Introducing the dream
Content Marketing Platform

Leverage the AI powered platform to ideate, create, manage, distribute and measure your content marketing, under one roof.

Content Marketing
Work For Your Business

Drive revenue with data-driven content marketing and achieve your marketing OKRs.



Data-driven strategy to create engaging content

Cut out the guesswork and stay one step ahead with AI-powered content research. Get keyword clusters and topic suggestions to create content that users would like to read.


Efficient operations to scale output

Create search-optimized content by default, with our intelligent text editor combined with the all-inclusive content audit tool. Overcome writer’s block by using our proprietary AI-powered content writing assistant.


Hassle-free distribution to grow your online presence

Connect Pepper with platforms you already use and publish your content in a few clicks, no additional formatting required.


Detailed reports to check your content performance

See how every content piece is performing by looking at position tracking reports, impressions, and more.

Are you looking to supercharge your content marketing?

The CMP everyone is wishing for

A platform where I could have my freelancers, generate research reports, check traffic numbers, manage keywords, and other tools.

Andy Przystanski
Senior Content Marketing Manager

A project management solution with collaboration tools where I could manage all my writers, write and distribute content and then see the results

Ben Sailer
Director of Inbound Marketing

I'd definitely need tools that'd help with ideation, SEO optimization and then have channels for distribution on the same platform

Mischa Vaughn
Head of Content

I'd love to have a platform to find subject matter experts and help me in my projects from beginning to end and do everything on a single platform

Emily Dumas
Senior Content Marketing Manager

I'd like a platform that would help with all phases of content - a research component, finding keywords, writing content, and distribution.

Brett McGrath
VP of Marketing

A good workflow management tool to gather requirements, write content, collaborate, check for SEO, and analytics and get visibility on projects.

Aniket Thakkar
VP of Marketing

Bringing everything from ideation to briefing along with content optimization and then distributing it - that'd be really cool

Lim Barenholtz
SEO Director

Completing all parts of their content journey on one platform, and not moving around multiple tools - that'd be amazing!

Siddhesh Assawa
SEO Manager

It would have an aggregation or integration of tools for research, SEO, management of creators, and the whole content creation process.

Tom Shapiro
Founder & CEO

I would love to see an all-in-one space that covers all content processes like ideation, writing, editing, reviewing, distribution, metrics, etc.

Megan Rowlands Sobieski
Director of Content

Gather inputs from stakeholders, and align teams, in-house or freelance. It can include an AI writing assistant and a host of SEO tools.

Melisse Lombard
Content Marketer
sound off.jfif

I would get my blog post from Google Docs to the CMS with the perfect formatting and see data around what and how something is working.

Johanna Johansson
Senior Content Marketing Manager

In a nutshell, it starts with analytics and moves on to AI content tools. Once you align all of this, you create something that people will remember.

Amica Graber
Head of Content

An ideal stack would have a content management system, an AI writing assistant, grammar checks, analytics, and a dedicated writing resource.

Cristina Ashbaugh
Head of Content

It would start with some combination of SEO tools, combined with analytics and integrated into a CMS, and content optimization all in one place.

Jake Link
Head of Content Marketing

It should be a central place where you can store assets with a way to measure content success, bringing data from different places in one place.

Brittany Geronimo
Director of Content Marketing

It would need to incorporate tools like Google Analytics and Grammarly and a dashboard that shows what’s wrong with my content.

Ben Hasskamp
Director of Content Marketing

Get the most out of our
Content Marketing Platform

Expert-led marketplace

Create high-quality content at scale by choosing from amongst 100,000 + creators with our Talent Marketplace.

High-octane chat space for collaboration

A powerful chat space to connect and collaborate with internal and external teams in real-time.

Real-time project tracking

Our detailed dashboard helps you get visibility and track your projects in real-time, to unlock deeper insights.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a content marketing platform?

Pepper CMP streamlines your content process and helps you improve your organic traffic, reduce your CAC, and calculate your content marketing ROI. Get your content, data, and teams together in a collaborative space and make content marketing work for you!

When is the platform launch scheduled? When can I get access?

We are planning to publicly launch Pepper CMP in the later half of Q1, 2023. We are starting to share early access to folks on the waitlist in a phased manner.

Why is there a waitlist?

We're doing a beta release to get early feedback on the product and improve it before we do a public launch. We’d love to partner with you and build for companies that are scaling their content marketing efforts

What is the pricing?

Currently, we offer a 14-day free trial when you get access and extend the trial if needed. We are working with early customers to bundle it in the best way possible. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

What does the dream CMP include?

Pepper's CMP brings in all phases of your content lifecycle, which includes:

  1. Content strategy: Create content your audience wants to read with keyword and topic suggestions

  2. Content creation & operations: Create search-optimized content with AI and SEO assistant

  3. Content distribution: Reach your audiences in a few clicks with our CMS integrations

  4. Content analytics: Track your keyword ranking positions and pick content pieces that need improvement

I am already using a few tools, why should I use Pepper CMP?

Pepper CMP brings in the complete experience on a single platform enabling you to:

  1. Manage all your content in one place

  2. Get your teams to work and collaborate together, no more silos!

  3. Say no to copy-pasting woes with easy publishing

  4. Integrate with the tools you already work with

I saw a lot of data on your page, how do you source it?

We have partnered with the tools you prefer (Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Analytics, to name a few) and have our proprietary algorithms to give you the best results.

How secure is my data?

Security is very important to us and is at the core of every product and feature that we build here at Pepper. We follow ISO standards, where all the data in transit and at rest is encrypted, monitored, and regularly audited.

I am already a Pepper Content customer, how can I get access?

Please reach out to your customer success rep or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back.

Turn content into currency with Pepper’s Content Marketing Platform,
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