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11 Resources For Designers to Find Freelance Jobs Online

Team Pepper
Posted on 22/08/225 min read
11 Resources For Designers to Find Freelance Jobs Online
Finding freelance jobs online doesn’t have to be complicated. You must sign up on a good freelance website and build your design profile to get started.


Running a freelance design business is not easy. Not only do you have to work hard to deliver exceptional designs for your clients, but you also have to put in as much hard work finding those clients. And finding a decent client and a well-paying work opportunity may be difficult, especially for beginners.


Fortunately, plenty of portals help designers look for freelance jobs online. These job portals are pretty effective and don’t require you to cold call every client and explain to them about your services.


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All you need to do is browse through the many job opportunities posted by global clients and apply for the one that interests you. Sounds good, right?


This blog will provide you with a list of the top 11 websites that offer designers freelance jobs online. You can select as many websites to sign up for and build a portfolio of your best projects to get started.


11 Essential Resources to Find Designer Freelance Jobs Online

1. FlexJobs

One of the very first freelance websites, FlexJobs is a great platform to score remote and flexible work projects online. You can find thousands of freelance, full-time, and part-time jobs in broad categories like training, education, journalism, design, and writing.





FlexJobs is a reputed platform that ensures that every job listed on the platform is legitimate. The company verifies all work opportunities and filters out any suspicious or fake companies. The users can choose from four subscription plans, each of which includes a personalized work portfolio, free skills testing, and career advice.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another renowned freelancing website offering many freelance jobs online. The website provides a range of categories, from web design and IT translation to software development and consulting.




Creating a profile on Upwork is totally free. You can upload your rates, work samples, case studies, resume, etc., to attract clients. Once you score a client through the platform, you will use it to conduct any further communication with them, send an invoice, track working hours, and even receive your compensation.

3. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is India’s biggest content community that offers freelancers in written content, design, and language opportunities to work with some of the biggest names across industries.



The company matches quality design projects with individual designers’ styles across industries and verticals.

4. Freelancer

If you are looking for freelance jobs online for beginners, Freelancer is a pretty good platform. Extremely user-friendly, it claims to be one of the safest and simplest ways to get work online.


Once you sign up as a freelance designer, you can share all about your work experience, skills, and educational qualifications. Apart from design job opportunities, the platform runs frequent contests that enable freelancers to earn a quick buck off the website.

5. Toptal

Toptal is another freelance website offering several freelance jobs online. The platform connects highly-qualified freelancers with business owners from across the globe. From web designers and developers to product managers and marketing consultants, Toptal works with an extensive range of freelancers.




It is crucial to note that applying to Toptal is slightly more tedious than other websites. It requires freelancers to successfully clear five stages of the screening procedure before getting a profile on Toptal.

6. Dribbble

Dribbble is among the most popular platforms for creative designers to connect and interact with other designers. It is a great platform for finding online freelance jobs for students, who can use it to build their portfolios and even promote their services.




Creating a comprehensive portfolio on Dribbble increases your likelihood of getting hired. And you can create a portfolio simply by signing up and uploading all your design projects. Additionally, Dribbble’s premium version lists several freelance job opportunities in UI/UX design, content creation, etc.

7. 99Designs

For freelance jobs online, 99Designs offers a plethora of options. The freelance platform is specifically designed to help businesses and designers collaborate. From book cover and logo designing to designing for clothing and merchandise, you can choose from various projects.




Once you sign up, you can build your profile and portfolio. The service team of 99Designs will evaluate your application and determine your designer level. The more experienced you become, the more visibility you will receive on the platform.


8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelance website that enables companies to find freelancers by the project or by the hour. The platform has millions of freelancers from various industries such as marketing, journalism, public relations, etc.


The platform allows freelancers to create an account for free. However, moderators review each application before approving it. Once a profile is approved, freelancers can look for jobs in their chosen categories. Everything from sending offers to raising invoices can be done from within the dashboard itself.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best professional platforms that offer an excellent opportunity to network and find jobs in different fields. It is a great place for freelance jobs online for beginners as they can just create a profile and get started. But make sure to make your profile as comprehensive as possible for the best outcomes.





Adding new posts regularly can also give your profile the desired exposure. You can discuss your field, describe your expertise, and even attach your work portfolio. The LinkedIn job postings section is a great way to come across good freelance opportunities.

10. Fiverr

Fiverr connects freelancers with business owners looking for professional services for their projects. The freelance website makes it easy for businesses and freelancers to interact with one another.




On Fiverr, freelancers are known as sellers, business owners are known as buyers, and freelance services are called gigs. Whenever a buyer books a gig, the platform automatically charges their account and puts the money on hold.

11. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is an excellent platform for searching for freelance jobs online. The website is specifically designed for creative artists looking for senior-level design jobs in different fields. Apart from design jobs, you can also find work opportunities for frontend and backend developers and UI/UX pros.


Once you sign up for the website, you can use their filters to search for different design jobs or even subscribe to their newsletter for regular notifications.

To Summarize

This is our quick roundup of the best websites for designers to find freelance jobs online. You can check them out and identify the one that works best for you. Most websites only require you to sign up and create a profile. And once you do that, finding new clients will become a cakewalk.

Make sure to check how every freelance website operates before creating an account. Consider the workflow, service fee, and payment withdrawal method before making a decision.


1. How can I start freelance work as a beginner?

Get the necessary equipment.
● Find a good and marketable skill.
● Create a portfolio
● Build your reputation
● Try part-time freelancing
● Identify the right freelance platform
● Start selling and charging right

2. How can I get freelance work online?

There are plenty of freelance websites that list lucrative job openings in different fields. The best ones include LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, Dribble, 99Designs, FlexJobs, People Per Hour, and more.

3. What are the top online freelance jobs?

There are many online freelance jobs that you can take up, depending on your area of expertise. This includes web designer, content writer, graphic designer, social media manager, editor, online tutor, virtual assistant, financial consultant, etc.

4. How much can I earn from freelancing?

Although the exact amount depends on your level of service, beginner freelancers can easily earn between INR 10,000 and INR 30,000 per month. Experienced freelancers, on the other hand, can easily earn up to INR 80,000.

● Try part-time freelancing