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25 Freelancers to Follow on Twitter for Daily Inspiration

Team Pepper
Posted on 3/03/227 min read
25 Freelancers to Follow on Twitter for Daily Inspiration

Table of Contents

  1. Who are Freelancers and Why Should You Follow Them?
  2. 25 Freelancers to Follow on Twitter
  3. Key Takeaways
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

You’ve probably heard that Twitter is a great way to connect with industry leaders and potential clients. But, its usefulness doesn’t stop there. As the platform has grown, so has the range of topics covered by its users. As a result, Twitter accounts are one of the most efficient ways to consume every subject of the news: international, political, cultural, etc.

Apart from this, it would help if you had a little more professional advice every once in a while especially if you had the right Twitter accounts to follow.

When it comes to freelancers, we all know the basics of what it takes to be successful:

  • Work on your time management skills.
  • Develop a good working relationship with your clients.
  • Create a consistent writing style.

But as time goes on, certain areas of your freelance career can start to feel like they could use a little more tweak. Maybe you’re struggling to find new clients or wondering how you can better serve the ones you have, or even if you want to kickstart your freelancing career.

That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve rounded up the best Twitter accounts to follow for freelancers looking for advice and inspiration on how to be more productive and effective in their work.


But before any of this, let us understand briefly what a freelancer is. 

Who are Freelancers and Why You Should Follow Them?

Freelancers are people who are self-employed and don’t work for anyone else. Freelancing is a great career option to live life on your terms. You can choose the time, place, and project you want to work on without being answerable to anyone.

While freelancing has its benefits, it’s also a risky business. It isn’t easy and can also be very very stressful. But, if you are ready to take up the risk, freelancing can be rewarding in more ways than one. And such risks can be eliminated and revenue can get higher if you’re under the right person’s mentorship.


For that reason, here’s a list of 25 awesome and successful accounts of freelancers to follow on Twitter today for daily inspiration.

25 Best Freelance Accounts to Follow on Twitter for Daily Inspiration

1. Writethismoment

You can get daily motivational quotes to fuel your freelance journey and they also post freelance gigs opportunities that you can take up.

2. FreelanceWJ

This is more like a free marketplace. It posts daily job opportunities for a freelancer to choose and pick from. Moreover, if you’re already settled with well-paying clients then this Twitter account can also help you with productivity tips and enhance your freelancing career too.

3. FreelancerSU

As a freelancer, you can earn much more than that from a job. And to manage such expenses all on your own can be tricky, but that’s why following FreelancerSU on Twitter can prove beneficial for you. It helps freelancers to manage their taxes, financial aid, and revenue.

4. Sara Horowitz

The previous Twitter account that helps you manage your financials in freelancing, another great account to follow is that of Sara Horowitz, the founder of FreelancerSU. She offers excellent freelancing advice, tips and tricks, hacks, and whatnot. She can be your go-to woman to enter or scale your freelancing biz.

5. Abdullahi Muhammad

He is a pro in the content industry. He’s a writer plus consultant and helps people find gigs or grow their freelancing businesses. He loves to help people find their passion and give them the best advice to grow their freelancing careers.

6. Carol Tice

It’s not uncommon that freelancers face a lot of exploitation and Carol Tice knows very well how to take care of that. She ensures that freelancers stay away from such exploitations by teaching them better ways to deal with them. In addition, she helps them earn what they deserve and identify who they should not work with.

7. Entrepreneur Magazine

This magazine Twitter account is exactly what a freelancer needs to manage multiple projects and work efficiently. Entrepreneur magazine is one of the finest Twitter accounts that help freelancers by giving tips and tricks on handling multiple projects.

8. Freelance Folder

As freelancers, all you have is you by your side to work, manage and enhance your business. But, having an equally supportive community makes it easy to do your business. That’s what the Freelance Folder gives you. A robust community to support and nurture your freelance journey.

9. Freelancers Union

Suppose you’re kickstarting your freelancing business and are unsure about how to start, what services should be offered, and at what rates, following Freelancers Union on Twitter is your is the best way to find answers to all these questions.

10. Fundbox

As a freelancer, you are your manager, accountant, and founder. Hence, you need to prepare your invoices, keep track of funds, and manage expenses. The Fundbox Twitter account shares easy and actionable steps to make this happen.

11. Homeworking Club

This is one of the legitimate sources for freelancers. It offers tips right from starting your freelancing business to scaling it, how to make more money, find the right clients, find your tribe, and mentors.

12. Problogger

This Twitter account posts value information throughout the day to build freelancing careers. It also helps you get organic reach and build your website and increase its growth.

13. Freelance Advice

It’s owned by an accounting firm that caters primarily to freelancers. It revolves around the freelancer’s life and its experiences related to funds and financials.

14. Katie Lane

Katie Lane is an advocate for the rights of freelancers. She works hard to provide freelancers with the platform and price they deserve. In addition, she posts tweets that stand in favor of freelancers and help them protect themselves from fraud.

15. Melinda Emerson

Even if you have one client, you should treat freelancing as a business and own it. That’s what Melinda believes in and tries to convey through her tweets. She’s a strong believer in treating freelancing as a normal business and nothing else.

16. Kirstythewriter

She’s an excellent writer and shares amazing tweets on how she overcame her struggle days so that you can get inspiration and never stop working for what you want. She also shares her failure stories and some amazing content creation tools.

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17. Writetodone

Just grabbing knowledge about an industry won’t make you big, but implementing the knowledge will. And that’s what makes Writetodone unique. It includes activities and exercises for upcoming writers and freelancers to enhance their skills.

18. Thewritelife

Thewritelife is all about industry updates. It tweets about all that is going on in the industry, evergrowing niches to write on, the market for freelance writing, productivity tips for writers, and some amazing hacks to work better.

19. Khoi

Khoi is the mastermind of designing and UX. This Twitter account tweets about upcoming job opportunities, tips to design better, free tools to learn to design, and effective ways to design.

20. Tice Writes

Tice Writes is all about promoting freelancers and their passion. She tweets about almost everything related to freelancing and tips to make it a wealthy business. If you’re struggling to find more clients or scale your business, she’s here to help.

21. Suitcasepreneur

Natalie Sisson, the founder of the Twitter account Suitcasepreneur, is a traveler and freelancer who has been living five years of her life traveling with a suitcase only. She teaches important tactics about freelancing and marketing and how one can live their lives traveling all the time as well.

22. Grammar Girl

Not everybody can be perfect with their grammar, but that’s all right. Grammar girl posts tweets all day related to grammar mistakes that a freelancer can make. She also posts fun activities to correct grammar.

23. Scrivenercoach

Scrivenercoach is your one-stop Twitter destination to learn storytelling. Storytelling is important in any type of business and freelancing business as well. It teaches certain tricks to build up storytelling.

24. J.T. O’Donnell

This Twitter account has recently started posting about job openings for freelancers. It earlier used to post job opportunities for professionals, but now it has widened its domain and given opportunities to freelancers too.

25. Janet Attard

Janet Attard believes that freelancing can be huge and beneficial to professionals if done properly. This is why she continuously tweets related to the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Freelancers work on their own and that’s why having a community and mentors can be extremely beneficial. 
  • Other than Twitter, LinkedIn is another great social media platform to find and follow freelancers for inspiration.
  • Make sure you are following the Twitter account of a freelance professional that is in the same industry as you.
  • Freelancing isn’t an easy job so find and use all the resources available online to have a steady and successful freelance career.


At a time when so many people are suffering from “news fatigue” and avoiding the headlines, Twitter is a great way to get a quick snapshot of what’s happening in the world.

Sure, you can use Twitter as an extension of your brand or as a way to consume only news that pertains to you. But it’s also a great place if you’re seeking inspiration. We hope that our list of 25 best freelancer accounts to follow on Twitter helps you get inspired.


1. Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are people who work on their terms on a project basis and do not work under someone else.

2. Why should freelancers use Twitter?

Twitter is a wide space for every freelancer as they can learn and scale their freelancing business through it.

3. Why should you follow freelancers on Twitter?

All the top-notch freelancers mentioned above not only provide you with ways to earn money and be independent and mentally strong by inspiring you.

4. What topics do the best accounts on Twitter cover?

Best accounts on Twitter cover everything from starting your freelancing business to multiplying the skills and income.

5. What are the major advantages of following these Twitter accounts?

Major benefits of following these Twitter accounts are-  
Enhances your skills
Gives a deep understanding of the industry
Scaling your business
Learning new skills
Practicing current skills