Top 10 Content Services Reviewed

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Posted on 17/05/2114 min read
Top 10 Content Services Reviewed
Content writing services offer brands the ability to outsource their content writing to professionals while being in charge of the brand voice and information

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Top content writing services reviewed 
  1. Pepper Content
  2. Verbilo
  3. ClearVoice
  4. Contently
  5. Scripted
  6. WriterAccess
  7. UpWork
  8. CopyPress
  9. iWriter
  10. Textbroker
  • Bonus 5: Best content writing agencies across 
    • Express Writers
    • Write Right
    • NP Digital
    • Content Crowd
    • Media Shower 
  • Why do you need content writing services?
  • What are the different types of content writing services?
  • Summary
  • Key Takeaways 
  • FAQs

Content writing has become integral to a brand or individual looking to expand their reach and generate online leads in today’s age. Content marketing offers brands the ability to reach their target audience, create awareness of their products or services, and provide transparent, value-driven content to build trust. Today, the need for well-written content is huge, and it is not always possible for brands to have in-house teams of writers and marketers for their digital marketing initiative. This is where content writing services come into play.

Content writing services offer brands the ability to outsource their content writing to professionals while being in charge of the brand voice and information. If you are looking for fresh, impeccable, and value-driven content for your organization, here are the top 10 best content writing services (in no particular order) that you need to check out:

Best Content Writing Services in India Reviewed

1. Pepper Content

Verdict: The one-stop-shop for content creation and a host of other content services. It is one of the best content writing services in the market. 

Pepper Content is one of India’s fastest-growing content writing service providers, providing content creation services for diverse brands, industries, and markets. Pepper Content offers writing services in numerous content types like blogging, resume podcasts, whitepapers, case studies, marketing collateral, thought leadership, and others. What’s more, their offerings also cover content creation in multiple languages like English, Czech, Urdu, Hindi, Polish, German, etc.

If you are looking for a range of digital marketing services like graphic design, content writing, and translation, Pepper Content is the ideal choice for you. They even offer reasonable pricing and bulk discounts, apt for brands looking for a long-term content marketing strategy.

2. Verbilo

Verdict: Excellent content writing service provider that offers holistic content writing services and content strategy services (covered under Pro Services).

A well-known content writing platform with US-based content writers, Verbilio provides a diverse range of writers in all types of expertise, niche, and experience. Their service is most popularly used for finding writers who can work on assignments in several niches and content types like blog content, e-books, whitepapers, product descriptions, website content, video content, SEO-based content, and more. They also offer a Pro Services option, which is ideal if you need a content marketing partner to help you with topic ideas, assistance with SEO, and your overall content strategy. 

3. ClearVoice

Verdict: An all-in-one platform for your content marketing and project management needs. 

ClearVoice is a content writing platform that connects brands with content writers having diverse experiences. In addition to content writing services, the platform also provides project management and marketing services that are great for brands who need to manage multiple assignments on a single platform. Although the platform is a powerful tool for content management, they have an assignment-driven system. This means each assignment will be matched with a host of writers, and although they have excellent customer service, it is tough to find content writers in a specific niche.

4. Contently

Verdict: If you are looking for a brand that can handle all your digital marketing needs, Contently offers the ideal option with proven growth strategies. The platform is excellent for those who need expert writing, editing, and strategic services and do not mind a high fee.

Contently is an excellent platform for quality content and marketing strategies and offers end-to-end marketing services ideal for businesses that need organized content marketing services. Although the platform is remarkable for its wide variety of productivity functions and access to a range of content writers, journalists, illustrators, videographers, and photographers, the hefty pricing could be a big issue for most small businesses and individual businesses owners. The same services can be obtained at a lower cost with other providers.

5. Scripted

Verdict: Scripted is an intuitive platform that helps connect large and small businesses with quality content writers. It has a flexible but comparatively expensive membership fee.

Scripted provides a simple interface and access to expert writers, freelance content marketers, and other digital marketers. The service comes with a membership cost that starts from $124 per month and uses the SmartMarch advanced search mechanism to help match with writers that are ideal for your niche and expertise.

6. WriterAccess

Verdict: An Excellent resource for content that is ready to publish and budget-friendly

WriterAccess is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a professional writing service. The platform leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence search algorithms to match you with the best writer in your niche or one that meets your requirement. The portal gives you access to the writer’s portfolio, including their performance ratings, samples, prices, etc.

Since they have no editors or checks of their own, the content delivered by the writers will be shared directly with you and may or may not need a few edits before it can be published.

7. UpWork

Verdict: A comprehensive platform that connects freelancers with businesses and can be a great place to look for quality writers.

Upwork is a content marketplace where freelancers put up their offerings and portfolios. Businesses can choose the writer based on their ratings, cost preference, and portfolio. Or, they may also upload their requirements that freelancers can bid on. Since many writers are bidding on the platform, the onus of finding the right match is on you.

8. CopyPress

Verdict: The ideal platform for those looking to create thought-leadership, research papers, or academic writing.

CopyPress has a pool of 1500+ expert writers and editors, providing the best content writing services in several areas and industries. They are known for their high-quality content and are ideal if you are looking for thought-leadership content or guest blogs on your website from experts in your field. Their platform provides easy integrations, reporting, analytics and is apt for research paper writing, editing, and proofreading.

9. iWriter

Verdict: iWriter is a great place to connect with content writers easily and speedily. However, if you want higher quality content, this might not be the right platform, given it has no editorial process.

iWriter is an excellent marketplace for writers, and similar to other such platforms has a pool of creators who can bid for requirements that are put across. One can choose from four tiers — the standard, premium, elite, or elite plus. Depending on what kind of content you are looking for, you can select the ideal package tailored to your budget and needs.

10. Textbroker

Verdict: A fast and easy-to-use platform to access the content at very low rates.

TextBroker is a platform that offers ‘fast, affordable and scalable’ content services for clients from across a pool of writers. It offers great flexibility in pricing. You can opt for a range of writers that operate on a rating system. Although the content delivery is quick and convenient, there might be delays in revisions and turnaround times. 

Bonus: 5 More Content Writing Agencies To Look Out For

1. Express Writers

Verdict: Exceptional content writing services that offer a full range of content across various domains. 

Express Writers is a UK-based content writing agency that has more than 90 writers. It provides all types of content from blogs, slide decks, ad copies to white papers. Its main areas of expertise include legal, financial, medical, and technical content.

A single blog post by Express writers costs around $90.

2. Write Right

Verdict: One of the world’s best content writing organizations that deliver content that helps you win SERP.

Write Right is an India-based content agency that is declared as one of the best content writing organizations by Google. 

It is amongst India’s top three content writing agencies and has served more than 1200 clients over ten years. It provides professional email writing services, blog writing services, SOP writing services, ghostwriting services, and many other content types. 25+ writers of the agency catered to 50+ businesses.

3. NP Digital

Verdict: One-stop solution for all your content marketing needs leading by an industry leader.

NP Digital is a US-based digital consulting agency. It is founded by Neil Patel, who is titled one of the world’s top influencers by Forbes. While he is famous for SEO, this company offers world-class content marketing services as well. 

If you want to get your work done by experts, there is no better choice because it promotes the content alongside creating it.

4. Content Crowd

Verdict: Best place to connect with top-notch writers that are experts at high-quality content.

The content crowd is a US-based content writing service provider. And it has an extensive team of 5000+ writers who can write for almost any niche and industry.

It saves your time by matching you with the perfect writer for your business. You then only have to share the details of your project and find a freelance writer for you.

5. Media Shower

Verdict: An easy to use a content writing service provider that is client-centric

Media Shower is an ice breaker in the content writing industry. It is super flexible to give its clients maximum freedom. While it sells content subscriptions, clients can either build their in-house content team or hire freelancers. Moreover, if you choose to go for its subscription plans, they provide you with finely edited content by expert editors.

Why Do You Need Content Writing Services?


Nowadays businesses have two main problems:

  1. Generating leads 
  2. Establishing a brand

Most entrepreneurs struggle to turn their customers into loyal clients. While paid marketing can get you sales, it is challenging to build brand authority with ads. 96% of Americans stated that they don’t believe ads, according to HubSpot.

Also, the increasing costs of ads are about to break the back of marketers and brands. Therefore, everybody is working hard to find a sustainable way to generate leads and build a trustworthy brand. Creating quality content is the best way to fulfill both of these. But the question is should companies write their content, or should they hire the best content writing services?

It may seem that creating content on your own will save you money, and you will make better content because you know your business well. But, unfortunately, according to experts, it is not that good an idea. The boost your business will get by hiring the services of a professional content writing company is endless. Here are five top benefits of hiring the best professional content writing services:

1. Strategic content

Most people believe that content writing is about writing social media captions and selling services/products in every content asset. However, content writing is much more than just writing. Your content is at the top of the funnel. It will be your lead magnet if done well. However, creating random social media posts and blogs will not help in conversions.

You need strategic content that is conversion-optimized, and only a professional content writing service can do that. These agencies are experts at crafting content for specific audience segments. 

Moreover, content writing companies know how to create content that is specific to various stages of the funnel. Therefore, outsourcing content writing services help you to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.


2. Lead generation optimization

Organic content converts 60% more leads than paid marketing, according to marketing guru Neil Patel. It is a proven fact that ads are no longer the best method to generate sales. When every individual interacts with more than 6000 ads a day, they are becoming ad-resistant. Even persuasive ad copies fail at conversion due to the mental fatigue that people now encounter because of emails, PPC, SMS, and pop-up ads. 

This has impacted lead generation very severely. People are not ready to give their email ids because they don’t want their inboxes stuffed with spam. However, they give their email ids readily if they find something of value. 

Therefore, valuable content is the new way to generate leads. Here is a list of some eye-opening facts that prove how blogging and other content marketing and writing can help businesses generate more leads.

  1. According to Marketing Insider Group, businesses that publish more than 11 blogs generate 2.5 times more leads than companies that publish fewer blogs. 
  2. B2C companies who actively publish blogs generate 88% more leads, according to Rick’s Tips.
  3. Content marketing creates 70% more brand awareness than ads reported by Tech Client.
  4. According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, 69% of businesses admitted that blogs are the primary source of their lead generation.
  5. Businesses that publish blogs regularly have reported a 126% increase in their lead generation, as stated by HubSpot.

Thus, blogging is the best method to generate organic leads. However, according to another report by AdWeek, 90% of consumers only find custom content useful. Therefore it is more and more crucial to create content that can attract your ideal customer avatar. 

And only professional content writing services can do that. The content writing services are accustomed to creating strategic content specially designed to attract a specific audience segment. But, of course, as an owner and creator of your product and services better, professional content writers know how to make the content that can persuade your ideal customer avatar to interact with your brand.

3. Search engine optimized content

Professional content writing services can help you in SEO-based content writing. Search engine optimization is the deciding factor about whether consumers will find your content on Google or not. You may write well for humans to understand your product and services, but the audience will never see your content if Google doesn’t get it. 

Your business must create content optimized for humans and search engines like Google and Bing. And search engines read content in a different way than humans. Search engines use keywords and meta-data of the topic to know if the content is relevant to any query or not. 

Only SEO content writing services can create the best SEO-optimized content that works for both search engines and your audience.

These are five benefits of outsourcing SEO content writing services:

  1. SEO content writing services will help you acquire more customer share by making your brand more visible on search engines. Because a survey conducted by Hubspot stated that 78% of consumers make their purchase decisions based on the online research they did about the services or product.
  2. According to BrightEdge, SEO drives 1000% more traffic to websites than any other media. 
  3. Another survey conducted by databox stated that 70% of marketers admitted that SEO generates more sales than PPC or Facebook ads.
  4. 49% of users find a new product through Google by Think with Google.
  5. According to Google, search engine optimization lets you win more local customers because searches like ‘Near Me’ have increased 200%.


4. Content writing services establish you as a thought leader

Everybody wants the best product or service. Thus, it is more important than ever to establish authority in your respective field. Thought leaders are people or brands looked upon as experts of the highest esteem in a single separate area. Thus, thought leadership builds your authority in the eyes of your ideal customer. Combined with the proper project management skills, it can increase sales, build loyal audiences and reinforce your brand values.

Here are four ways in which outsourcing content writing services can help you become a thought leader:

  1. Thought leadership is more than just sharing relevant content with any particular audience segment. It involves sharing original insights and ideas. However, it is essential to make those insights and ideas digestible for the general audience. Content writing services help you to make the content understandable for all.
  2. No matter how important the data and insights you share are, users will not interact with the content if it is not entertaining and compelling. So while a business is an expert in getting insights and data, content writers use their skills to make the data more persuasive.
  3. The best content writing services help you to create audience-focused content that can encourage them to buy your products.
  4. Content writing services create SEO-optimized content with natural-language keywords to make the content more user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

5. Content writing educates the audience about your brand

Consumers are getting smarter and wiser, and now, they have the power of the internet too. 78% of users conduct online research before buying something. Thus, it is crucial to educate the customer about your services and products. Enlightening the audience is the best method to sell in the 21st century.

Content allows you to educate your ideal customers at their own pace and without disturbing them. Also, the content will enable you to be omnipresent and provide a seamless experience to your audience. 

However, your content must be exciting and interactive. To educate your audience, the content needs to be tailored to each stage of the funnel so that people can find the relevant information at every step of the buyer’s journey. 

Outsourcing your work to professional writing companies can create this kind of content and motivate prospects to buy while educating them about products or services.

What Are the Different Types of Content Writing Services?


The content writing business is as diverse as any other. Therefore, it is essential to know what types of content writing services a company offers before outsourcing your content. 

1. Blog content writing services

Writing blogs is the lifeline of every content writing agency. However, blogs are more than just long-form content. They 

  • Educate your audience
  • Help you become a thought leader
  • But most importantly, they are crucial for lead generation, sales, driving traffic to the website, and winning Google with the help of search engine optimization. 

Therefore, if you are looking to outsource your blogging, hiring a blog content writing agency that specializes in blog writing and SEO will be a good choice. If you hire a content writing agency, not an expert in writing SEO-based content, its blogs will not help you rank for search engines.

2. Copywriting as a content writing service

Copywriting is one of the most demanded content writing services. The only intent of copywriting is to persuade users to take your desired action, whether opting in for an email newsletter or buying a product. 

Website content writing services and email writing services are a part of copywriting. However, if you want content that sells either for your landing page or Facebook ads, you need a specialized copywriting service. 

3. Social media content writing services

One of the most demanded content writing services is social media content writing. It involves writing for various social media channels. The challenging part of social media content writing is a set limit of characters to write for every social media channel, whereas you can write as much as you find suitable on your landing page or blog. Therefore, while choosing a content writing service for your social media channels, please check how good that agency is at the short content.


Regardless of which content writing service you choose, the success of your digital presence is defined by your company’s marketing strategy and brand approach. Ensure that your content isn’t just well-written; it should be the right fit for your target audience. Depending on your need and requirement, the services mentioned here help you get a lot done with limited resources. Get started on your content strategy today, and make sure you select a content writing service that can see the larger picture and help you with great content and an improved ROI. 

Key Takeaways

  • As content marketing becomes the heavyweight champion of the marketing team, outsourcing content writing to professional services is a wise idea for brands who want to get their content marketing game on track. 
  • Some of the best content writing services in India include Pepper Content, Verbilio, WriterAccess, UpWork, CopyPress Etc. 
  • The whole idea to outsource content writing services is to get better ROI, generate better leads, get a fresh perspective on things and help you establish as a though leader.
  • Some types of content that content agencies generally provide is blogs, copywriting, social media content, website content, SEO content, etc. 


1. Which are the best content writing services?

A list of best content writing services in India include: 
1. Verbilo
2. ClearVoice
3. Contently
4. Scripted
5. WriterAccess
6. Upwork
7. CopyPress
8. iWriter
9. Textbroker
10. Pepper Content

2. What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is writing content optimized for search engines so that search engines can read the text and index it to present it to the relevant user query.

3. What services do content writers offer?

Content writers offer a variety of services, including writing emails, website content, and ad copies. Additionally, they also help write blogs and social media captions as well.

4. How much does content writing cost?

There is a definite amount to describe how much content writing costs because different areas of content writing have different prices worth noticing that copywriting is the most expensive type of copywriting with an hourly range of $70-$100 for a junior copywriter.
There are plenty of cheap content writing agencies, but it is essential to invest in the best content writing services because your content will represent your brand and be high-quality.

5. What questions should I ask my content writing agency?

It is essential to interview a content writing agency before hiring them, as it will directly impact your business in the long run. But, of course, you can always ask these questions to your prospective content writing agency.
– How do you create a content strategy?
– How do you research the client and content?
– How do you ensure that content that your company has created is of high value?

6. Is outsourcing always a good idea?

It is common for businesses to be skeptical while outsourcing content. However, if you outsource content writing services, it will save the time and energy you spend on creating content and use that time in a better way

7. Should I hire a freelancer for content outsourcing or an agency?

It is a general question among entrepreneurs who are about to outsource their content. And both freelancers and agencies have their pros and cons. For example, while freelancers are more flexible, agencies are more reliable.