5 Essential Logo Redesign Tips

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Posted on 15/06/224 min read
5 Essential Logo Redesign Tips
Do you want to redesign a memorable logo for your company? This article will help you, regardless of whether you are a beginner or you just need a logo design.

No business can succeed without a strong brand identity. A logo can convey your company’s primary message, while staying current. Some firms, such as Shell and Nike, do it right the first time and don’t need to modify their logos all that much. Most companies, however, may need to alter their logos as time passes. This is known as logo redesign.

However, developing a memorable and unique logo design in today’s competitive market is nothing short of challenging. So if you have a logo that needs a redesign, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have put together some essential logo redesign tips, which will be helpful to all, including those who are beginners or those who just need a logo redesign.

Why Is Logo Redesign Important?

There are times when your logo may not be able to stand the test of time. Hence, your website and other branding material may need to be updated periodically for you to maintain brand awareness and stay current.

Starbucks’ logo redesign


Brands seldom prioritize logo redesign. Many may find the process intimidating and difficult, especially when they are just starting out. But if you do it well, a new logo might open up new opportunities for you. Here are some reasons why a logo redesign is important.

1. Audience engagement

Logos deliver excellent outcomes if they are well-designed. An outdated logo can be dull and featureless, and it can also make the customer’s eyes glaze over.

2. Increased sales

It is highly likely that your users are familiar with a variety of company logos. Well-designed logos are instantly recognizable. You should develop a logo that follows the newest concepts and trends to attract new clients to your brand. This will eventually aid in bolstering sales.

3. To stay current

Customers are more likely to be drawn to technologically modern and updated companies. Your logo should reflect that. It must be modified periodically for your company to adapt to the digital era. Updating your logo design demonstrates that your business is in tune with the current times. Earlier, logos used to be designed to fit on brochures or posters. Today, you must make your logo relevant in the context of social media and digital marketing.

4. To influence consumers’ decisions

We can form an instant judgment about the brand’s goods and services, sometimes relying on one glance at the logo. We link this to our previous interactions with the brand. Therefore, good branding, primarily the logo, has the power to positively influence customers, forging stronger brand-user relationships.

Apple’s logo showcased on a digital billboard


5 Helpful Tips for Logo Redesign

The use of typography, color, iconography, and the company name defines the appearance and feel of a logo. If you don’t have a consistent branding strategy, you won’t be able to make your logo redesign a successful endeavor. A logo redesign project must be executed perfectly in every possible way. The following tips can assist you in properly directing your logo redesign efforts.

1. Retain the best parts

the evolution of the McDonald’s logo


Before you get down to it, ask yourself if there are parts of the current logo you would like to carry over to the redesign. Are there aspects of the old logo people are fond of? Is there anything unique or noteworthy about it? Ensure that it is preserved in the new logo. As a result, you’ll have a loyal customer base, which will still feel connected to your brand. For instance, McDonald’s has retained its famous “M” through all the rounds of logo redesign so far.

2. Simplicity is key

logo redesign of Mastercard


Simplicity is a fundamental rule of any kind of design. When redesigning a logo, ensure you use clean structures, minimal text, and a limited number of colors. Although this largely depends on the nature of your company, a general rule of thumb is to keep the design legible and keep the audience from getting overwhelmed by it.

3. Get inspired by others

Even if you have already made up your mind about your design, it does not hurt to look at what other brands are doing. If you are familiar with the work of your competitors, it will help you decide how to make your logo stand out. There is also inspiration to be found by looking at famous logo redesigns by companies in other fields.

4. Get creative

Become familiar with the rules and break them. Logos are not static symbols; they may evolve, alter, and represent anything you want, as long as they stay consistent with the brand’s objectives. Experiment with color, form, structure, typography in your logo designs, and keep building on these elements.

5. Use color wisely

BMW’s logo redesign


While redesigning your logo, color is an important factor to consider. The primary color of an older logo is frequently included in the current one. Your new logo should feature one color as the focal point. Also, color balance plays an important role when designing a new logo. So put a lot of thought into which colors you choose for your logo redesign. If needed, you can refer to famous logo redesigns for reference.

Logo redesign is a complex process, requiring the designer to tread carefully. Logos are such an integral part of your brand that they must be of the highest quality. Take into account the customers’ attachment to the existing logo and the extent to which you want to change it. Finally, determine how you will market the new logo.

If done right, logo redesign can increase client retention rates, and help people trust your brand. Practice indeed makes one perfect, and following these tips will help you redesign a great logo that will propel your business forward.


1. Why does any company need a logo redesign?

Consumers like to feel that the brand is up-to-date with the latest trends, which is one of the reasons companies need a logo redesign. Refreshing your logo demonstrates that you are growing and changing to stay abreast of the current environment.

2. What are the ten most famous logo redesigns of 2021?

The ten most famous logo redesigns of 2021 are as follows:
● Meta
● Burger King
● Pfizer
● Planters
● Peugeot
● Renault
● Sweetgreen
● Discord
● Paramount
● Magnum

3. Where can I find the best logo and banner designer?

The top five platforms to hire the best logo and banner design services online are:
● Toptal
● Upwork
● Dribbble
● Tailor Brands
● Working Not Working