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30 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Marketing Stack

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 28/09/215 min read
30 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Marketing Stack

Somewhere in 2020, a rumor started going around that email marketing was dead. But going by the data, email marketing is still very much alive and kicking. As of 2020, customer engagement on social media is at 0.58%, while it is a whopping 22.86% for emails, according to Campaign Monitor. The true magic of email… Continue reading 30 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Marketing Stack

Somewhere in 2020, a rumor started going around that email marketing was dead. But going by the data, email marketing is still very much alive and kicking. As of 2020, customer engagement on social media is at 0.58%, while it is a whopping 22.86% for emails, according to Campaign Monitor.

The true magic of email lies in personalization; it’s like receiving a handwritten birthday card in the age of Facebook wishes. Personalization is something that only precise targeting and automation can bring.

Here are some of the best email marketing automation tools you can use to reach a larger audience and make every email you send, count.

Best Email Automation Software

1. Hubspot

No email marketing automation tool list is complete without Hubspot. It offers a feature-rich email marketing solution that comes with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). So you can segment your audience list, track the response, and add more personalization. The best part? You can send up to 2000 emails a month for free!

2. MailChimp

No monkey business here! MailChimp has one of the best email template builders that help you create beautiful emails to hold your audience’s attention. It allows you to build targeted drip campaigns for improved engagement and conversion.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is more famous for its CRM, but did you know it offers a cracking email marketing automation solution as well? With an unbeatable data analytics platform, Salesforce allows you to engage with your customers 1:1, fetching you sure wins.

4. Marketo

Marketo is another powerful and widely-used email marketing tool. It is more of an enterprise marketing tool, but small businesses and freelancers can also use it. You can funnel down to your target from a broad net by triggering precise nurture campaigns.

5. AWeber

This is an email marketing automation tool created especially for small businesses. Users can create emails, forms, landing pages, and more by just dragging and dropping. It also provides pre-written email drafts that marketers can customize and send.

6. Drip

THE email marketing software for e-commerce, Drip helps marketers create white-labeled forms and pages, do SMS follow-ups, and view reports. It also provides ready-made emails and best practices for common e-commerce use cases.

7. Drift

We all know Drift as the conversational chatbot too, but did you know it also provides an email marketing solution? Drift uses AI-powered email bots to respond to replies and suggest the next best steps automatically.

8. Litmus

This platform enables you to create and ‘Litmus test’ emails before sending them. Users can check the look and feel of their emails on 90+ apps and devices, from email engines to mobile operating systems. They can analyze image renders, links, tags, and more and make sure the perfect email lands in the inbox.

9. ReachMail

Enabling even non-professionals to send email campaigns with drag-and-drop forms and pages, ReachMail focuses on large companies. It provides bulk email marketing and extensive reports for large-scale use.

10. Cake Mail

Cake Mail is a ‘serious’ tool that provides customization, segmentation, and reporting. It emphasizes security and compliance with consent forms, hygiene checks, and regulatory compliance. It’s ideal for companies serious about customer privacy.

11. Mailjet

An email marketing solution where developers and marketers can work together as a team, Mailjet provides a clear distinction between transactional and marketing emails. Developers can build their own email templates or can use the pre-built ones. It is one of the few tools that provides role-based access controls and approvals for cross-team collaboration.

12. EasySendy

This platform allows freelancers and small businesses to manage emails like an enterprise. It grows your mailing list by capturing subscribers from your website and social media posts. It enables micro-segmentation of audience lists and provides custom fields for easy search.

13. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder isn’t exactly an email marketing automation software, but it’s a powerful tool to help expand your audience list. It tracks and provides data in which companies visit your website, their origin, and interests. It automatically feeds the lead data into email marketing tools like MailChimp and Hubspot to send out campaigns.

14. Constant Contact

A marketing software with solutions for email and social media marketing, Constant Contact provides a free Email Template Builder, editing tools, and real-time analytics for tracking and reporting.

15. Campaign Monitor

This software helps you navigate customer journeys through email automation. It comes with a drag-and-drop email template builder, mobile optimization, and secure template locks. It enables quick-start by providing pre-designed templates for common marketing scenarios.

16. GetResponse

GetResponse not only gets you responses but also leads, sales, and growth. It provides customized email marketing solutions for every user, including an entrepreneur, online marketer, or a large company. It offers everything from marketing automation to landing pages to A/B tests and conversion funnels.

17. ConvertKit

A distribution tool built for creative souls, freelancers, and entrepreneurial spirits, ConvertKit enables online creators to spread their content to a broad audience through blogs and newsletters. It makes creating and sending emails straightforward so that creators can focus on their craft and leave the logistics to the tool.

18. Keap

Keap is another all-in-one package with CRM, marketing automation, and payments in one platform. It helps you segment your audience, automate your email campaigns, and capture lead and customer information (calendar bookings, invoices, payments, etc.) in one place.

19. MailGenius

An email testing tool, MailGenius, prevents your emails from landing in the spam folder. It works with all popular email marketing automation tools such as Salesforce and MailChimp. It analyzes your email and audience lists and tests your emails under different scenarios, improving deliverability and open rates. 

20. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho is one of the fastest-growing SaaS solutions in the world. Campaigns by Zoho empower you to customize email messages, automate workflows, and A/B test emails for better impact. It also lets you include interactive elements in your emails, like polls, surveys, and GIFs.

21. FeedBlitz

An email marketing tool with simplicity at its core, FeedBlitz provides simple pricing, onboarding, and setup. Guess what? Newsletters, custom forms, integrations, automation are all simple, too!

22. MotionMail

Providing a straightforward but powerful capability, MotionMail adds countdown timers to emails. It builds anticipation for events, limited-time offers, and sale alerts and drives people to action.

23. Sendy

This platform works on Amazon’s Simple Email Services (SES). It is a self-hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via SES. The key benefit here is cost; you can send bulk emails at an insanely low cost per campaign. It comes with reports and white-labeling options.

24. Mad Mimi

Don’t get fooled by the silly name because Mad Mimi is anything but silly. It keeps email marketing simple and sophisticated. You can save your customized styles or clone that masterpiece of a design to make your emails memorable every time.

25. E-goi

E-goi helps you deliver an all-around email experience with landing page creation, email automation, and A/B testing. It’s handy for sending newsletters, as it provides ready-to-use, easily editable templates.

26. Omnisend

Omnisend is another useful email marketing automation tool for e-commerce folks. The omnichannel experience comes from the SMS feature that keeps your messages consistent across channels.

27. Vidyard

Vidyard is unique in that it allows you to record and send videos and GIFs in your email, something that very few tools do. Along with open rates, it also lets you track who viewed the videos and optimize your campaigns.

28. BombBomb

BombBomb is another software that lets you send video messages through emails. It helps you establish a personal relationship with your audience and drive engagement.

29. Benchmark

Benchmark is an email marketing tool to set up automated email campaigns. It gives you more time to focus on building relationships with customers. The tool comes with an email template and landing page builder, robust reporting, and extensive integrations.

30. iContact

iContact is an email automation tool for small businesses. It helps small businesses create pretty-looking templates with drag and drop, grow their audience, and send relevant, personalized messages with automation.


1. What is the best tool for email marketing?

Some email marketing tools that are super effective and can help you build a solid email marketing strategy for your business include: 
1. ActiveCampaign: A smart email marketing software that helps you put the right emails in front of the right people. 
2. Pabbly: The savior you need when it comes to defining a strong yet affordable email marketing strategy. 
3. HubSpot: An all-inclusive suite of email marketing tools that is absolutely free to start with. 
4. Pepipost: Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems, this email marketing platform ensures faster delivery of emails. 
5. AWeber: An easy-to-use email marketing tool packed with features like in-built email designing with Canva, an automatic email scheduling system, and targeted email delivery with segmentation. 

2. What is email marketing automation? 

Email automation is the process of creating emails that reach the right audience at the right moment based on triggers.
Automated emails act as a bridge between conventional marketing emails and transactional emails.

3. What is marketing automation workflow?

Marketing automation workflow uses technology to fully automate manual activities based on certain sets of rules or guidelines. Typically, these workflows have an ‘if-then’ format, which means if a given condition is satisfied, a particular action will follow. 

4. What is the need for email workflow automation?

Every marketer and marketing team must have email automation in their arsenal. Here are some reasons why you need it:
1. Eliminates busy work and make the most of your time
2. Re-engage with existing customers
3. Scale marketing efforts

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