20 Stellar Examples of Social Media Short-Form Writing

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Posted on 25/01/226 min read
20 Stellar Examples of Social Media Short-Form Writing
Social media short-form writing requires the least amount of words to make the maximum impact. Here are some excellent examples from some famous brands.

Social media short-form writing is truly an art. It has evolved thanks to social media platforms encouraging writing content within a few characters. Even though long-form content has its obvious merits, short-form content is not far behind when it comes to conversions. 

Today, brands compete with one another on social media through short-form content writing because consumers are increasingly fond of brands’ banter online.

Additionally, social media short-form writing does the trick of getting maximum attention but through a minimum budget. Social media platforms are free, except when ads are being run. So all that a good social media short-form content piece costs are a copywriter’s salary. To us, it sure sounds like a win-win for all parties involved. Let’s take a look at some amazing short forms used on social media that you can take inspiration from.

20 Examples of Social Media Short-Form Writing

Many brands have been mastering the art of short-form content and distributing it on social media. Let’s take a look at some stellar short-form content examples. 

1. HubSpot’s infographic

HubSpot is a winner in social media marketing, thanks to its creative copywriting and timely posts. Using a set of guidelines, the customer relationship management (CRM) company has done a phenomenal job connecting with its target audience.

One such example is where the company’s social media team has created a graph showing how work-from-home meetings are conducted these days. Although this does not relate to their product, it definitely strikes a chord with their followers.



2. Shopify’s participative post

Shopify is one of the best brands for interacting with the audience. They do this extremely well by launching campaigns wherein they also ask the audience to participate.



Social media initiatives such as this always lead to huge engagement. You can take inspiration from Shopify’s campaigns and start your own trend. 

3. Taboola’s short video

Sometimes, treating your audience as if you know them personally is a great idea. This helps form relationships and can be used as a reference point when sales calls are initiated.

This wonderful example by Taboola, an advertising company, created a video of new year’s resolutions related to health. We found this quite unique: something that most brands could try.

4. Wendy’s creative map

Nowadays, every company owns a lot of data as they continue to feed their clients’ and prospective clients’ details into their CRM software. Most companies can use that data to create visualizations that most people would relate to or would not mind sharing. Look at this map the brand created, which got immense traction.



5. Amgen Oncology’s quiz

Another great idea to interact with the audience and generate engagement through social media short-form content is by quizzing.

Many brands do so by asking a question to the audience, which generally includes riddles or puzzles. This creates engagement in the form of likes and shares, which helps the brand get more followers. Here is an example by Amgen Oncology, wherein they provided the audience with clues to help them come up with the right answers.

Amgen Oncology


6. Canva’s productivity tips

Canva is one of the world’s most renowned design companies, as it has helped many people in creative design. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, many marketers now rely on Canva for quick graphic collateral. Canva capitalizes on this fact and often posts productivity-related content on its social media. 



7. Grammarly’s helpful advice

On the same note as Canva, Grammarly’s social media tactics often revolve around topics, such as breaking writer’s block, which is a significant concern in writing. It is quite difficult for writers to sit down to work on their writing when there are so many distractions. Grammarly constantly tries to counter that by posting helpful short-form social media Tweets like the one below.



8. Zomato’s never-ending memes

Zomato is the social media king for using memes to promote its products. The brand has done a phenomenal job using audience traction to grow its popularity. Using memes and humor, Zomato’s Tweets get maximum attention because of their relatability factor.



9. Swiggy’s simple flow chart

When it comes to Zomato, its fiercest competitor Swiggy is not far behind either. In one of their tweets, Swiggy has done an excellent job creating an interactive post without using any visual media whatsoever. This has been achieved by using copywriting alone.



10. Moz’s questions

Moz usually poses a question to its audience, which starts a thread that people keep coming back to. It is often a genuine question related to online search and SEO that starts a meaningful discussion. Here’s one such social media short-form writing sample by the brand.



11. Google’s use of emojis

Google does not use humor or banter when writing social media posts, but its team definitely uses a lot of emojis with a touch of sincerity. Here is one such example: they have used a variety of emojis and a video to make the post as interactive as possible.

12. Search Engine Land’s to-the-point messaging

Search Engine Land also tried something extremely new. Instead of using age-old techniques, they asked the audience exactly what they wanted and used a meme to make the post more interactive.

13. Starbucks’ engaging visuals

Using simple designs and copywriting, Starbucks built a relatable tweet that resonated with many people. Since people love to find relatability in their zodiac signs, this post, with its many offerings woven in it, seems like a great idea.



14. Calm’s inspirational quotes

Calm is just like Canva in helping people lead much more productive lives. Calm relies on simple methods to help its audience stay relaxed. The company’s social media posts essentially serve as reminders to the audience to take a break.



15. Headspace’s simple, textual tweets

Headspace hardly ever uses visual media to convey its message. The brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies in keeping it as simple and short as possible. This is how Headspace usually Tweets.



16. NBA’s score threads

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) account has a huge following on social media. They keep their posts number-driven and extremely timely. This score thread, for example, is highly informative and to the point.



17. Pepsi’s experimentation with silliness

This tweet of Pepsi shows that sometimes it is okay to tweet something stupid as long as it is funny. The sheer lack of effort in the tweet’s content got the brand quite some engagement.

Pepsi tweet


18. KFC’s humor

Like other fast-food brands on social media, KFC uses banter, relevance, and pop culture references to engage its audience.

KFC tweet


19. SparkNotes’ relatable memes

SparkNotes uses current memes and trends to set relatability to literary classics, something that has become this brand’s online voice and tone. Below is one such example that got a lot of traction.

SparkNotes’ tweet


20. UEFA Champions League’s throwback posts

The UCL Twitter page often uses bites from interviews or plays of retired players to keep the conversation going. Such posts bring a lot of traction and often lead to immense, meaningful discussions.

UEFA Champions League’s tweet



We hope you liked our list of the best examples of social media short-form writing. These can inspire you for your next big social media project.

Just remember to keep it short, simple, and consistent. Add visual media, and keep interacting with your audience at every possible chance. As illustrated by so many established brands, consistent interaction is often the key to winning people’s hearts on social media.


1. What are the advantages of social media short-form writing?

Social media short-form writing does the trick of getting maximum attention but through a minimum budget. Social media platforms are free, except when ads are being run. So all that a good social media short-form content piece costs is the salary of a copywriter.

2. How does HubSpot engage its audience?

HubSpot is a winner when it comes to social media marketing with its creative copywriting and timely posts. It uses a host of guidelines in order to create social media posts that can engage and convert readers.

3. How does Shopify engage its audience?

They do this extremely well by launching campaigns where they ask the audience to participate.

4. How does Taboola engage its audience?

Taboola treats the people in the audience as if they know them personally. This helps in forming meaningful relationships and can be used as a reference point when sales calls are being initiated.

5. What are the advantages of using quizzes in social media copy?

Many brands increase their engagement rates by asking a question to the readers, which is often in the form of riddles or puzzles. This creates engagement through likes and shares, which helps the brand is getting more followers.