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How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Work Remotely

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Posted on 24/12/215 min read
How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Work Remotely
Become a successful freelance copywriter with a stellar copywriting business by following our tips and visiting these top websites for online copywriting jobs.

Copywriting is engaging with the customer through coherent and creative writing. As a freelance copywriter, you must keep one thing in mind; your customers should feel that the value they receive from your product is much more than what they are paying for the product.

The post-pandemic work scenario is all about virtual or work-from-home jobs. These opportunities are much more convenient since the hours are flexible, and the whole concept is cost-efficient because of the lack of commuting expenses.

Copywriting is one of the most rewarding and lucrative work-from-home jobs on the internet available today. Let’s look at how you can find remote jobs as a freelance copywriter.

How to Find Jobs as a Freelance Copywriter and Work Remotely

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You can find the best copywriter freelance online job openings in many ways. Here are a few:

1. Check out all major sites

The easiest way to find copywriter freelance online jobs is by visiting all major job sites and filtering for freelancing. Most of these companies will have a remote working stipulation that can be accessible to you. This means you can access jobs from anywhere in the world and pick the one that suits you the most.

2. Join a company that provides copywriting

There are companies like Pepper Content that provide copywriting services. By joining companies like this, you can choose the type of content you can produce.

Companies like Pepper Content are the best place to start your writing journey because they cover various topics. This will give you the experience and expertise in not only one subject matter but multiple areas.

3. Start blogging

The best way to have a high starting salary in writing is to have a proof of concept. If you have a successful blog, companies will be willing to pay you more than other copywriters because they know you understand what is needed to make the content click. This has a slow start, but once the blog picks up, it will work wonders.

4. Cold emails

If you want to work for a company, you can always cold email them to put yourself on the radar. The best way to get noticed when cold emailing a company is to proposition yourself amazingly. This can be achieved either through what you think you can do for the company or by pointing out places where their content could have been phrased better.

The emails should be personalized and well-articulated to make companies feel you have sufficient expertise in the subject matter.

5. Recommendations

Businesses like copywriting thrive on good recommendations. This can be achieved by delivering good content before deadlines, ensuring clear open communication, and offering the clients rewrites to ensure the content is exactly what they want it to be.

Networking is important for a freelance copywriter just starting, so ensure that you add a personal touch to all your business dealings.

Best Freelance Copywriter Websites

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There are many freelance copywriter websites where you can find copywriting work ranging from a beginner to an expert. However, not all sites are reliable and beneficial. Here are the top three sites where you can get trust-worthy remote copywriting work:

1. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a digital marketing firm with a major focus on content and copywriting. They have international customers and write content for various fields and niches.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of those sites where you can network with other professionals looking for freelancers.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a site that capitalizes on the gig economy. This is one of the best places you can get access to freelance jobs in content and copywriting.

How to Get Paid for Copywriting Work

When starting with an online job from home, like copywriting, you must be careful about how you price your work. Most freelance copywriters prefer to be paid by the word for work and with a lump sum when hired by a company that wishes to retain them.

In the beginning, you should price your work correctly. If the price is too low, you might not be sufficiently compensated for your work. However, if it is too high, people might not be willing to pay so much for a novice writer. As you progress in your career, you will be able to price your work as high as you want to.

Another way to ensure loyal customers, especially when starting, is to offer free rewrites and feedback incorporation. This means that your clients will be able to edit their content as often as they deem necessary before you and they are satisfied with the work delivered. This is a sure-fire way to ensure your client would recommend you to people they know.

Benefits of Copywriting Jobs and Working Remotely

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Considering the rise of the remote workforce scenario, remote copywriting jobs have many benefits and advantages. Let’s have a look at some of the major ones.

1. Flexible hours or location

As with any work-from-home situation, you will have flexible work hours, but that is not the only flexible thing. Since all your work will be online, you do not need to be stationary. This can be the perfect way to make money when you are on the move.

2. Better work-life balance

You will be able to practice a better work-life balance. This can be very helpful for those that require to start at home like young parents.

The Takeaway

We’ve covered the A to Z on how to become a freelance copywriter. Many sites offer copywriting jobs, but the best, especially for those starting out, are sites like Pepper Content.

With content in our name, you’re assured of various topics and niches to choose from. This will give you a bonus to speed up your career. Another benefit is that these sites give you all the flexibility of freelancing and the consistency that comes with having a job.


1. What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?

In its essence, content writing is the production of content, it is mostly information and can sometimes be promotional, but it is aimed at educating the customer about the product. Examples of content writing are blogs and websites.

Copywriting is fully promotional in nature. It is written to engage with the customer. While content writing focuses on the product’s features, copywriting focuses on the value gained from the products, whether an experience or a feeling. Both copywriting and content writing are part of the best work-from-home jobs.

2. What is better, freelance or a job?

With a freelance job, you can have flexible hours, choose the projects you would like to work on, and charge how much you want. However, in a volatile market, there might not always be steady work in the freelance sector.

A job, on the other hand, will give steady work and other benefits such as insurance and non-monetary benefits. Your salary will gradually increase, and you will also receive bonuses. However, you will not have flexible hours and choose what you want to work on beyond some point. You also can’t demand different rates for different projects.

You must consider many factors while choosing between them, but it is mainly about the degree of control or security you want.

3. What do I need to do to start copywriting?

You need a laptop and a stable internet connection to start copywriting. That’s why this is a favorite job among those that want something with low input.

4. Where can I find clients online?

There are many sites you can use such as Pepper Content, Upwork, Fiverr to name a few.

5. What skills do I need to be a copywriter?

To be a good copywriter, you must have a firm grasp of the English language and an ability to market content.