How Netflix India Uses Digital Marketing Strategy To Win Customers

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Posted on 11/05/227 min read
How Netflix India Uses Digital Marketing Strategy To Win Customers
How Netflix India is rightly using digital marketing Strategies to win the Indian customers.

As of the first quarter of 2021, Netflix boasts 209 million paid subscribers worldwide. Its content reaches both domestic and international audiences and offers a diverse selection that rivals the offerings of competing streaming video platforms and cable television.

Netflix has more than 100 original shows and movies, making it a highly desirable destination for movie buffs. The marketing strategy of Netflix has largely remained the same since its launch. Providing a variety of genres and different formats, it has attracted viewers from every corner of the world.

Netflix’s marketing strategy is centered on three pillars:

  1. Product quality
  2. Content
  3. Customer service.

One of the secrets of its marketing strategy of Netflix is its understanding of its customers. The company’s algorithm understands the behavior of its target audience and accordingly adapts its offerings to appeal to that audience. For instance, it offers different homepages for different users, with their most recent shows featured prominently.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company has achieved unprecedented popularity and faster growth. Customer experience is critical in both online and offline environments, and leading brands are increasingly investing in improving their products to improve the overall experience.

Netflix has focused on a simplified user interface and intuitive navigation to make its users as comfortable as possible. It also offers its content in many languages and is available in HD, SD, and UHD.


Marketing Strategy of Netflix

Netflix digital marketing strategy has helped the company become a household name. While there are many similar businesses, Netflix has distinguished itself from the competition with its digital marketing campaigns.

It didn’t just randomly become one of the biggest marketing giants without conducting market research and evaluating the potential of the technology. It has also invested heavily in market research and adapted its marketing strategy accordingly.

The marketing strategy of Netflix can be explained as the organization’s efforts to build customer intimacy through subscriptions to its online channel. The company’s social media team is a key element of its online operations, and it has been proven that it responds to customer complaints quickly.

In addition to its social media team, the company has an extensive online help center, customer call service, and live chat options. These services have become essential to Netflix’s success.

Despite the company’s global ambitions, it has a diverse culture of innovation. This culture allows Netflix to determine attractive market segments and choose the best marketing strategy to meet them.

For instance, Netflix launched its India platform on January 6, 2016. The country’s population is large, and the younger generation is dynamic and has dynamic consumption patterns. Because of these factors, Netflix made a significant investment in India. With this expansion, it has successfully met the diverse demands of Indian consumers and has successfully adopted an advanced version of the subscription video on demand (SVOD) model.

Netflix is far ahead of its competitors in terms of subscription revenue per user. While other SVOD platforms are gaining popularity, Netflix still leads the way with a much higher average revenue per user (ARPU).


Netflix is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and its streaming service gives users the freedom to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the streaming service has its own original content and offers subscribers the flexibility to watch their shows whenever they want, whether traveling or at home.


Using the right digital marketing techniques, Netflix has ensured that its customers know about these features. The company is also working to make its content accessible to regional audiences by ensuring that it is available in their mother tongue.

Another popular Netflix brand strategy is guerilla marketing. In India, companies often use this method to reach young, millennial, and even older audiences. Netflix uses a variety of methods to attract the young demographic. It uses buzz marketing, social media, and low-cost strategies to generate attention and increase sales.

● Social media marketing

Netflix uses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote its content majorly. Netflix’s strategy on Instagram is to entertain and engage its fans, and it works! Each post receives a high level of engagement from its fans.

Its witty content has helped it win over fans in India. Besides that, the company also uses memes to engage with its audience more casually. Netflix also understands the importance of interacting with consumers to create lasting relationships.

They have engaged consumers and replied to their queries on social media to help them understand their preferences and make their lives easier. Ultimately, Netflix India is leveraging social media as a key part of Netflix’s digital marketing strategy.

The company has been largely successful in India in terms of its content. The success of Red Notice has been largely due to the buzz that surrounded the film and the internet content that mocked movie scenes. Although it received terrible reviews, the film attracted an immense number of viewers.

The company also used a video to promote new content on its website. This was a powerful buzz marketing technique, as the video included small hints of what was to come and stated that they would offer everything on their menu.


● Influencer marketing

By partnering with influencers, Netflix can tap into a growing audience of Gen Z and Millennials, who trust their friends more than salespeople. Netflix has even turned to influencer marketing to promote its content. The company also collaborates with influencers to create buzz around its shows. It shares promotional graphics with jokes and comments from popular personalities.


Fans like content relevant to their own sense of humor and language. Using influencers is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a wide audience and increase brand engagement. Influencers build unique trust with their audience and can convince them to buy a product or service. Therefore, they are strategically deciding to use influencer marketing in Netflix’s digital marketing strategy.

● Regional content marketing

The company is also working to revitalize its content with dubbed versions. In 2016, Netflix launched the 13 Reasons Why campaign on social media. This was in conjunction with the second season of the popular series. The dubbed versions of the series were released in Hindi and Malayalam. Because dubbed versions are easier for people to understand, they are viewed more widely. Several social media campaigns have also been aimed at promoting the new series.

The success of Netflix’s localized marketing strategy can be attributed to its willingness to build country-specific knowledge. This knowledge must be deep and broad, extending across customer and competitor domains. It has also been aided by Netflix’s ability to respond to cultural differences, enhancing its credibility and forging smooth relationships with key stakeholders. But to effectively localize content, the company needs to understand the cultural nuances of the market.


While the Indian market is huge, Netflix is still a global player. To be successful in the country, it must add content that speaks the language of Indian audiences. For example, in India, Netflix launched a superhero film in Malayalam recently titled ‘Minnal Murali’. Streaming services in the country are predicted to double by 2026, so the company must look into a wider variety of content and go local.

To successfully reach Indian audiences, Netflix has hired dozens of localization experts to ensure content is suitable for the country. It has also built partnerships with regional brands, including those in Japan and Spain. This has helped the streaming service penetrate the market quickly. By localizing its content, it has been able to build an even larger audience. As the global network expands, the company is confident of its success in localized markets.

In addition to localizing content, Netflix has improved the user experience for mobile customers. It has avoided the risks of losing its brand name through translation. One challenge the company faces is ensuring that the text expands without degrading the user experience. If the text is too small, it may cut off a call to action, or the layout may not look right. It’s also difficult to create content that caters to different tastes.

Other Strategies Used by Netflix India to Win Customers

1. Personalized content marketing

People love Netflix because it offers a wide range of content. Netflix offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows from around the globe that consumers can choose from. Netflix’s personalization algorithm is what won it the personalization game. It continues to rearrange programs based on your viewing history. For personalized content, hire the top performance marketing agencies.

2. Website design

Netflix designed its website with a user-friendly interface that allows customers to rate TV series and movies. This then passes through Netflix’s algorithm, which recommends more content. They have optimized every page using onsite optimization to improve customer experience. They optimized their website to display content by title, actor’s names, and even director’s names to make it easy for customers. They enlisted the best website design services to add various personalization features to their website. It looks great on any platform.

3. Email marketing

Netflix used email marketing as part of its digital marketing strategy. It is also a key component in customer onboarding. Netflix new customers receive a series of emails that offer content recommendations and encourage users to explore the platform. Netflix marketers spend hours creating creative email marketing campaigns that engage and delight their recipients. They continue to improve the customer experience with the best email marketing services.


1. What is Netflix’s digital marketing strategy?

Netflix uses multichannel marketing to promote. This includes social media, billboards, and print media. Netflix doesn’t just spend a lot on marketing campaigns but also uses the most cost-effective marketing methods.

2. What makes Netflix the leader in digital marketing?

Netflix uses social media to increase engagement. They create polls that prompt viewers to respond. Netflix can be cheeky and reply in just five minutes.

3. What makes Netflix so successful?

Netflix is a very successful company because they know exactly what its customers want, when, and on which device. The company is also bold and courageous enough not to be afraid to change its business model.