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Ten Amazing Examples of Thank You Email Template Designs

Team Pepper
Posted on 26/04/227 min read
Ten Amazing Examples of Thank You Email Template Designs
Here are the best examples of a great thank you email template design that draws better conversions and high customer engagement you can use for your business.

Are you trying to build better relations with your customers? Try sending them to thank you emails to show your gratitude and appreciation for investing in your business. You can create different thank you email templates for new subscribers, purchase completion, special occasions, milestone completion, and much more.

Thank you emails make your customer’s experience with you more personal, showing that you care about them. These emails should be meaningful, engaging, interactive, and honest, laced with positive words and attractive designs that create customer value.

What is an Automated Thank You Email?

Several email marketing tools help businesses send email automatically when the customers hit a trigger. You can easily automate your thank you emails using these tools by setting them up to be sent when a user performs a specific action like subscribing, creating an account, making a purchase, etc.

Investing in a good email automation tool helps you send specific targeted emails with ease while adding value to your customer’s journey and providing them with the best experience.

10 Examples of Killer Thank You Emails

1. Thank You Email for completing a purchase

A thank you email sample for businesses, and your customers are not only the latest buzzword but also on the priority list of marketers and managers. It is a great practice to acknowledge a customer’s purchase with a receipt of their order. Regardless of their size or location, any business must comply with this requirement. Apart from the gratitude and order receipt, these emails can also have a feedback form, a discount for consecutive purchases, a product review, or an option to share their experience socially.

This purchase email by Myntra promptly thanks to the customer for placing their order with links to view the order details and pay online. Myntra has also inserted a quick feedback option and a link to popular posts from the infamous Myntra Studio to help the customer get inspired.

Here’s another example of Massdrop’s email after a customer completed their purchase.


2. Welcome Emails

Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter or services, the first communication is to welcome them aboard. Such emails typically start with Thanking the customer for subscribing, followed by detailing the benefits they would receive from the subscription.

The email can be sent out as soon as there is confirmation of a subscription, registration, or enrolment to a particular service.


As soon as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, their first communication lists all the benefits of being a prime member, with clickable links to different services.

3. Thank You Emails about customer loyalty

If a customer has been availing of your services or shopping with you for a considerable time, sending a thank you email for placing their trust and being loyal is a great way to enhance your relationship. A thank you email sample for business must be kept at one’s disposal. Nothing pleases a customer more than a heartfelt thank you. 


This crisp and short email by Abercrombie and Fitch demonstrates the perfect way to thank a customer for being part of their clan and hoping to cherish their relationship for a long time.

Here’s a formal thank you email sample you can use to thank customers for their loyalty.


4. Referral Thank You Email

When a customer refers your business, product, or service to someone else using a referral code, you must send them a thank you email to place their trust in you.

The best way to appreciate their efforts is by sending special discount coupons or offers along with your thank you note, just like this email by BioClarity.


This referral thank you email by Dropbox is another excellent example of a crisp yet meaningful professional thanks you email sample.

5. Promotional Thank You Email

Sometimes, randomly sending thank you emails to a select group of customers with a promotional offer or discount is a great way to build trust. When the customer receives an offer without any occasion, the feeling of being special prompts them to make a purchase even if you’ve not included a CTA.


This simple email by Zoés Kitchen just thanks to the customer for being with them, offering a free Humus and Pita to their customers.

Here’s another example: although it doesn’t offer a special discount, it promotes all its services as a reminder in just one line.


6. Emails thanking for customer feedback and review

Regardless of what reviews a customer shares, you should always thank them for their feedback, assuring them of proper support if they are not fully satisfied. This is a great business practice that builds trust even with dissatisfied users.


Google’s Local Guides thank you emails are an excellent inspiration for businesses to thank customers for their reviews. Apart from reviews, you can also contribute relevant photos for a particular place or business to share the information with others.

7. Appreciation for attending an event

It has become easier to organize online workshops, webinars, and online events for businesses, inviting hundreds of participants. If your business is organizing any of these, you must always reach out to your attendees to thank them for their time as soon as they confirm their presence. This email should also include the event schedule and what the attendee can expect, as demonstrated in this image.

You must also shoot out another email after the event concludes to thank the participants and summarise the event’s key highlights, as shown by this beautiful email after the NBC (Next Big Creator) summit by Pepper Content.

8. Thank You Email for milestone completion

The brand’s success mainly depends upon its customer. Your customers deserve a thank you email whenever your company reaches a particular milestone. This gratitude email helps foster positive relationships between the company and its customers. This email should only be full of appreciation without including an offer or purchase incentive.


This email by FitBit is an excellent example of the company’s sheer gratitude towards its customers without including any CTA button.

9. Thanking customers for visiting your website

As a business, you must have an automated thank you email to set up for customers that visit your website but don’t complete a purchase. Such emails help improve conversions and act as a reminder for your potential customer. A special discount code can also accompany the email to prompt a successful purchase, just like this email by Guerrilla Tacos.


10. Thank You for the Email about payment completion

Most e-commerce sites now allow customers to make their payment after placing the order and before receiving the product through a special link. After the customer clicks on that link, a thank you email is sent to confirm the payment. Here’s a professional thank you email sample you can use to appreciate your customers for making payments earlier.


Tips For Designing A Thank You Email Template

Knowing about the different types of gratitude emails and designing a good thank you email template are two different things. As with any other email, these need to catch the customer’s attention instantly and help make their experience with your brand memorable. 

Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you design an excellent template for all the ten types of emails we’ve shared above:

1. Start with a catchy subject line like “Welcome to the Clan”, “Thank You for Your Order”, “Your Payment’s processed [customer name]”, etc.

2. Greet with a personalized message, preferably using the customer’s first name. Your email should conclude with a short and sweet sentence thanking the customer for whatever it is you are communicating with them.

3. Adding a special humane touch to your message is the only way you can make your customer feel special. It shouldn’t sound too blunt or robotic.

4. You can include images and unique graphics to make the email look catchy and worth reading.

5. Include specific details about why you are sending them the email. This could include order details, their feedback or referral details, a milestone accomplishment, availing of a special offer, or anything else. The message should be crisp and clear.

6. Always end the email with another Thank You, a CTA, and quick contact information.

A well-designed thank you email to customers is a great way to foster positive relations between your business and the customers. A personalized email helps build customer loyalty, shows your gratitude and appreciation, increases customer referrals, and helps them feel special, thus resulting in higher conversions. You should always test your thank you email template with a small audience before deciding what works best for your customers and automating the process. We hope the above examples and thank you email ideas will help you craft the best emails to appreciate your customers.


1. How do you make thank you emailers interesting?

You can start with a catchy subject line and a personalised greeting. Make sure that you write as if in a verbal conversation with someone, and include various design elements to make the email attractive. Lastly, you can include some statistics or amazing facts that make the customer proud of choosing your brand and prompt them to form a stronger bond with you.

2. How long should a Thank You email be?

A thank you email can be as long or short as you like. But make sure it conforms to your brand guidelines, is to the point, relays the message clearly, and gives sufficient CTA prompts to the customer. Typically, shorter emails with catchy design elements receive a better response than longer ones.

3. How to send automated thank you emails?

After creating a satisfactory thank you email template for your business, you can use email marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc., to send out specific emails to your customers depending on their activity and engagement with your brand.

4. When should you send a thank-you email?

You can send a thank you email after various stages of a customer’s journey like onboarding, purchase of a product, sharing a referral, providing feedback, an anniversary, etc. Just make sure that your emails don’t spam the recipient’s inbox.

5. What are the Benefits of sending thank you emails?

The top benefits of sending a personalized thank you email include building customer loyalty, better communication, improving trust, improved social media presence, and a great sales promotion tactic.