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Why You Should Hire Professional Content Writing Services in 2021

Team Pepper
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Posted on 27/05/219 min read
Why You Should Hire Professional Content Writing Services in 2021

Almost 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. A great piece of content can help elevate your brand image, communicate with your audience, and keep them engaged.

Almost 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. A great piece of content can help elevate your brand image, communicate with your audience, and keep them engaged.

The importance of hiring a content writing agency was never felt as strongly before as it is being felt now. The emergence of such service began when the content industry started to grow since the inception of the World Wide Web. The need and popularity of content have reached new heights, with every business and individual embracing content to aid their growth. 

In fact, today, almost 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day, says an eMarketer report. A great piece of content can help elevate your brand image, communicate with your audience, and keep them engaged. Simply put, good content adds a human touch to marketing and is a useful tool to attract your audience. Generally, you have three options when it comes to churning out fresh and relevant content. You can write the content yourself, get a freelancer, or hire a content writing agency

In this article, we will walk you through the basics of content creation and highlight why hiring a content writing agency can help you better in the long run. 

What is Content and How Does One Go About Creating it?

Content can be anything. Right from a video script to your Instagram reel and the blogs you read to your social media captions, content comes in all sizes and formats. Content writing is the art of curating content for specific needs, such as blog posts, social media, and more. 

A good piece of content is when a reader becomes so engrossed in what’s written that he almost becomes compelled to finish it. Therefore, the first step to ensuring your content achieves its goal is to craft it really well because your user’s attention span is approximately about 8 seconds, says a recent Microsoft study. 

Types of Content

– Articles and blogs 

Blogs and articles can be informative pieces of content that are written to enhance the value of your website, and as seen in the image, there are many of them. Blogs can help you strengthen your SEO and give your website a great personality. Having strong and well-written blogs also builds brand awareness. A blog or an article can be anywhere between 400 words to 3000 words. 

– Social Media  

Content on social media is consumed instantly. But social media should always be viewed as a completely different type of content, so the approach here should be different. Nobody is looking for lengthy articles here. It should be short, crisp, and to the point. You can also add a bit of humor and pack it well with attractive graphics. Create content that has an impact so you can create awareness. As seen in the image, people use social media to know what a brand is all about before making a purchase. So use the platform and make the most of it.

– Advertising and sales copy 

From copies to video scripts, writing for advertising has several sides, but the main agenda here is to sell your product or service and gain more followers. 

– E-books and whitepapers 

E-books and whitepapers are long-form content types that can provide extensive knowledge about a particular subject, topic, product, and more. 

– News writing 

As the name suggests, journalistic writing or writing about current affairs is considered to be news writing. Here, you convey information to the audience in simple language with crisp writing. 

Content Writing Services vs. Freelancers vs. Writing Your Content

Let’s understand the basic difference between hiring a content agency, freelancer, or producing your own content. 

1. Writing your own content 

Writing your own content comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is very obvious, which is that writing your own content is cost-effective. Content services aren’t cheap, and you end up saving a substantial chunk monthly. Also, since you are familiar with your brand inside and out, who is better than you to write your own content? But, this is where the advantages end. 

Writing, as with any other skill, comes with years of practice. And, if writing isn’t your strong point, you might be biting off more than you can chew. The second disadvantage is the time you spend. In any business, you don’t have the luxury to waste any time, and content will borrow a lot of it. 

2. Freelancers 

Freelance writers are easily available, and you will also find someone who can work at a cheaper rate. They are also flexible with timings. A seasoned freelancer can write whatever it is that you are looking for. However, reliability can be an issue here since they are not bound by any contract. Also, the selection process can get time-consuming because testing freelancers is important before hiring them. 

3. Content writing agencies 

One of the major advantages of working with a content agency is that you don’t have to involve yourself in the hassles of looking for a writer. The agency will have a team in place, and all you have to do is inform them about your requirement. When you have an agency on board, you can easily concentrate on growing your business without worrying about the content. They also have an edge in writing various different types of content

Hiring a content agency comes with more advantages that will prove beneficial for you. Read ahead to know all about them.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hiring Content Writing Services

A content agency offers full-stack services that are helpful. You receive everything from basic content services to SEO and social media. Agencies devise tailor-made plans for your growth so that you can concentrate on your business. 

One of the disadvantages can be the cost, but the right agency will justify this with results. 


20 Reasons to Hire a Content Writing Agency

1. Access to high-quality content

When you hire a good content writing service, there is a guarantee of high quality. Today, the competition is so tough amongst agencies that everyone is looking to make their mark, even the most seasoned agencies. So, quality is something that you will definitely receive. Unlike amateur freelancers, you usually get what you ask for. 

Also, agencies have a host of writers, so if one writer’s style doesn’t suit you, you can always switch within the agency instead of restarting the hiring process.

2. Consistent content supply

Partnering with a content writing agency means you have access to content regularly. Let’s say you choose to do your writing; the time constraints can sometimes forbid you from creating content every day. And when you are new to content generation, you need to post regularly to make sure your brand becomes visible. So, when you hire a content agency, posting content regularly is a given. Also, they prepare themselves well in advance. 

3. Systematic approach 

Having a content agency by your side means you gain a systematic approach. Right from having content calendars that will help you keep track of all the work done, you also get to review everything before it is posted on the platform. Any feedback you give will be followed, and last-minute hassles will not disrupt your content flow. 

4. Full-stack services 

Having a content writing service means it will offer you more than just content. Even a basic content agency has graphic designers, SEO executives, social media managers, and others. This helps you become stress-free when it comes to anything and everything related to content. From designing your posters to helping you rank, you are all sorted. 

Now just imagine, if you are hiring freelancers, you need to hire people for each segment, and sometimes the coordination and the management of the team can mean that you aren’t able to concentrate fully on your business. 

5. Cost-effective method 

One of the biggest advantages of having an agency is that it is cost-effective. How? Let’s say you hire in-house staff; you have to pay extra for employee benefits, office space, and more. And if you are hiring freelancers, you will need to assign someone to manage and communicate with them. That’s an additional cost. However, with an agency, you only pay for the services, which is decided before you get onboard. There are no hidden charges or monthly bonuses involved that increase the cost factor. 

6. Better search engine ranking 

Discovering the right keywords and strategically using them is a practice content writing agencies usually always follow. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Using the right keywords in the content to optimize web content, SEO services are extensive and useful to ensure your brand gains the necessary visibility. Ranking on top in search engines is very beneficial as it helps build credibility and trust among your audience.

7. Building of brand value 

A content agency provides content for a plethora of niches. They know what type of content goes where what tone of voice must be used, etc. The content is also overseen by an SEO executive, an editor, a team leader, and others to make sure it is perfect. 

8. Reliability quotient 

Content agencies are more professional and rightly so because they too run a business. They are thus more accountable and always put their best foot forward. In today’s era, managing a reputation is difficult as a tiny error can become big news on social media. So, a sense of reliability is always present. But to make sure you are hiring the right team, you can always take a look at their reviews, client list, case studies, etc.  

9. Hassle-free approach to content creation

When you hire an agency, all you are required to do is share your expertise on the brand and review the content before they publish it. Everything else is taken care of by the agency. As seen in the image below, undertaking content writing on your own can lead to many challenges. 


10. Service of a dedicated writer 

Hiring an agency means you have a dedicated writer to help you out with content. Right from understanding what it is that you are exactly looking for to ensuring the content is on point, this writer isn’t influenced by your business or brand. For example, freelancers generally charge on the basis of the size of your business. But an agency writer is already getting paid by the agency. So, the word count or the size of your business, or the number of posts doesn’t matter. It’s just their regular job; something they are extremely good at. 

11. Dependable content 

A lot of content doing rounds today is fake. Such content is an effort to either increase traffic or the payment of the writer. Every piece of content goes through several rounds for approval at a content agency, making it far more dependable. 

12. Availability of a pool of writers 

Another benefit of using professional services is that you have a pool of writers to choose from, and you aren’t dependent on one single individual. Let’s say a freelancer helps you out with your content requirements. But suddenly, they fall sick or, due to any reason, they are unable to work on your project, your business experiences setbacks in the content department. But, when you work for an agency, there are many writers to get a thorough job done. So, you don’t have to worry. 

13. Constant Supply of fresh ideas 

When you start writing regularly, it is easy to run out of ideas, and staleness takes place. Because writing becomes a one-man’s job, so, it gets difficult to brainstorm on your own. But when you hire a content writing agency, a team is in place to develop new ideas. They discuss, analyze, and research using suitable tools to ensure there is no shortage of fresh and new ideas. 

14. Low response time 

One way to ensure that your audience is happy with you is to respond to their comments, queries, and more. Now, doing it all your own gets difficult. You might not have the necessary time, and that’s where the agency comes in. They will help you write replies, mails, curate newsletters, do anything and everything associated with writing. 

15. Existing content update

Hiring an agency means they will not only work on new content but will also help revamp the existing ones. Maybe it needs keyword optimization or improvement in the language; an agency will do it all. So, whatever efforts you have wasted on old content, even if it is something that’s not doing very well, will be enhanced to suit your audience’s liking. And it is important to keep updating your content from an SEO perspective as well. 

16. Scalability of content 

As a business, you will keep growing, which means your content requirements will also grow. If you hire an individual, you will have to hire more people down the line, which, to be honest, isn’t an easy process. But that’s not the case with a professional content agency. They will easily be able to undertake your growing needs and do a thorough job. Inversely, if your content needs to go down, you down have to get rid of an employee or fire someone, you can simply let the agency know, and that’s it. 

17. Presence on multiple platforms

One of the best ways to be visible today is to make use of social media platforms. You can easily be on almost every platform as you don’t have to worry about content. 

18. Increase in brand awareness

One of the advantages of hiring a content agency is that they know the market in and out. They are well-versed with what kind of content does well and where it can be posted to gain more traction. From guest blogging to influencer-generated content, having a content agency will ensure your brand becomes more recognizable. 

19. Higher conversion rate 

What guarantees conversion rates? Well, a good piece of content! So, when you are hiring an agency, you already have access to high-quality content, which also ranks higher on search engines. And this aids conversion rates. 

20. Help with email marketing 

Did you know that 81% of small businesses use email as their main source of customer acquisition, and 80% use it for retaining them? So, the point is, even today, email marketing works very well. And your content writing agency can help you curate the best newsletters and email marketing campaigns to get you going. 

Hiring an agency means you directly work with professionals who are experts in their fields. So, when you communicate with them regularly, you get to learn a lot, which is always helpful as you too can come up with ideas to aid business growth. 

Our Last Thoughts

Writing content consistently and swiftly is a taxing skill. It takes a lot of practice to get to the point where writing new content every day comes naturally. Businesses do not necessarily have to invest the time and energy to acquire this skill when lots of content writing agencies have accumulated creative and talented writers under their belt. Outsource and focus on growth. With an agency, you wouldn’t need to break a sweat.


1. What is content writing?

In digital marketing, content writing is planning, creating, and editing all web content types. 

2. How do I become a content writer?

A few effective strategies and skills to adapt to ace as a content writer include strong adaptation and research skills, originality and creativity, as well as an understanding of SEO and social media, among other things.

3. Why use content writing services?

Hiring a content writing service helps produce high-quality content by developing a plan and creating impactful stories that build the perfect connection between your target audience and your brand. 

4. Which US companies offer content writing services?

Some of the companies in the US that offer professional content writing services include Verblio, Scripted, Text Master and Media Shower, amongst others. 

5. Best content writing agencies in India?

Some of the most renowned professional content writing firms in India that hire an array of excellent full-time and freelance writers and editors include Content Whale, Pepper Content, ContentWriter.in, etc. 

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