8 Best Content Writing Services in 2021
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8 Best Content Writing Services in 2021

Today, most consumers prefer learning about a particular service or product through a well-written story rather than through a random banner ad or pop-up. Audiences are now seeking authenticity from relatable brands, and that’s the reason it’s important to develop content that relates to your audience.

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May-17,-2021 3 min read
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Today, more businesses and brands are looking to hire content writing services to take care of their content marketing needs. Content marketing is an effective way of increasing traffic and attracting leads. Nearly 40% of marketers say that content marketing is an essential part of their overall marketing strategy.

So, what makes content marketing popular? Today, most consumers prefer learning about a particular service or product through a well-written story rather than through a random banner ad or pop-up. Audiences are now seeking authenticity from relatable brands, and that’s the reason it’s important to develop content that relates to your audience. There are many different ways, like blog, article, social media posts, e-books, etc., to speak to your audience.

Though this may sound relatively simple, the reality is that most businesses struggle with producing exciting and engaging content that draws an audience. Hence, they need to have a partner to help with their content writing and marketing strategies. 

Hiring a professional content writing service to produce high-quality content is vital in the long run. By developing a plan and creating impactful stories, content writing services can help build a perfect relationship between your target audience and your brand.

If you’re looking to hire a professional content writing agency to take care of your content needs, here are the eight best services that you can opt for: 

1. ContentGrow

ContentGrow is one of the best options if you’re looking for an agency with a professional writing style. It’s an excellent content writing service if you want to save time and money. The company offers a range of different kinds of content like articles, blogs, and website content. The team at ContentGrow matches the right talent with every assignment and project so that you can concentrate on other vital parts of your business.

There is no subscription fee, and payments between clients and freelance writers are facilitated without any hassle. ContentGrow takes a small commission only when the job is done.  

2. Text Mercato

This is an Indian content writing company that was launched in 2015. Text Mercato is run by a team of experienced professionals. It has been delivering its services to leading brands across fashion, travel, retail, and realty sectors for the past eight years. All articles are priced at Rs 1 per word. And the company ensures unique quality content with integrated plagiarism checks done for every content piece. 

3. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a well-established content writing service provider that ensures quality content for every brand. You can get premium, ready-to-publish content written for your business from a thoroughly curated network of writers. Some of the content services offered include blogs, copywriting services, social media content writing, website content writing, product descriptions, and complete book-writing services, all under one roof. Pepper has a fully managed network of 30,000+ creators across 200+ business categories.

You can also hire Pepper Content for graphic design work. Moreover, with Pepper Content, you can tap into global and local markets with high-quality vernacular content in 45+ languages. 

4. Write Right

Write Right is another Indian content writing service company that Clutch and Good Firms has ranked as one of the best content writing agencies in India and overseas. Creativity is their primary niche. Offering a wide range of services like ghostwriting, blog writing, social media writing, and website writing, you can order any type of content at a minimal cost. When it comes to quality, Write Right ensures that they deliver top-notch content and nothing less. 

 5. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is a subsidiary company of Write Right. The team consists of young but experienced content writers who provide consistent, superior quality work. The company has assisted young professionals and students by helping them with their LORs, SOPs, and resumes. Some of their content categories cover the automotive industry, education industry, entertainment, fashion, health, sports, and fitness industry. 

6. SEMrush Content Marketplace

SEMrush Content Marketplace is a popular content marketing company that provides different content types like product descriptions, articles, press releases, website copies, email newsletters, ebooks, and stocked media. It’s a great place to order relevant, well-researched, and professionally written content for your website or blogs.

7. Content Whale

Content Whale is another excellent content writing service company that focuses on providing its clients with high-quality content. The company offers a wide range of content writing services like website content, blog writing, technical writing, product descriptions, copywriting, and much more. It has a team of 20 editors and 100 writers who produce around 50,000 words per day. With more than 200 clients from 15+ countries, Content Whale is also considered one the best writing agencies in India at the moment. 

8. Marketing Bunnies

This content writing and SEO service company in India offers best-in-class support with flexible payment options. If you’re looking for content for your blogs, website, or marketing campaigns, this is a great company to work with. Right from developing flawless content to publishing your entire website, the company takes care of it all.

With a team of experts, the writers ensure that each piece is well-researched, relevant, and checked for plagiarism before delivery. So, whether you require a blog post or engaging website content to attract your audience, the team can help you right away. Check out Marketing Bunnies for all your content needs and stand out from the crowd.


Professional content writing providers know exactly how to get your audience’s attention with engaging and exciting content. If you’ve just started your business and do not know how to go ahead with your content marketing strategies, partnering with professional content writing services is a good idea. Another advantage of hiring a content service provider for your content needs is that it gives you the freedom to concentrate on other essential parts of your business. When you work with a content writing agency, they help you transform your brand message into an exciting narrative that, in turn, can help your business succeed. 

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