5 Key Features the Netflix App Offers

Team Pepper
Posted on 29/04/224 min read
5 Key Features the Netflix App Offers
Even its most prolific users aren’t aware of many lesser-known features on the Netflix app. This blog highlights the five best features.

Table of Contents

  • What is the Netflix Mobile App?
  • 5 Best Features of the Netflix App
  • Lesser-Known Netflix Features

Netflix has had a tremendous impact on the entertainment industry to the extent that it has revolutionized how people approach television viewing. And with the launch of the Netflix app, there is just no stopping the juggernaut of success that it is now associated with. The Netflix mobile app has undoubtedly added to that success, with people enjoying entertainment on the go. 

Did you know that the original business model of Netflix included selling and renting DVDs, which were delivered via email? Many people don’t know this simply because the Netflix brand is widely associated with being the world’s top subscription-based streaming service. And it is so because of the numerous Netflix features that keep audiences hooked. Take a look at the best features of the Netflix app and some lesser-known but very effective ones. 

What is the Netflix Mobile App?


Founded in 1997, the Netflix app offers a subscription-based streaming service to its users. Netflix is also a production company that provides an extensive library of film and television series. With a subscriber base of 200 million+ people from across the world, the Netflix app is available in almost all countries worldwide. Netflix has made a significant contribution to the upliftment and promotion of independent film distribution. 

Netflix can be accessed through smartphones, internet browsers, application software on Smart TVs, and computers. It can also be played through any compatible video game console and virtual reality headsets. 

5 Best Features of the Netflix App


What makes the Netflix app so popular is a plethora of Netflix features, most of which are unique to the brand or were first introduced to the world by them. 

1. Multiple accounts and profiles

One of the best Netflix features is the option to create multiple accounts or profiles through a single subscription. It depends on the streaming plan and may vary from 2 to 4 profiles. Netflix’s advantage is that this feature allows them to monitor your watching habits on the Netflix mobile app or otherwise and give you appropriate recommendations through in-built algorithms. 

2. Watch on the go

A lot of people enjoy watching shows and movies on the go. Especially when they are in areas with little or no connectivity and have nothing better to do. Keeping this in mind, Netflix introduced a new feature that allowed people to download content through the Netflix app, and watch it later, even in an offline mode. You can choose the video quality while downloading, on the basis of how much data it will use or how much storage you have on your device. But not everything is downloadable, and you should look for the “Download” button next to your selection. 

3. Parental control

With internet accessibility now becoming very easy for all age groups, it is essential to monitor and control what people of some age groups might watch. Many parents might want parental controls on certain content available on the Netflix mobile app, considering most kids these days have a smartphone. 

One of the best features of Netflix is precisely to address this concern. It allows parents to control what their kids watch with four different content maturity levels, from “little kids” to “all.” You can also provide a security PIN, which is part of the “Parental Controls” section in the “General Settings.” 

4. Link to voice command

Many households these days are equipped with smart devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Netflix allows you to link your account to these devices, so you can play content through voice commands anytime you like. 

5. Dolby digital sound

The Netflix app offers excellent sound quality on all types of devices. If you still need a better experience, you can subscribe to the premium account and experience Dolby Digital sound. But you will need to integrate your account with a Dolby Atmos speaker system, compatible with certain devices. 

The Lesser-Known Netflix Features


There are some commonly-used Netflix features, and then there are those that are less common and almost hidden away. Knowledge of these lesser-known features can make your viewing experience even more enjoyable! 

  • You can search for Netflix originals by adding a “subtitle” filter, as well as by language.
  • Netflix also allows you to search the content using dubbed audio.
  • You can request a movie or TV show, not listed on the Netflix app to be added to their collection through the Help Center. 
  • You can regulate and limit data usage on the Netflix app.

Note that some of these features may only be available on the web version or the Netflix mobile app. 

The Final Word

Netflix, as a business, has truly evolved in how it approaches and caters to audience taste. While revolutionizing online content streaming, the Netflix app has now become a household name everywhere around the globe. And with competitive pricing, it has done well to be accessible to people from almost all socioeconomic backgrounds. 


1. What can you do with the Netflix mobile app?

The Netflix mobile app gives you access to the entire range of content on Netflix, watch them on the go, and even rate them when you are done.

2. What are the best features of the Netflix app?

1. Creating multiple accounts 
2. Downloading and watching content offline 
3. Compatibility with smart devices, etc.

3. How does Netflix work on different devices?

Most of the Netflix features work similarly on different devices like smartphones, internet browsers, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. 

4. How many accounts can you have on Netflix?

Depending on the plan, you can add two to four accounts through a single subscription on Netflix. 

5. What is a Netflix subscription?

Netflix allows you to opt for an annual subscription, charged every month so that you can watch unlimited content on the Netflix app. 

6. What kind of content is available on Netflix?

Netflix content varies by region and keeps changing over time. But the standard types of content available on the app include movies, TV shows, documentaries, and Netflix Originals.