50 Digital Marketing Benefits Every Marketer Should Know About

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Posted on 28/12/2115 min read
50 Digital Marketing Benefits Every Marketer Should Know About

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Digital Marketing?  
  • Why Digital Marketing Is A Must In Growing Businesses
  • 50 Best Things About Digital Marketing
  • Digital Trends You Should Not Ignore: Keep These At The Top Of Your Mind
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Brand-to-customer communication has evolved as digital marketing has come of age. Disruptive digital technologies like email, social media, and mobile phones are transforming the digital marketing landscape. Newer methods of brand communication are making customers part of the brand narrative.  

The digital marketing benefits are many. This article seeks to examine the nature of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

  • Digital marketing is marketing that uses electronic (digital) devices.
  • Because it is marketing, it is promotional in nature.
  • A key feature of digital marketing is its measurability throughout the customer journey.
  • Practically speaking, marketing campaigns that hit tablets, phones, and computers are called digital marketing campaigns.
  • The form digital marketing takes includes social media ads, email marketing, paid ads, SEM, online video, and website placements. Integration of diverse ad channels in one strategy is part of the digital marketing advantage.
  • Traditional advertising on the other hand includes magazine and newspaper ads billboards, direct mail, and television.
  • Digital marketing is also called online marketing.
  • It involves brand promotion and customer connection using digital media.
  • In simple words, a marketing campaign that uses digital technology to communicate is called digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is a Must in Growing Businesses

Digital marketing is a must for growing your business and is an essential part of startups and growing businesses. The reasons are:

  • The pan-global reach
  • The high ROI
  • Targeted nature of the marketing
  • The high year-on-year growth

Most of the planet is on the internet. To survive in the digital world businesses of every kind need to embrace digital marketing and make it a part of their business strategy.

50 Best Things About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing the way we look at client relationships. Some of the elements of digital marketing ask for deeper understanding. These are the technologies that are disrupting the marketing landscape. Let’s look at 50 of the best things about digital marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence: Machines Who Can Think Give You The Digital Marketing Advantage

AI is here. And it is fast shaping the landscape of the digital world. The wedlock between AI and digital marketing has happened. Multiple businesses and brands have adopted it. 

Chatbots are personalizing client interactions optimally and efficiently. They answer client questions (arguably) as well as a human representative. They belt out answers faster than clients can question.

Similarly, newsletters that enhance brand goodwill are created and organized using AI.

2. The Power of Micro-Moments

The rise of efficient micro-moment marketing has begun. You have just a few moments to clinch the sale in today’s time-bound world. And micro-moment marketing is just this – using the moment effectively and efficiently to convince and conquer.

3. Voice Search: Advanced Computing at its Finest

With rapid advances in technology, 30% of searches on search engines are voice searches. Services like Alexa, Siri, and Corona are expected to boom in the coming decade. 

Ensure your business is tuned to voice searches on the internet to experience one of the finest digital marketing benefits.

4. Authenticity In Digital Marketing Gives You The Digital Marketing Benefits You Deserve

Among the best things about digital marketing is that it rewards honesty and authenticity. Shady deals, products, and companies can be smelled from a mile in today’s online world.

Review sites, bloggers, and even affiliate marketers are on the top of the game of rewarding quality and service and rooting out scams.

5. Social Media Marketing: Where Influence and Value Sells

The best digital marketing strategies have used social media to leverage influence and offer value. 

Social media marketing platforms offer cutting-edge digital marketing advantages. 

To see real success in the form of cash and conversions, master social media marketing. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram should be your second home.

6. Augmented and Virtual Reality: Technology Game Changers

Augmented and virtual reality are rising stars in the area of digital marketing benefits. 

Try on a dress without trying out one – see how you look in it on your computer.

Or visit Rome, Milan, Paris in virtual reality. The possibilities are endless as augmented and virtual reality brings the benefits of online marketing straight to your electronic device.

7. Visual Search: Make The Benefits Of Online Marketing Yours

Google has allowed a reverse image search for a long time. But this technology is improving fast. Google search now recognizes shapes and colors.

Usage of this technology in e-commerce may change several aspects of the game, including product discoverability.

Visual search is one of today’s best marketing strategies. Customers can search for a picture of your product and be led to your store by Google at the speed of zap.

8. Research Pays!

One of the digital marketing benefits is that hard work is rewarded. Take the example of research, for instance. 

Research pays when you are in digital marketing. You need to know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to do it. 

If you do things like double-checking your funnels and taking regular advice from the best, you stand a high chance of succeeding.

9. Digital Marketing is About Adaptability

Changing with the technology and with the times is the name of the game in digital marketing.

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it rewards smartness and guts. If you have what it takes, you get what is yours.

10. Predictive Data: One of the Top-Notch Digital Marketing Strategies

Predictive data cuts out middlemen and brings customers closer to you. 

It does this by giving you a jump-start on user-generated results, automation, and customer insights. Predictive data offers some of the best digital marketing benefits there are.

11. Marketing Through Video: Immersing Customers in Your Visual Message

Platforms like YouTube and Instagram are changing business-to-audience engagement.

Both live and pre-recorded video are proving their mettle as the top current digital marketing strategies. They are the new way of reaching and engaging with target audiences at a very personal level.

12. Native Advertising Is Rising

Native advertising is picking up pace as one of the best strategies that offer digital marketing benefits.

One of the many benefits of this strategy is that they bypass pop-up blockers. They do this by coming up as blended sidebars, recommended ideas, and appear very much like the content you are browsing through.

13. Growth Hacking Your Way to Digital Marketing Success

Growth hacking has grown in prominence as one of the top digital marketing strategies that offer the benefits of online marketing. 

It involves testing and experimenting to find out what strategies work for your business. 

It is about being bold, putting yourself in the center of things, and adopting the latest digital marketing techniques.

14. Inbound Marketing: Pulling in the Sales

Inbound marketing involves pulling customers into your sphere of influence straight to your cash registers. 

Both your campaigns and content should be working in tandem to bring customers to your online presence to close the deal. 

15. Chatbot Marketing: Chatting to Sales Success

Allow your chatbot to do the marketing for you. Chat with your customers using the proficiency and efficiency of a machine.

Implement chatbots on your website or social media. Chatbots are an example of the 360-degree benefits of online marketing.

16. Automate Your Marketing: Let the Scripts Make You Money

A super example of marketing automation is scheduling posts in WordPress. Imagine writing the week’s posts beforehand.

Then imagine scheduling each day’s posts at the most optimal time. And then imagine the posts happening automatically.

Choose ease and efficiency with automated marketing – one of the top benefits of online marketing.

17. Snack Ads: When a Snack is Better Than a Meal

These ads are 10 seconds or less in length. They let the message get across short and sweet without the “skip ad” option.

These are one in the latest evolutionary chain of digital marketing. 

18. SEO Using Content Clusters

The idea is to create content based on an underlying theme.

Match the SEO in the content to the underlying theme and benefit from the rule of “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

19. Blockchain

It’s getting tougher to keep consumers engaged. Blockchain uses cryptocurrency to keep them engaged during an ad break. This disrupts skips and ad-blocks and is proving to be one of the best digital marketing strategies there are.

20. Social Media Influencers

People trust people. But not all people.

Social media influencers are people that other people know, like, and trust.

Here’s where their influence comes in. A social media influencer is more likely to be believed and using the power of influencers is one of the best digital marketing benefits out there.

21. Transparency is Honesty

Being transparent is certainly one of the 50 best things you can do in digital marketing to give your business the edge.

Transparency is honesty and authenticity. 

Build relationships of mutual trust with clients using transparency.

22. Mobile Responsive Digital Presences are Essential

Businesses are more and more being viewed on mobile. Mobile is the preferred method of internet reach for a majority of customers.

Simply put, with the vast number of consumers viewing businesses on mobile it is essential to make websites display efficiently on their small screens – a term called mobile responsiveness.

23. Programmatic Advertising

This is truly a new-age method of real-time bidding for the best advertising slots out there.

Mastering programmatic advertising can put you on par with the top players in your niche, and your advertising quality will then define your level of success.

24. Social Messaging Apps

Connect social messaging apps with your business using social media tools. Tap into the power of the social web. This is one of the finest digital marketing benefits available.

25. Personalized Content For the Customer That is King

Personalized content is about niching and sub-niching and creating individualized content for a targeted segment of customers. Using unique, targeted content to get personal is one of the best benefits of online marketing.

26. Social Media Stories: Everyone Loves A Good Story

Snapchat originated social media stories which have now become popular on FaceBook and Instagram.

They are played on a continuous loop for 24 hours before disappearing forever. They combine urgency with quality to create high demand in a short time.

27. Affiliate Marketing: The 21st Century Salesmanship

Affiliate marketing is about building marketer relationships and sharing mutual rewards for effort, professionalism, and ingenuity.

28. Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics tell a rich story in a mixture of text and graphics. This content type informs while being easy on the mind. 

Infographics are easily deliverable and a great example of digital marketing benefits.

29. Accelerated Mobile Pages: Mobile First

Research shows that visitors often bounce off pages that take over 3 seconds to load. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a technology that allows your site to load fast on mobiles 

This gives you an edge over sites that do not use this technology. One of the top digital marketing strategies to adopt.

30. Customer-centric Marketing

This involves putting the customer at the center of all marketing efforts.

Customer-centric marketing is about building products, content, and value propositions in line with expressed needs of the customer.

31. Google Adwords is Here to Stay

Adwords is the big fish in the sea.

Optimizing for Google Adwords remains one of the top digital marketing strategies there is.

32. Marketing on Quora: Where the People Speak

There is no better time to get in on the action on Quora than now. 

Quora helps you help people with your expertise by answering their questions.

In return, you get known and established as an expert voice.

33. YouTube Marketing: The New Boob Tube, With a Difference

YouTube is a great way to connect with an audience. It’s free and pays in more ways than one.

YouTube helps you connect. People can hear you, see you, and even feel the nature of your persona and offerings.

This platform is as personal as it gets when it comes to digital marketing.

34. Instagram: Send An Instant Message To Your Consumer

Instagram is about making an instant connection through text and visuals. Converse creatively with your audience.

Run contests and receive comments. Use the power of the social web to your advantage.

35. Event Marketing: Your Product Packaged in an Event

Create an event around your product. Use the event as a launchpad to inform the public about your product and its advantages. 

This digital marketing strategy is proving popular among marketers because it generates leads, sales, and builds the list.

36. Persona-Based Marketing

This digital marketing strategy involves creating future customer personas based on your present customers.

It helps you understand future customers, their likes and dislikes, and their needs.

37. Smart Speakers are Trending

With the rise of voice search, smart speakers help people get from point A to point B. 

Smart speakers help people tap into the power of AI with just their voice.

38. Visual Recognition: When Machines Recognize

Visual recognition has molted over the years. Algorithms can recognize and share images liked by customers. 

They can even find out what it is about the images that customers liked. This makes finding other people with the same likes easier – an expanded customer base.

39. Progressive Web Apps: Websites + Apps

Progressive web apps combine the best of websites and apps. Apart from website-like features, they allow users to work offline, receive push notifications, and offer other functions that are found in mobile apps. This expands the functionality of these websites effectively.

40. Social CEOs: The Human Face of the Company

The trend is for the person in charge to connect with customers via social media. This can be via a spur of moment messages and announcements in addition to the big news.

This humanizes and brings respect to the company. A sure game-changer in digital marketing.

41. Customer Service: A Cornerstone of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing brings with it new ways of serving the customer. It lets you understand customers, their needs, and problems and helps you find a solution for their wants.

Good business in the digital marketing era is about customer service, instantly and personally.

42. Increased Business Efficiency Via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing brings with it the opportunity to increase business efficiency. It allows you to make your business lean and efficient by automating important business processes and thus increasing productivity.

43. Invest In Your Service, Product, or Media

Business owners need to put their money where the mouth is. Backing their ideas throughout the business cycle and being passionate about their products shows.

44. Have Different Content Lengths

You need to have different content lengths based on the type of media you are marketing on. Twitter calls for short tweets, Facebook posts are longer, while blog posts could go up to 5000 words and beyond.

45. Design For Success

Good website designs set you up for success. People judge books by their covers and websites by their aesthetics. One of the 50 best things about digital marketing is setting your business up for success with a good website design.

46. Focus on Niche Content

Talk to people within a super-specific niche. Demonstrate your specialized knowledge in one area. Engage with niched-down customers and promote your brands to them while gaining loyalty.

47. Remarketing is in Vogue

Remarketing is about putting cookies in the browser of visitors. Then you serve them focused ads across a spectrum of websites they visit. This piques their interest, gets them engaged, and generates sales.

48. Generating Leads Through Blogs

Blogging is one of the oldest and most powerful digital marketing strategies out there. You exchange content, opinions, and points of view for clicks, likes, shares, and sales. This happens naturally and organically and grows more powerful over time.

49. Write Relevant Content

Relevant content is useful and powerful at the same time. No matter how interesting your content is, it matters only if it is relevant to users.

50. Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is a hot topic among digital marketers. How should and shouldn’t we use customer knowledge to target them? We need to connect authentically with users.

Digital Trends You Should Not Ignore: Keep These At The Top Of Your Mind

1. Optimization Using AI

AI does the following:

  1. It saves costs
  2. Enables knowledgeable decisions
  3. Betters the customer experience
  4. Helps in product innovation
  5. Increases productivity.

2. Programmatic Advertising

According to Smarty Ads, programmatic advertising is powerful because of its optimization scale capacity. 

3. Conversational Marketing

You need to adopt conversational marketing because it instantly creates a personal connection with your prospect.

4. Personalization

According to Salesforce, personalization adds to the visitor experience with a higher conversion rate and enhanced visitor experience.

5. Video Marketing

Video is a superb way to achieve higher engagement. Repurposing and republishing existing content is the way forward.

6. Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps deliver information, engage, cultivate relationships, retain customers, provide support and boost sales.

7. Visual Search

Visual search is a new, fresh technology to be watched out for.

8. Live Streaming

According to Coresight Research, live streaming will show revenues of $25 bn USD by 2023 in the U.S. alone.

9. Voice Search

I billion voice searches take place per month. If you want to enjoy the advantages of online marketing, adopt this cutting-edge technology.

In addition to these technologies, keep an eye out for:

  • Social commerce
  • Interactive content
  • Big Data
  • Immersive technologies
  • Quantum Computing
  • Green marketing
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Twitch
  • The creator economy
  • Predictive and augmented analytics
  • IOT advertising
  • Geo-fencing
  • SERP position zero
  • Voice commerce
  • 5G Technology
  • Website security
  • Alternate search engines

Keep in tune with these trends to harvest the benefits of online marketing.

Key Takeaways

If you were to take away some key elements from this article they would be:

  • There are multiple digital marketing benefits.
  • The digital marketing advantage is essential to every kind of business today.
  • Digital marketing is superior to traditional advertising in most facets of the game.
  • The ability to integrate promotion across channels is one of the advantages of online marketing.
  • Digital marketing has led to a situation of adopting/adapting or perishing; do or die.
  • Digital marketing involves both paid and non-paid media.
  • Digital marketing rewards planning and strategic execution more than traditional marketing.
  • Engagement with customers like never before is one of the digital marketing benefits.
  • The rules in digital marketing are changing fast.
  • The barriers to entry in digital marketing are low. Anyone with the will and talent can succeed.


First, there was the fire. Then there was the wheel. Then there was trade. Then marketing began. Fast forward to the present. Digital marketing is here.

Has digital marketing changed the game as much as fire has? Look around you. Plastic surgeons rely on digital marketing as much as their forceps.

Embrace the digital marketing advantage and enjoy digital marketing benefits, or perish. The choice is yours.

A fair amount of study. Brainstorming. Application. Your business could be the next unicorn. It’s in your hands. Choose business growth. Choose the future. Choose to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing.


1. What is the digital marketing advantage?

Digital marketing connects advertisers with prospects using unique strategies and processes. Digital marketing was originally called interactive marketing. The reason is it allows for two-way communication between advertisers and consumers. Digital channels that include video, social, mobile, and search are highly immersive and interactive. This is the digital marketing advantage.

2. What elements define the benefits of online marketing? 

Here are some elements that define online marketing and its benefits:
1. Email marketing: Communicating with customers directly, straight in the inbox.
2. Pay-per-click advertising: Targeted advertising where the advertiser pays per customer click.
3. Social media advertising: Advertising done on media Like Twitter and Facebook. 
4. Website design and optimization: Creating websites using principles that allow them to rank on search engines. 
5. Content marketing: Using content prudently to market your business online.
6. SEO: Optimising the website for search engines using elements like the meta-title and meta-descriptions. 

3. What is called digital marketing’s 5 d’s?

Closely related to the digital marketing advantage is the five d’s of digital marketing. These are digital technology, digital data, digital media, digital platforms, and digital devices. 

4. What are some elements that add up to create digital marketing benefits?

Some elements that give you the digital marketing advantage are:
1. Content marketing
2. Mobile considerations
3. Organic search
4. Social media marketing 
5. Lead nurturing 

5. How can I learn digital marketing?

To learn digital marketing, adopt one or more of the following courses of action.
1. Enroll in digital marketing courses at  Udemy  Udacity and Skillcrush among others.
2. Start a blog.
3. Read digital marketing blogs.
4. Read digital marketing books.
5. Watch webinars.
6. Follow podcasts.
7. Follow influencers.
8. Enroll in free courses. 
9. Do a digital marketing MBA. 
10. Attend seminars and conferences.
11. Check out Google Digital Unlocked. 
12. Join digital marketing forums.
13. Join relevant  Facebook groups.

6. What are the three essential components of digital marketing?

The three key components of digital marketing are lead generation, capturing, and nurturing. These span the gamut of digital marketing channels and practices.

7. What skills should I develop to succeed in digital marketing?

You can succeed in digital marketing when you develop the following eight skills.
1. Persuasiveness
2. Tech-savviness
3. Personal USP’s or differentiators
4. Analysis of data
5. Thinking and planning based on the latest digital trends
6. Content marketing
7. SEO and SEM
8. Video marketing

8. What are the three types of digital media?

The three types of digital media are:
1. Earned media: This is free media that exists in the online environment that the company gets via “word of mouth.”
2. Owned media: This is permanently owned by the company. It includes social media, blogs, websites, and YouTube channels.
3. Paid media: It is media like Google ads and other paid advertisements that the company invests in with the intention of informing or persuading.

9.  What Do Statistics Say About Digital Marketing?

26% of Americans are online almost constantly.
43% go online more than once a day.
Over 75% of Americans go online daily.

10. What does Mobile User Statistics Say About Online Behavior?

31% of this segment are online almost constantly.
89% of this segment go online daily.

11.  What are some digital marketing benefits over traditional advertising?

Digital marketing offers significant benefits over traditional advertising.
1. Digital marketing offers a big ROI.
2. Digital marketing is the alchemy through which small investments are transformed into big returns. Email marketing, SEM, SMM, and other avenues compare very favorably vis-a-vis ROI on traditional advertising.
3. One of the advantages of digital marketing is that its effectiveness is easy to measure. Digital marketing effectiveness can easily be verified in real-time. Traditional advertising takes weeks or months to show its effectiveness. Email marketing software and Google Analytics show key metrics and performance indicators of marketing immediately. This helps us to tweak marketing to our favor.
4. One of the advantages of online marketing is its low cost. Compared to traditional methods, digital marketing creates a high impact at a lower price.
5. Multiplier/Viral effect: Digital marketing campaigns have a multiplier or viral nature when properly applied. A well-thought-out visual or a carefully argued bit of content can quickly grow in popularity due to the social nature of the internet, taking your brand up with it.
6. Building brands is one of the benefits of online marketing. Thoughtfully created websites, quality, useful content, and attractive synchronous visuals help in branding your company and positioning it correctly in the prospect’s mind.
7. Digital marketing is easy to tweak. Based on performance indicators, headlines, body copy, or calls to action can be tweaked to deliver maximum results.
8. Digital marketing is global. It is easy for businesses to expand globally by adopting a pertinent digital marketing strategy.
9. Digital marketing is targeted. You can focus down to age, gender, interest, location and target exactly the customer base you are looking to sell to. This reduces costs and increases efficiency.
10. One of the top digital marketing benefits is the ability to engage with the audience. Interacting with customers not only builds brand voice and loyalty but also helps businesses understand exactly what it is that customers want.