9 Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Response Rates

Team Pepper
Posted on 27/12/214 min read
9 Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Response Rates
Email marketing is essential for the growth of your business. Here are nine email marketing hacks you can consider trying to boost your email marketing game.

Emails are an essential part of the marketing gamut. A well-crafted email can help you reach many customers and nurture your existing connections.

Email marketing, in particular, is a great channel to increase brand visibility and click-through rates (CTR), share company/business updates, sell products, and build personal connections with customers.

This blog lists a few email marketing hacks that will help you get your email marketing campaign get more noticed. 

Top Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Below are some practical and simple email marketing growth hacks to improve your CTR. 

1. Improve your email subject lines

This has to be your first checkpoint. Remember the saying, “the first impression is the last impression”? An outstanding subject line increases the probability of your email’s open rate drastically.

According to data collated by Finances Online, 47% of email recipients decide to open emails based on the subject line. These are some quick tips to revamp your subject line:

  • Keep it short (ideally not longer than six words)
  • Know your audience and what they are looking for. Next, make your content relevant to their needs.
  • Instead of asking them questions, mention what they will gain if they open your email.

2. Personalize your email content

The quality of your email content is one of the key email marketing growth hacks that cannot be ignored.

Your email should be as personalized for the recipient as possible. This may seem difficult when the volume is high; however, insights into your consumers’ interests can help narrow it down. A small step like addressing the recipient by name helps strengthen the customer experience.

Pro-tip: Break down your list of recipients into smaller groups. This can be based on gender, age, city, product category, country, browsing history, etc. You can then send your emails targeted at specific audiences. Personalized email marketing is known to generate 75% of revenue.

3. Keep your emails short

Short email example


The average attention span is only a few seconds, so even if the recipient has opened your email, it must retain their attention. Hence, ensure that your emails are crisp, clear, and short. This will help you have their attention from beginning to end. 

4. Have clear CTR parameters

You don’t just want your recipients to open the email. You also want them to engage with your marketing campaign. You can measure the engagement on your email campaign only if you have clear CTR parameters. Your CTR parameters should be linked to factors such as leads generated and conversions. 

5. Review your emails on multiple platforms

Your recipients will access your emails through various platforms and devices, including laptops, mobile phones, desktops, etc. You can review your campaign using a testing platform that shows you how your email would look on the website, HTML, and mobile. This will help you design emails more efficiently.

If you want your email to be accessible by your clients at any time and place, you need to ensure your emails are optimized for mobile phones. Mobile phones are available to users on the go, so doing this will help your business get more traction.

6. Use social media

Using social media in emails


Using social media is another great email marketing growth hack and integrates beautifully with email, provided you do it correctly. For example, if you have a ton of followers on your socials, you can rely on them to acquire more email subscribers.

You do this by enticing your followers with freebies and discounts for your products and services for signing up for your emails. You can also share screenshots of some of your successful emails on your social media so that your audience knows what they are missing out on. You can add an email list subscription button on your social media to make things easier.

7. Think in terms of integrated marketing

Do not look at email marketing as a sole marketing channel. Your email campaigns should sync with branding on other platforms, such as blogs and social media platforms. Also, consistency in messaging will create a consistent user experience. 

8. Always proofread

Tweet on proofreading

Hire a proofreader who is neither involved in the campaign nor is from the marketing department. Proofreading services from a third party means a fresh pair of eyes to go through your content. It will ensure that your content is devoid of all grammatical errors and tone-related discrepancies. It will also help refine your content further. 

9. Keep perfecting the process

Though this is not exactly an email marketing growth hack, we believe it’s a great note to end this list on.

You must ensure that you’re always improving and evolving your email marketing process, especially if you are getting a large influx of leads; it’s common to get lax in your efforts, which you should actively avoid.

You can consider adding GIFs or videos to your emails and see how your subscribers respond. You can also consider changing your email frequency.

Do not be afraid to alter your game plan, especially when something is not working. Your email marketing game plan does not need to be a static thing. There is always room for improvement, even if it’s going phenomenally well.


Email marketing can be a gamechanger. The challenge is to be unique among so many other email marketers vying for customers’ attention.

But don’t stress: having a process in place to tick off all the necessary parameters and maintaining email hygiene can be effective.If followed to a T, the email marketing hacks mentioned above are sure to get you a higher response rate.


1. How do you increase your email response rates?

– Personalize your content as much as possible
– Keep your subject line crisp and to the point
– Share about latest and most loved products
– Use customer segmentation to create impactful marketing strategies
– Optimize your campaigns for different types of devices

2. What are some email marketing tips?

– Send emails when the chances of them being opened are the maximum
– Write short and catchy subject lines
– Create strategies to re-engage inactive customers
– Make sure all emails are mobile-friendly
– Plan giveaways

3. How can you increase your email open rate?

– Avoid spamming
– Make your email as personalized as possible
– Have an outstanding subject line
– Make the content interactive

4. What is a good response rate for email marketing?

A good response rate to an email marketing campaign should be anywhere between 10% and 25%.

5. What are some growth hacks for email marketing?

Automate your campaign
– Focus more on active customers 
– Use consistent messaging across all platforms 
– Optimize content according to multiple devices