The SEO Career Path: What It Has In Store For You

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Posted on 30/12/226 min read
The SEO Career Path: What It Has In Store For You
Today, SEO jobs in MNC companies are some of the most sought-after. Let’s see what an SEO career path looks like and how you can level up in this career.

People who are not into marketing would not have heard the term SEO, let alone pursue an SEO career path. However, within the industry, many career-minded youths aspire to follow an SEO specialist career path as it seems exciting and offers immense job satisfaction and decent remuneration. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, however, is probably something that is most misunderstood within the industry itself.

Folks familiar with the term know SEO means Search Engine Optimization, though the abbreviation is often used to refer to an SEO specialist or Search Engine Optimizer. It is better to refer to such people as SEO specialists, experts, or professionals, who are indeed specialists, as they know how to make a website more visible online and to drive more traffic. It is no wonder people seek SEO career opportunities as they know that SEO jobs in MNC companies are some of the most sought-after and lucrative.

This article is an endeavor to show you what it takes to choose an SEO career path.

So, How to Start an SEO Career Path?

Almost all current SEO professionals turned SEO specialists more by accident than by planning for it. From the early 90s to the 2000s, people practiced SEO without realizing that it could bloom into a promising career. No one chose an SEO specialist career path since there was none then.


No college or institute taught them the nuances of SEO, and their journey as marketing professionals, particularly digital marketers, was not defined well enough. No one planned to pursue a career understanding Google’s algorithms to be able to optimize websites to drive more traffic. The concept then was still fresh and uncharted territory.

Earlier, professionals from the teaching and journalism streams gravitated to SEO, including some from traditional marketing realms. However, the internet started becoming a sensation over the last 30 years. And millions of people have begun accessing the World Wide Web, leading to a new twist to marketing and branding. People started specializing in online marketing, which started becoming a lucrative career.

Today, in addition to organic search, and paid search options like Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media opened its gates to allow people to access various platforms to promote their products and services. These platforms were used for the growth and propagation of websites.

The current scenario allows high school graduates and college students to specialize in digital marketing as they are already social media-savvy. A little training and exposure to SEO techniques can help them follow an SEO career path. With countless SEO career opportunities arising in almost every domain, it will not take them too long to seek and grab SEO jobs in MNC companies. So much so today that colleges are offering full-time courses specializing in SEO and social media.

What are the SEO Career Routes?


An SEO career path is like any other professional pathway where you can follow multiple directions to reach your goal. Some aspirants prefer to begin their SEO specialist career path at a full-fledged agency, where most of the action takes place. It is the perfect place to hone your skills in any area of digital marketing, including graphic design, account handling, video creation, sales, content creation, etc. 

Starting as an intern and a stint in a professional agency could be your first step to seek SEO jobs in MNC companies, where the pay and perks are much better.

After two to three years down your SEO specialist career path, you can start thinking about your long-term future. For some, this experience is sufficient to clinch SEO jobs in MNC companies, which may give you the unique opportunity to settle in your niche in the aspect of digital marketing you prefer. Whatever the area of expertise, it certainly will be connected to SEO or be a specific component playing a crucial role.

The job demands multi-tasking skills as you will have to handle multiple deliverables, each with a specific TAT. You may even have to manage multiple projects simultaneously, making every day and week challenging and exciting. 

While professional digital marketing companies work on third-party projects, many brands have in-house SEO teams. A considerably long tenure in a digital marketing company can make you a perfect fit for an in-house job, which may be equally challenging, but is fulfilling and secure.

How does the SEO Career Path Look?

Your SEO career path is not only bright but gives you a chance to work in different environments. You may work out of a traditional office set-up, operate from home, or work on a hybrid model. It depends on the company you choose to work with, but just like with any other marketing career; a digital marketing career offers you incredible flexibility, allowing you to work in the time zone and location of your choice.

Choosing an SEO career path lets you move from entry-level to mature and responsible roles with matching salaries and perks. The compensation package may include several variables.

How to Level up your SEO Career

Today, the entry-level command a salary range of Rs 4 to Rs 6 lakhs per year, though there may be companies offering a tad lower or higher, depending on several factors. The challenge lies in bagging an entry-level job. Progression is meteoric for some, while others may tend to lag. The trick lies in absorbing as much as possible to learn tricks of the trade.

An SEO analyst may draw an annual salary of Rs.6 to Rs.10 lakhs, although it is not a senior position. Don’t blame yourself if you are buried in a mountain of data and have to deal with a maze of Excels as part of your day-to-day activities as an SEO analyst. You will be working closely with the SEO or Digital Manager, which gives you a chance to learn more to progress further in your chosen SEO career path.

When you gain enough experience and perfect your skills, you can move up as an SEO strategist, a post commanding anywhere between Rs.10 to Rs.18 lakhs per annum. However, you must be a master in data tools and datasets. You will work closely with the client or the stakeholder, as the case may be, and are responsible for the deliverables.

The next level takes you to a manager’s position where your salary can exceed Rs.25 lakhs per year. You will have a team comprising a couple of SEO analysts and other professionals, and you will independently handle several client accounts. Some managers stagnate at this level as they are more SEO-centric in their approach.

However, people with an eye on plum management-oriented roles aspire to become a head of SEO or SEO director. It means additional responsibilities towards not just the company you work with but clients, who stake a lot in you. SEO directors must always be creative and full of bright ideas that convince the stakeholders that the SEO path taken is correct and will generate revenues as forecasted.

The above points should help you understand what SEO career path you should pursue to seek dream SEO jobs in MNC companies. Today, even startups prefer employing SEO specialists to help them establish their online businesses.


1. Where can an SEO career path lead?

Once you choose the SEO specialist career path, you can rest assured that it will lead to several options. Elsewhere, you must start as an intern before you become a junior and then a senior SEO executive. If you focus on your roles and responsibilities, you can aspire to become an SEO manager or even an account manager. There are countless examples of people doggedly working up to the position of head of SEO and digital head through planning and sheer hard work.

2. How can I progress in my SEO career?

You need to hone your technical skills before becoming an SEO specialist. You must understand the concept of keywords and follow the complexities of search engine algorithms. Remember that only critical thinking, deep research, honing your data skills, broadening your knowledge in deploying various tools, and learning a thing or two about link building and mobile SEO can help you progress in your SEO career. It pays to become familiar with the various tools Google offers in this field and also learn to tinker with HTML and CSS.

3. How long will it take to master SEO techniques?

It will take you at least three months to understand the fundamentals of SEO since it is a continuous process. You may need more than a year to master SEO techniques, provided you get proper training and input. It is crucial to learn from an experienced SEO specialist who can make you familiar with the tips and tricks of SEO you need to know.

4. Is an SEO career path the best one to choose?

Yes. An SEO career path is one of the best options since it is one of the most sought-after career paths in the Digital Marketing industry. As an SEO professional, you can work with any company anywhere globally. Most companies today do business online, and SEO significantly generates revenues for online marketing companies. SEO specialists can optimize the content and website to generate more leads to bringing additional business to a company.