8 Best Content Writing Services of 2021: Web Content Creation
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8 Best Content Writing Services of 2021: Web Content Creation

With new digital marketing and online selling advancements, content writing has become optimal for a successful marketing strategy. Be it for search engine optimization (SEO), website content, social media marketing, or any other online channel, creating knowledge-intensive and value-driven content is a must.

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May-17,-2021 3 min read
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Content writing has been the key focus for several brands, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the brand successfully communicates its offerings to the target customer. With new digital marketing and online selling advancements, content writing has become optimal for a successful marketing strategy. Be it for search engine optimization (SEO), website content, social media marketing, or any other online channel, creating knowledge-intensive and value-driven content is a must. 

But creating quality content requires expertise, time, and resources for hiring a full-time content writer. Luckily, freelance content writing platforms and online content writing services provide experienced and professional content writers suitable for the work while saving a lot of money for the brand! If you are looking for content writing services, here are some of the best options to explore:

1. SEO Butler

SEO is a core aspect of ensuring that the content created is meaningful and search optimized for content writing for the web. SEO Butler is an SEO tool that offers several types of content optimized for the web. Their content writers are skilled in creating such content. SEO Butler can also help with affiliate product reviews, product descriptions, brochures, technical blogs, whitepapers, guest blogs, and a lot more besides web content.


  • Well-written content pieces by native English speakers
  • Bulk pricing and special offers for particular content
  • SEO-focused optimized content, ability to create various types of content


  • Expensive compared to some of its peers

2. Hire Writers

This is a reliable content writing service with a network of 30,000+ native English speakers who have a diverse background to write on any chosen topic. The platform provides services in content creation, translation services, re-writing options, lyrics, data entry, and social media content writing. The platform itself is free, and you can find content writers within your budget and needs.


  • Variety of content writers and service offerings
  • Affordable rates and flat prices for services provided


  • Other content writing service providers offer more professional and better quality options

3. Verblio

A well-known content writing platform in the US market, Verbilio provides a diverse range of writers in all types of expertise, niche, and experience. The service can be used for finding writers for blog content, e-books, product descriptions, videos, SEO-based content, and more. You can even get services on content strategy, topic ideas, SEO assistance, and other content marketing options that are apt for creating your brand marketing for agencies and professional services. 


  • Quality content writers with diverse expertise, niche, and experience
  • Flexible plans and advanced features for those looking for a complete content marketing service
  • Industry experts and agency options for content strategy, SEO, and other marketing services


  • It can be expensive if compared with other content providers

4. Writer Access

If you are looking for a professional writing service, this is the platform for you. The tool uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) search algorithms to help you match with the best writer in your niche or requirement. The platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of their performance ratings, samples, details on their prices, etc. The best part is you can not just use the tool for creating content; the one-click integrations with HubSpot and  WordPress mean you publish it directly from the Writer Access portal and even manage workflows from there.


  • Advanced AI writer search and detailed insights into the writer’s background
  • Easy to manage project deliveries
  • Easy publishing integrations with third-party tools
  • Samples and ratings available before hiring


  • Subscription-based pricing, meaning you won’t be able to order content for individual pieces

5. Content Cucumber

If you need content in large amounts, Content Cucumber is an affordable service provider that lets you hire full-time content writers on a monthly basis. This helps lower costs, and you can get the benefits of having a dedicated content creator to work on your specific needs. There are several packages, and you can even get a full refund if you are not satisfied after 14 days. 


  • Full-time content writer available on contract
  • Faster turnaround time and dedicated content creators to work with your teams
  • Free revisions and unlimited content requests
  • Experienced content writers with proper background check


  • Not useful for small batches of content
  • Limited project scope hiring multiple content writers can be challenging to follow through

6. CopyPress

Having a pool of 1500+ expert writers and editors, CopyPress provides content writing services in several areas and industries. They are known for their high-quality content and can be especially useful if you are looking for thought-leadership content or guest blogs from industry experts. Their platform provides easy integrations, reporting, analytics and is apt for research paper writing, editing, and proofreading.


  • Skilled and highly trained content writers with expertise in different niche and industries
  • Excellent choice for thought-leadership content, research paper writing, academic writing, and other advanced requirements


  • It can be expensive compared to other content writing services that provide similar services

7. Content Development Pros

As the name suggests, Content Development Pros is a reliable service for affordable and professional content creation. They offer content for blogs, ad copy, website, and e-books and help with rewriting and editing content. 


  • Affordable and flexible costs
  • Services around all types of content like ghostwriting, SEO content, blogs, etc.
  • Provides rewriting, editing, and ghostwriting options
  • Monthly packages and bulk orders are a big plus


  • Limited in terms of niche
  • Not the best choice for complex, industry-focused content 
  1. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a growing content writing service provider with experience working in diverse industries and languages. They offer content writing services in numerous content types like blogging, resume podcasts, whitepapers, case studies, marketing collateral, thought leadership, and several others. What sets them apart is their focus on creating value-driven content and the diverse range of services that they offer. 


  • Vernacular content creation and translation also available in languages like English, Czech, Urdu, Hindi, Polish, German, and several others
  • Graphic designing services are also included and can help organizations looking for both
  • Experienced working in several industries and content type
  • Affordable pricing and offers bulk discounts


  • Innumerable options can be confusing to those looking for specific web content requirements

Final Thoughts

These content writing services are just some of the options out there. Finding the exemplary content writing service is all about the range of expertise in terms of writers that the platform can afford. Quality content doesn’t just elevate the brand; it can go a long way in helping convert and create the right impact on your target audience.  

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