such as AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) or PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) will never let you down. The only way to establish yourself as a reliable brand is to combine different tactics and observe which works the best for you and entices your audience. 

What’s even better? Consulting the experts!

You can always consult digital marketing agencies who are experts in their field and will take your brand to the next level. There are many advantages of having an agency do the work for you. But no one can know your brand better than you, so sit down with your team and map whether your marketing efforts are going with the trend. 

Sonam is a content writer and marketer who helps startups and businesses scale their content strategy and emerge as successful brands. Apart from working, she loves exploring new places and traveling to offbeat locations.