5 Effective Ways You Can Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads
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5 Effective Ways You Can Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Want to know the ABCs of creating content that can generate leads? Read this blog to know the ins and outs.

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Apr-26,-2021 3 min read
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Sample this. According to research by Aberdeen, conversion rates are six times higher for businesses that use content marketing as opposed to those that don’t. 

Whether you’re creating a 360-degree campaign that covers traditional and digital avenues or you’re looking to generate leads through digital marketing, creative content is at the heart of any marketing strategy. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can generate leads with your content.

Note that the purpose of your content can be multifold. You can use content marketing for:

  • Brand awareness: Creating campaigns that simply introduce your brand to new audiences. For example, think of a male-oriented company that has recently started a product line just for women. They need to introduce their brand to a previously non-existing clientele.
  • Brand loyalty: Nurturing your existing customers to return to your product pages. 
  • Customer education: Educate your customers about how your product/service solves a problem. This is especially important for large-cap B2B brands and tech businesses that usually tend to have an elongated sales process.
  • Engagement: Simply engaging with your existing audience to entertain or inspire, so that you remain fresh in their minds. This is important for B2C brands that have a quicker sales cycle. Think FMCG.

Ultimately though, your customers go through a brand journey with the help of the “content” you “feed” through social media, search engines, and other traditional avenues  – and it all starts with the lead generation cycle.

5 Effective Ways to Generate Leads

Think of your content marketing strategy for generating leads as a powerful magnet. Here are five things to keep in mind while optimizing content marketing for lead generation.

#1 Use LinkedIn to generate leads

Linkedin is 277% more effective than other social media platforms for lead generation, thereby giving it a special mention here makes sense. From posting intriguing content consistently to connecting with decision-makers in your target industries, Linkedin’s ability to target and filter is a big asset to B2B marketers. You can use inmail, LinkedIn Groups and comments a way to engage with prospects and become visible to your target audience.

Tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, lead gen forms and Ads can also help you expand your reach and connect with the right people.


#2 Use influencer marketing and guest blogging

There’s an old saying, “Don’t toot your horn”. But, isn’t that what marketing is all about? Well, that’s exactly why brand ambassadors are still relevant. Consider this, are you more likely to buy Levi’s jeans if Deepika Padukone features in its ad or if the CEO of Levi’s tells you to do so?

But we all can’t afford an A-list celeb, can we? So, how do you build authority and come across as a trustworthy brand?

In the B2C market, you can generate leads by collaborating with influencers who can share your posts and show your product in use. You can also have them post blogs on your behalf, subtly praising your products. 

A great way to generate leads for B2B is through guest blogging for third-party sites. When writing guest blogs for different websites that cater to your target audience, you can leverage the content you create, as well as your bio to generate traffic to your website and plugin a lead magnet or two to get sign-ups. 


#3 Webinars and Podcasts

Webinars are live video sessions where you teach online viewers something new or share content that adds value. Podcasts are similar but in audio format. These are increasingly popular ways to create brand awareness, but more than that, since webinars actually require sign-ups, are a great lead generation tactic. Another way to popularize your webinar is by inviting an influencer to co-host it with you. 

#4 Create lead magnets

Lead magnets are auxiliary content resources that talk about your industry in detail. These are long-form content pieces that help you gain customers in the long run. These are time-consuming and labor-intensive, but if done well, they will serve as an excellent lead generator for a long time.

Effective lead magnets include:

  • eBooks are a form of long-form content that gives in-depth information about a subject
  • Templates are rough outlines that you can map to your requirements
  • Cheatsheets or a list of quick guidelines, similar to checklist
  • White papers are technical documents, long-form and based on a lot of research and data
  • Case studies or customer stories typically talk about the impact your product or service had on your customer and can be used in the decision-making process
  • Checklists or actionable lists that are as easy to consume


#5 Nail your landing pages

Here are some landing page statistics to get you started (or startled!)

  • 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest (Source: Copyblogger)
  • Personalized CTA converts 202% higher than normal CTA (Source: HubSpot)
  • 86% of the top landing pages are mobile-friendly (Source: Nifty Marketing)

Your landing pages can make or break your marketing campaigns. If you’re consistently seeing a low conversion rate on your pages, its a great sign that you’ve got a bad landing page that needs fixing pronto. From getting the headline right, to fixing your form length – the devil is in the detail and you’re better of doing a quick audit of your existing landing pages to see where you’re going wrong. Running A/B tests, reiterating your value proposition and making the incentive super clear are just some tips to get it right. Use social proof to build trust, create a sense of urgency and making sure the page loads fast are some more tips. 

Landing page conversion is impacted by the emotions depicted on the page via the copy, videos or visuals.


Gaining quality leads is the first sign that your content is “healthy”. Make sure you follow these simple rules to improve the ROI on your content marketing budget. 

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