15 Best Firms Offering Design Services in India

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Posted on 12/10/227 min read
15 Best Firms Offering Design Services in India
Go for professional and best design companies in India with the help of this comprehensive list curated keeping in mind important factors to consider in design.

While it may be clichè, it is true! Most often, brands only get a brief window of time to establish a great first impression. Even the most effective campaigns aren’t recognized unless they can stand out within the first few seconds. A strong visual identity aids a brand in standing out from the bustle of competing messages. 

In this article, we will shed light on the importance of a good design agency in marketing your brand and the list of the best design companies in India.

Let’s get started! 

Why Reach Out To Design Agencies 

A design agency is a creative business that offers various design services. Be it website design, product design, graphic design, animation, or other design-related services; design agencies can assist in achieving those goals. 

These agencies focus on how a brand looks, feels, and sounds to make its products and services more appealing and engaging to consumers or clients. For instance, if you want to create a dynamic and engaging eCommerce website design or redesign your current one, you need to reach out to a website design company in India. This is because only visually appealing and well-written website content can raise the bar for your eCommerce. 

A good website design company will not just make your website look attractive and engaging but also help save you a lot of time. 

However, when choosing a design agency, you can’t just vaguely pick any random agency. If you select any irrelevant and unproven design company without conducting adequate research, then it could result in a complete waste of time and money.

To help you choose the best design services for your brand, we’ve developed a list of top design companies in India. 

15 Best Design Firms in India 

1. Pepper Content

Discover the best graphic design service to fulfill your design requirements with Pepper Content. This agency can help you create compelling content in various formats. Graphic design experts at Pepper Content are talented individuals located all around the world and specialize in various niches. Most of them are experts at digital designs and traditional media like poster design, identity design, web design, etc. Pepper Content offers quality designs with the industry’s best turnaround time that beats all our competitors. They are among the graphics design service providers that deliver designs that convert and that too in fast and cost-effective timing. 

At Pepper Content, they believe that every company is a content company. Our role as one of India’s largest content marketplaces is to provide over 60 varieties of content writing services to businesses and help them achieve their content goals. 

With the relentless efforts of our network of over 65,000 skilled creators and stakeholders, every piece of design goes through the process of creation and thorough evaluation to ensure quality. Their existing clientele includes super-brands like Swiggy, Adobe, Times Internet, etc.

2. Elephant Design

Elephant Design is a strategic design agency located in Pune. Established in 1989, the company is headquartered in Singapore and India. Elephant Design has received numerous honors and has continuously been recognized as one of the top design companies in India. 

Over the past 20 years, the company catered to over 2000 clients, including design work for well-known companies like Persistent, Bajaj, Paperboat, Kurkure, etc.3. Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio, founded in 2013, is one of the best design companies in India. It has a team of roughly 80 people and focuses on user experience (UX). The business has a main office in Bangalore and a satellite office in Mumbai. This design agency creates models for apps and tools for various industries, including healthcare, education, technology, and social platforms. Burger King, Vodafone, Intel, and Cisco are some of its notable clients. 

4. Capital Numbers 

Capital Numbers, a digital production outsourcing company, is based in Kolkata, India, and has offices in Beerwah, Australia, Dover, Delaware, and the United Kingdom. The company was established in 2012 and employs close to 300 employees. It offers web, specialized software, mobile app, and e-commerce development services. 

They primarily serve mid-market companies in addition to enterprise and small businesses. And they cater to clients from various sectors, including financial services, business services, and advertising and marketing. Some of their notable clients are HelloBar, Thomson Reuters, Consumer Reports, and Foundation.

5. ZEUX Innovation 

ZEUX Innovation is a Mumbai-based UX design agency. It was founded in 2016 and provides its clients with UX strategy, testing, and user research. To create clutter-breaking digital experiences, it uses an ‘outcome-oriented’ focus and methodology. 

ZEUX is known for completing challenging, complicated, and high-stakes UX design projects. Recognized experts lead it in user experience design and innovation. HDFC Life, DBS Bank, Discovery, and Stanley Black & Decker are some of its notable clients. 

6. Konstant Infosolutions 

Konstant Infosolutions is a mobile app and website developer dedicated to worldwide technology and innovation. Their 170+ specialists are pioneers in software solutions and cutting-edge technology. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is recognized as one of the best web design companies in India.

7. Analogy Design 

Analogy Design

Analogy Design is a design firm in India located in Bangalore. It started in 2015 and now has over ten or so staff. The company mostly works with small firms to create products and UX/UI. They are renowned for reimagining smart product design by fusing industrial design, user experience (UX), and technology to produce novel and distinctive experiences.

8. Nickelfox

Nickelfox is a design firm in India located in the city of Noida. It is known for user experience (UX) design solutions. It was established in 2015 and comprises 51 employees. Nickelfox is also one of the top web design companies and offers ecommerce website development, UX design, and mobile app development services. It is dedicated to helping brands of all sizes convert their ideas into reality by designing and developing websites and apps that stand out from the competition and deliver value to your clients.

9. Almond Branding 

Almond Branding, founded by Shashwat Das, is one of the young and dynamic brand design companies in India. Shashwat’s initial business, WOW Design, was the driving force behind some of the most well-liked brand revamps in the nation. The consultancy offers brand development, visual identity, packaging design, etc. 

Since the beginning, the consulting firm has done 525 projects. Amul, Tata Consumer, Tokla Green Tea, and Nihar are some of Almond’s clients.

10. VGC

Preeti Vyas founded VGC in 1997 to transform the industry via integrated strategic design and innovative communication solutions. VGC is one of India’s most renowned design firms.

VGC has completed approximately 100 projects for several prestigious clients. With a staff of over 30 people, this consultancy firm is located in Mumbai and Bangalore.

11. Leaf Design 

Leaf Design uses design to enable businesses to adapt to change successfully. They work in various fields, including healthcare, hospitality, education, finance, travel, journalism, and technology. 

They also create meaningful conversations and forge useful connections. This Mumbai-based design agency has worked with companies such as Veena World, Avendus, GVK, Parle Agro, Spotify, etc.

12. Chlorophyll 

Late Anand Halve and Nalesh Patel, veterans of the advertising industry, founded Chlorophyll. In several respects, Chlorophyll set the bar for agencies in India. This one was one of the pioneering firms to abandon the retainer-based pricing model. 

The design agency helps brands build their identities, communicate effectively, and package their products. The MD and co-founder of Chlorophyll, Kiran Khalap, currently serves as the agency’s leader. The company has earned a reputation as one of the best design agencies in India. 

13. Opposite HQ

Formerly known as Beard Design, Opposite HQ assists customers in brand development, packaging design, and building digital experiences. They have worked with companies like Swiggy, The Ken, Sugar, Simba, Digit Insurance, and Tea Trunk. 

It is clear from their existing portfolio that they work with brands of various sizes. The packaging design for health brand Kapiva is one of Opposite HQ’s most recent projects. The Headquarters of Opposite HQ is located in Mumbai, India.

14. DY Works 

DY Works is a design think tank with headquarters in Mumbai. In 1997, Sanjeev Malhotra founded the firm under the name DMA branding, which eventually combined with Yellow design to become DY Works. In 2009, Future Brands acquired a 65% majority ownership in DY Works. By selling his remaining ownership to Santosh Desai, MD, and CEO of Future Brands, Sanjeev Malhotra sparked excitement within DY Works. 

Today, DY Works asserts that it is India’s biggest brand strategy and design agency. Today, the company has locations in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. DY Works has a distinguished clientele that includes companies like Mahindra, L&T, ITC, Marico, Godrej, PepsiCo, and many more.

15. Wolff Olins 

Wolff Olins, now acquired by the Omnicom Group, has 150 designers, strategists, technologists, program managers, and instructors. The company was founded in 1965 and has consultancy studios in San Francisco, New York, and London.

Google, State Farm, Tik Tok, Uber, Virgin Media, and other well-known brands are among those on which Wolff Olins has worked. Strategy, design, and change management are the three areas in which consulting serves clients.When picking the best design companies in India for your next project, consider finer points like the agency team’s knowledge, previous experience in the industry, ideas and creatives presented, and rapport with clients to forge a long-lasting partnership. The best ideas can originate from anywhere, so never assume that reaching out to the best design agency in India would guarantee high-quality results.


1. How do I find a good design firm in India?

Before picking a design agency, outline your project, find some references for your work that reflect your brand voice, search for design agencies, check out their official website or portfolio, follow them on social media, narrow down the selection, and arrange a meeting with the selected agencies to discuss your project, compare responses and finally make a decision by picking one of the best design companies in India.

2. How much does a design agency cost in India?

The cost of a design agency varies depending on the service you opt for. For a logo design of a local brand, design firms in India typically charge between INR. 10000-50000.