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6 Effective Ways to Ace Facebook Social Media Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 12/10/217 min read
6 Effective Ways to Ace Facebook Social Media Marketing
All your marketing efforts going in vain on social media platforms like Facebook? Here are six effective ways to boost your Facebook social media marketing.

If you want your business to succeed on social media, you’ll need to grasp Facebook social media marketing.

According to Backlinko, globally, about 4.48 billion individuals access various social media platforms every month. Out of these, Facebook takes the cake as the most used social media platform, with 2.85 billion users worldwide. These statistics make it glaringly evident that a successful social media marketing campaign on Facebook can introduce your brand to a sea of potential customers.

Facebook as a social media website has a reputation where your aunt can leave mysterious comments on your holiday snaps. However, it’s also a platform for social media content marketing where audiences can connect with your brand, irrespective of its size.

As per a Hootsuite report, two-thirds of users say they visit a local business’s page on Facebook at least once every week, which means folks are on the lookout for you. But, you can’t just rely on luck if you want to reach this audience. It’s critical to have a well-chalked-out Facebook marketing strategy.

Tips for Facebook Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to learn how to promote on Facebook like a pro? Here’s what you need to know about the coming year.

1. Define your target market

To unlock the full potential of Facebook marketing and engaging with your audience, you must first identify with who you’re speaking to. Consider asking the following questions to yourself to figure out who your target audience is:

  • What is the average age of your target audience?
  • Do they have a home?
  • What are their occupations/jobs?
  • What common challenges do they face?
  • How are they using Facebook, and when do they usually use it?

Of course, knowing the broad demographics of these Facebook users is also crucial. After that, you may glance at Facebook Audience Insights to see who is actively using the pages and how that relates to your potential customer.

Facebook Audience Insights


The free Audience Insights tool embedded into Facebook will enable you to get into the quintessential, nitty-gritty facts on potential clients. You can apply it to look up information on topics such as:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  •  Language
  • Location
  • Past purchasing activity
  • Facebook usage

Besides, if you don’t know who you’re attempting to reach, you’re not going to get very far.

2. Establish your objectives

To build a competent Facebook marketing strategy, you’ll need a solid objective related to your company’s goals. Every organization has various objectives, but they all need to concentrate on actions that affect their bottom line.

According to a survey conducted by Sproutsocial in 2018, it was found that Facebook marketers have a few main objectives in mind:

  • 34% desired to raise brand exposure.
  • 21% intended to enhance community engagement.
  • 11% wished to boost lead and sales generation.
Facebook marketers objectives


If you haven’t set any Facebook objectives yet, these poll results are a good place to start. Furthermore, if your organization has established general objectives, see how these align with your Facebook social media marketing strategy.

For starters, based on these findings, your objectives may include: 

  • Increasing website conversions
  • Generating leads
  • Optimizing customer service

We propose planning out precise, measurable approaches to get there once you’ve established what you’d like to accomplish. We recommend utilizing a well-known goal-setting framework, such as the OKR objectives framework or SMART goals. 

3. Strategize a mix of content material

You have identified your target market. Your objectives are clear. It’s now time to focus on the content.

It takes some trial and error to find the proper combination of materials.  Still, a decent rule of thumb for a successful social media promotion is the ’80-20 Rule’, which states that you should use 80% of your postings to inform, enlighten, and entertain, and the remaining 20% to market your brand.

Make it a point to deliver value to your followers and create relationships with them. If you routinely provide people with engaging material, they’ll be more receptive and pay attention to your products & services when you promote them 20% of your time. 

Tip for marketing through social media: Facebook penalizes businesses that aggressively push their sales. As it turns out, the algorithm isn’t fond of self-promotion. Not simply coupons but relevant, interesting content is a top priority for the platform.

After selecting what to post, the following step is to pick when to publish that post. Examining your data is a scientific technique to determine the optimum moment to post. Under the Post tab of the Facebook Page Insights, you can get overall data showing when your Facebook Page followers get online each day of the week.

 Facebook Page Insights


According to research, the optimum times to publish posts on Facebook are around 6:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. PST on weekdays. Regardless of your schedule, remember to post regularly.

Tip for marketing through social media: Make a content schedule to help you balance your content categories and keep track of the frequency.

4. Boost the engagement levels by optimizing your page

Irrespective of whatever your marketing goals may be, achieving it will be difficult if no one is aware of the existence of your Facebook page.

That is why it is critical to: 

  • Attract visitors to your page initially
  • Engage them and induce communication once they’ve been there

Tip for marketing through social media: Give the cover image some extra love and attention. That is the first thing visitors see when they come to your page, so make it appealing.

Cross-promotion is a simple technique to help users find out your Business Page on Facebook. One of the best social media marketing ideas is to link your email signature and newsletter to your Facebook page and include ‘Like/Share’ options on your blog or website. This helps navigate individuals already connecting with you on the other forums to your Facebook page.

It’s somewhat less scientific to get those likes, views, and followers coming in: you have to generate highly shareable posts. Followers will share posts that are both useful and amusing with their peers.

Get chatty since responsiveness is a highly valued characteristic of brands’ social media marketing approach. Respond to all messages and comments, provide answers to inquiries, and keep content current.

There are a few different methods of doing this on Facebook.

  • Always respond with open questions that can lead to additional discussion.
  • Start a conversation by talking about something that your audience is enthusiastic about.
 Facebook responsiveness


  • Share simplistic, easy to solve conversational contests to generate buzz around your product.
Simple Facebook posts


5. Consider utilizing Facebook’s features

After you’ve maintained a Business Page, consider the other options for businesses to communicate with their followers beyond comments and posts.

Facebook Business Manager

It’s highly advisable to set up Facebook Business Manager to take your brand’s social media marketing ideas to the next level.

Business Manager is a program that lets you manage both paid and organic Facebook posts. It also enables you to collaborate successfully with team members, contractors, and organizations from outside sources.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are online communities where people share ideas, information, and, perhaps, a love for your company. It’s impossible to overlook the 1.4 billion people who use Facebook Groups each month.

You can also demonstrate your expertise and add value to your fans by offering supplementary content or exclusive bargains to “members” of those groups. This is a fantastic method to foster long-term loyalty and trust.

Chatbots on Facebook (a.k.a. Messenger bot)

Every month, Facebook users send 20 billion messages to businesses. You might be losing out on a chance to interact with your customers if you do not use these messages and be unable to exercise the full potential of your Facebook social media marketing plan.

It’s not enough to merely have Facebook Messenger installed. It’s all about being incredibly quick to respond to customer messages. According to Facebook’s research, customers want a company to reply practically instantaneously.

What’s the answer to these expectations? Chatbots: automated response devices available 24/7 to assist any interested followers.

Facebook chatbots


6. Experiment with videos and go live

Still unsure of crafting Facebook posts? Use Videos. Videos perform the best on Facebook in terms of engagement and reach.

Facebook video engagement


According to a BuzzSumo study, “videos are currently gaining twice the interaction levels compared to most other post forms on average.” In the past year, Facebook has been heavily promoting its Live videos. They changed their algorithm to give live videos a higher ranking than videos that are no longer active.

Here are certain suggestions to help you get started with Live videos:

  • Host an Ask Me Anything or Q&A session
  • Interview sessions with industry experts
  • Explain or illustrate how to accomplish something
  • Discuss recent breaking news
  • Share your office, work processes, weekly tips, or behind the scenes of a recent event


When digging into Facebook social media marketing, there is a lot to explore & learn.  However, the great news is that you may get started without spending any money. When applying these strategies, one factor to bear in mind is that the results may take some time to appear.

So, keep learning as you go. More comprehensive social media campaigns and strategies will be available when you’re ready to step up.


1. Why is Facebook good for social media marketing?

A Facebook page is a powerful free marketing tool for brands. You can share images, links, videos, BTS, anything that defines your business when Facebook social media marketing on Facebook. You can also identify your target audience and tailor your content accordingly.

2. How can I do social media marketing on Facebook?

1. Facebook is much more than ‘selling’; try to build a  brand. 
2. Define your goals and objectives.
3. Humanize your brand.
4. Create a proper content calendar.
5. Regularly converse in the comments section. 
6. Use attractive graphics and visuals. 
7. Make and nurture relationships with your audience.
8. Use Facebook promotions. 

3. Is Facebook good for marketing?

Facebook is one of the top three drivers of return on investment (ROI) among all the social networks. It is definitely worth investing in it. 

4. Is Facebook social media marketing professional certificate worth it?

If you’re an agency, it’s absolutely worth it to have a professional certificate. It will ensure your teams and clients that they are working with the right people. Plus, it will also build credibility for future prospects.

5. Will social media marketing on Facebook boost SEO?

Yes, social media marketing boosts brand exposure and increases organic traffic on your website. Thus, boosting SEO.