Email Marketing Strategy: How to Nail it in 2021

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Posted on 20/10/214 min read
Email Marketing Strategy: How to Nail it in 2021

Emails can make your customers up to date about your business innovations, offerings, and other activities.

Did you know that as many as 99% of email users check their email daily, and almost 58% of them check it the first thing in the morning, according to an Optimonster report? Thus, it is not surprising that businesses that have been using email marketing plans never stop using them due to their innumerable benefits. It is one such digital marketing strategy that has a great Return on Investment rate according to several studies. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the oldest and most compelling marketing format that has been continuously churning high conversion rates. It is a direct marketing channel that involves sending commercial messages to customers and subscribers to drive sales and build brand communities.

Email marketing plans commonly aims to accomplish three principal goals: 

  • Building trust
  • Building loyalty
  • Creating awareness

Why is Email Campaigning Crucial?

  • It facilitates monitoring the response and conversion rates, including bounce rates and rates of un-subscriptions.
  • It is a cost-effective marketing tool that helps reach customers in minimum time frames. 
  • It is a source that can increase opportunities for maximum conversions by creating a high level of awareness among consumers.

How Can You Nail Email Marketing Campaign Strategy Today?

Email users receive tons of emails every day in their inboxes. As many as 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day, says a Statista report. 

Thus, it is important that businesses are abreast with the latest email marketing trends and tips to boost sales and get customers to respond.

Here are some strategies that can elevate your click rates in 2021:

1. Email segmentation

Like market segmentation, email segmentation is related to grouping your subscribers or audiences. These group formations require determining audiences’ features and expectations from the brand. Then, recipients who possess similar traits get selected for a particular email list.

With email segmentation, your message will be in the right hands to make it valuable to read.


You can segment your list under the following heads:

  • Newsletters subscribers
  • Interest groups
  • Periodic email list (Daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Demographic features

2. Mobile friendly

Traditionally, desktops were a common device for checking emails, but with the onset of mobile phones and their highly advanced features, they have become the most common mode of communication.


A mobile-friendly email ensures that recipients can check out the email comfortably on small displays. Such emails do not require the audiences to zoom in to read the email content and allow easy navigation.

The email inbox on a mobile contains three major heads that help create the first impression and eventually decide if the recipient will view your mail or not. Have a look at them below: 


3. Subject line

Creating an attractive subject line is one of the critical email marketing tips. Your email’s subject line is more significant than the mail body.

Audiences receive hundreds of emails every day, and usually, most are left unopened.

The chances of your email getting ignored are very high. Thus, creating compelling email subject lines is crucial to make viewers open your email.


4. Preheader

Email preheader is the text summary that appears below the subject line. It gives receivers an idea about what is inside the mail.

Pre-headers should be attractive and catch the attention of clients. 

The subject line and preheader should work together to increase the interest level in viewing the email.

It is important to remember that you may set a preheader text limit based on various email providers. Ideally, keep it short, simple, catchy, and precise.


5. Spam mailing

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are continuously waging a war against spam and email marketers who suffer as collaterals are the biggest losers in this case. 

If you are into email marketing, you may be under constant pressure to avoid spam-triggering words and spam traps.

To avoid spamming, you need to communicate brand values, regularly refresh your email list, avoid spam-triggering words and false promises. 

Some spam words include: 


6. Personalization

Personalizing is crucial to make your emails stand out. It enables recipients to feel that senders value them, and this ultimately helps in improving Click-Through Rates (CTR) and conversions.

According to Dynamic Yield Research, 71% of consumers believe that personalized email experience influences their decision to interact with businesses through emails.

7. CTAs

CTAs are prompting buttons or links that invite readers to take immediate action. If you expect your mails to be different from your competitors, adding strong and relevant CTAs is amongst the most effective email marketing tips.

To make your email powerful, follow these three compelling steps to improve conversions:  

  • Define the purpose
  • Craft an engaging and honest copy 
  • Design a strong  CTA

Most marketers draft an email body explaining the features of their brand and then display a CTA button saying ‘Shop Now’.

Will this work? The answer is NEVER.

Think about the actions people take and keep questioning yourself how. Do not forget to inform the differentiated values of your offering that your audiences will not find elsewhere when designing CTAs.

Have a look at the below example:


8. Follow-ups

Emails consisting of all attributes like personalization, social proofing, CTAs, catchy headings, etc., have greater conversions. 

Due to overloaded inboxes, identical emailing strategies have failed to evoke the same response from receivers. So now, you can’t really understand the perfectly right time of sending the email to everyone on the list.

There may be times that your potential customers are busy doing other work. As a result, they forgot to take immediate action on your mail.

To avoid such unfortunate events, you should ensure timely follow-ups. These can be thanking notes, revert mails and also send gentle reminders that should not seem annoying. 


9. A/B testing

A/B testing in email marketing refers to the split tests. Therefore, marketers should not stick to specific email drafts. 

You will be amazed to see that the response of the recipients differs in two varied emails.

The motive of doing so is to find out what attracts the recipients more and what could be enhanced in the emails to increase the click-through rates.


Final Words

Businesses need to keep refining their marketing strategies in the current unpredictable, challenging, and competitive environment.

Use these email marketing tips and amalgamate marketers’ voices with the brand voice to develop excellent email content.


1. What are the best email marketing strategies in 2021?

The best effective email marketing strategies in 2021 include: 
1. Come up with awesome subject lines
2. Add personalization in your emails 
3. Keep the message short and add visuals
4. Optimize your CTAs
5. Write compelling preview text
6. Always follow up, but never spam
7. Always have mobile-friendly Emails

2. Does email marketing work in 2021?

When done correctly, email marketing definitely works in 2021 as well. It can be a very effective mode to communicate with your customers. Email marketing plans are a must for almost all types of small businesses.

3. How do you create a marketing strategy in 2021?

Here are few steps to create a successful email marketing strategy in 2021:
1. Review the year
2. Review your target audience
3. Reestablish your goals
4. Come up with ways to achieve your goals
5. Look again into your time and resources

4. What is effective email marketing?

An effective email marketing campaign is one that is suitable for multiple devices that users use to read emails like PC, tablets, and mobile phones. 

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