12 Great Firms Offering Content Writing Services in India
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12 Great Firms Offering Content Writing Services in India

The growing need for digitization has helped the content writing market in India to accelerate at breakneck speed over the years.

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May-27,-2021 3 min read
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The demand for professional content writing services has boomed in recent years, thanks to digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, as of April 2021, there are currently 5000+ jobs posted on LinkedIn for content writers. 

In this article, we will list down the most renowned professional content writing firms in India with an array of full-time and freelance writers and editors to cater to the market.

1. Content Whale

Mumbai-based Content Whale has a team of young writers who specialize in mainly four areas of content creation: articles and blogs, technical writing, copywriting, and website content. They have experience in delivering across 42 verticals and 13+ industries. Their client roster includes the likes of Quikr, MakeMyTrip, and TechMagnate. They also offer proofreading services through their network of experienced editors.

2. Scatter

Launched in 2015, Scatter offers fully managed content writing services through its vast base of freelance and full-time writers. They are also renowned for their proprietary software that offers workflow management, automated content strategy, and assets management that is specifically designed for content marketing. While they are headquartered in Mumbai, they also have offices in Delhi, Bangalore, and UAE. Scatter garnered a high reputation after bagging Salesforce account for localization of content to its Indian market.

3. Italics

Servicing over 200 clients across 12 countries, Italics offers premium content across a variety of domains. Through the years, they’ve developed a strong client base consisting of Dabur, Airtel, Schlumberger, Upgrad, Samsung, Nestle, Canon, and more. Italics offers 21 types of content along with other auxiliary services like graphic design to help businesses grow. They take pride in their well-researched content and are also well-known as a premier copywriting agency.

4. Write Right

Ahmedabad-based Write Right works with small and medium-sized enterprises to provide web content, advertising copy, and marketing solutions. They also help students who wish to study abroad write top-notch SOPs. Along similar lines, they also provide resume writing services for professionals across industry verticals. Founder Bhavik Sarkhedi is a published author who writes for Huffington Post, Yourstory, etc. 

5. TextMercato

With clients like Myntra, Amazon, Urban Ladder, and ClearTrip, TextMercato has garnered itself a good reputation in the content sphere in India. From selling guides and eBooks to cataloging services, the Bangalore-based company is a funded startup with a dedicated team of editors, writers, and managers. For most of their content, the fee is capped at Rs 1 per word, helping them provide a comprehensive ecosystem for all types of content. TextMercato has built a comprehensive and transparent workflow management system for clients to track their orders and freelance writers to easily grab work.

6. Godot Media

Boasting a global client footprint in over 20 countries, Godot Media offers turnkey solutions for scaled content management. With most of their employers being full-time staff, their volume of work is quite high, and the company caters to many international clients like Sotheby’s, Lowe’s, etc. Godot Media provides a variety of content for 8+ industries. Their sister concern, Narrato, is a managed marketplace for ordering content online for those who want one-off pieces without the need for finding a dedicated team.

7. JustWords

Gurgaon-based JustWords offers high-quality digital content to the likes of Homify, HDFC Ergo, Alliance FinTech, and others. They also have robust SEO solutions for their clients to help support their content management cycle. With over a decade of experience in the field, JustWords is a close-knit network of creative heads who provide holistic content solutions. Among their achievements are the Google awards, which they bagged for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015).

8. Coffeegraphy

A leading content firm started by three women working out of a local barista, Coffeegraphy offers 20 content writing services and caters to a wide variety of industries, including e-learning, real estate, information technology, and travel. Their client list includes both small and medium-sized businesses. They work with a handful of freelancers and deliver quality writing to their clients with multiple editorial teams that check the quality of the work. Coffeegraphy is open to both flexible and remote writers as well as full-time workers.

9. Inksplore

Working with 40+ niche writers, Inksplore has delivered over 35,000 pieces of content since its inception. They write for various niches and work with several startups and small-scale businesses closely to deliver engaging content. The company also offers academic writing services. The Inksplore team consists of in-house and remote writers and has been in the field for seven years. 

10. Das Writing Services

They are one of the few content writing firms that can offer voice-search optimized content. Kolkata-based Das Writing Services works with several high-profile clients like AmEx, ITC, Groww, and Digit. The company boasts of 85% customer retention. The team consists of 50 writers who offer full-scale content in 30+ verticals for websites and social media. 

11. Pepper Content

Starting out from their dorm in BITS Pilani, founders Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar have built one of India’s largest fully-managed marketplace that brings writers, editors, and brands under one umbrella. The company has recently received funding of $4.2 million and boasts of 400+ clients that they have onboarded within three years. Over 30,000+ freelancers from across the globe have applied to Pepper so far. The client roster includes Swiggy, Cars24, ID Fresh Food, India Today, and Times Network. They are also one of the few firms that offer podcast and script-writing services in India.

12. ContentWriter.in

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, ContentWriter is among the oldest professional writing firms in India. They specialize in catering to international clients and have developed a system that works well for outsourcing. The company has worked with brands from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries. They also offer content packages that help new firms populate their website quickly. 


The growing need for digitization has helped the content writing market in India to accelerate at breakneck speed over the years. It is clear that the demand for Indian content writers isn’t limited to the country but from all geographies across the globe. As the move towards localization takes precedence, content writing is sure to develop into an ecosystem that not just caters to the English audience but also local languages. These professional content writing firms have stood as the go-to place for bringing creative heads together for developing top-notch content for the internet and traditional media consumers.

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