10 Greatest Copywriters to Take Inspiration From

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Posted on 10/06/226 min read
10 Greatest Copywriters to Take Inspiration From
Here are 10 great copywriting experts for your inspiration who built their careers in copywriting and mastered this art through their hard work and dedication.

Experience, expertise, and essence are three components that make your work as a copywriter authentic and recognized; being passionate and learning from the right personalities to derive a career from copywriting is important to become a famous copywriter in the world. So, here is a list of 10 copywriting experts around the globe who carved perfection in the art of copywriting.

Top 10 Copywriting Experts

Copywriting is the art of tailoring ads, emails, and campaigns for firms, which leads to higher conversion rates. They are playful artists who use emotional tactics while crafting copies, as passion and determination are the essences of copywriting.

Copywriters like John Coleman, Laurence Blume, Joanne Weibe, Brian Clark, etc. set great examples as copywriting experts for the new generation. Even if you have the skill of crafting copies, there is always room for improvement in your existing model.

You should take the help of the strategies and calculative measures the expert copywriters use to fetch higher conversion rates.

1. John Carlton

 John Carlton


Founder of Carlton Ink, John holds 30 years of experience in delivering his clients’ fantastic copies through his unique writing style and crafting copies, thus ultimately helping them retain the desired target audience.

If you want to touch the required target of traffic generation for your client as a copywriter, you should follow the methods he compiled in his book “Simple Success Secrets.” You can go a long way by following his outlines where he quotes, “if you crave success, you can’t operate on assumptions or untested beliefs.”

2. Laurence Blume

Laurence Blume


Laurence Blume is a freelance copywriter and one of the most admired copywriters in the world. He has more than a decade of experience and has produced engaging copies for big advertising campaigns.

He understands your brand’s complicated structural needs and brings voice to your raw ideas in a persuasive manner. Laurence Blume is a copywriting expert and has landed clients like XML Internet, Global Edge, Black Yak, Panasonic, Rover Car Group, The Guardian, etc., as his long-term customers by serving the best of their interests.

He believes, “We all have our working methodologies. I strongly believe that in writing for any visual application (web, print, video, etc.), the copy does not exist in isolation from the environment.” This ideology makes him more than just a copywriter and a great source of inspiration for people to reconcile their copywriting strategies.

3. Brian Clark

Brian Clark


Clark is a copywriting expert passionate about writing content for your business to generate higher conversion rates than you have ever wanted. He is one of the top copywriters globally, and our list of copywriting masters will be incomplete if we do not mention him.

Founder of Copyblogger, Brian is a digital vagabond who started his career as a copywriter 22 years ago and has established 12 business ventures as a content and digital creator, which made him succeed and achieve what he is today.

As he said, “the sad truth is that those who hero-worship billionaires and obsess over “unicorns” rarely do anything that matters. You start small and build. Quit with the oversized fantasies — you need all your brain time to make the small thing work.”

4. Joe Coleman


Joe Coleman


Joe Coleman has a brilliant writing style as he can modify his copies and pieces of works as per the client’s desire. He has won various awards, including D&AD, Design Week, Clios, and many more.

With an experience of 15 years, Joe is a freelance copywriter who can produce creative and handy copies for people to get convinced to invest in your campaigns effortlessly. He delivers what he promises by serving huge firms like B&W Studio, Music Havas Lynx, and Meccans in his wonderful career.

In one of his tweets, he quoted, “You’re looking for the silver bullet. One word that is punchy and bold. That communicates your proposition, values, and personality.” Telling people how playfully you can jiggle a single word and extract multiple meanings from it.

5. Apryl Beverly

Apryl Beverly


Apryl Beverly serves as the CEO of the two most dominant copywriting and content marketing agencies, making her a great role model for young copywriters.

Having over 18 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications, and copywriting, Apryl enriched herself with almost all aspects and traditional methods of writing copies. Her writing style is impressive, and she could easily deliver intriguing and traffic-generating copies with relatable content you need to expand your customers.

As she quotes, “normalize showing up with solutions instead of just links. Trust me; there is a difference.”

6. Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis


Tiffany is a copywriting expert and a communication specialist who can identify your brand’s needs and provide the results you desire in the advertisement sector. Her approach to copywriting is a bit more different from the others we have discussed so far.

She was a teacher, and as soon as she discontinued teaching, she decided to become a copywriter and help women become independent by teaching them this skill of copywriting through her program “Propel Virtual Solutions.”

7. Elna Cain

Elna Cain


Elna Cain, one of the famous copywriters for B2B SaaS brands, has been a copywriter for six years and satisfactorily served giant whales of the corporate world like Walmart, OptinMonster, Blogging Wizard, etc. She knows the right formula to achieve admired results that you want from a copywriter.

Elna started her journey as a freelance copywriter. Within six months, she extracted full-time earnings from this venture through her determination and passion for writing for her clients. Her story has motivated several copywriters in the world.

8. Gary Bencivenga

Gary Bencivenga


One of the best copywriters of all time, Gary has an experience of 38 years in copywriting and has helped huge brands to grow and expand to the position they are in now.

He’s a man who believes in fetching the most profitable sale records for your website because, for Gary, copywriting is an art to dictate and compel people to respond or take a certain action that will help your firm’s business.

His tips and strategies are authentic and can help you become one of the top copywriters you are reading about today.

9. Joanne Weibe

Joanne Weibe


This Canadian Copywriter is the founder of renowned agencies like Copyhackers and Copy Chiefs. With an incredible experience of 15 years in copywriting, Joanne is a master.

Firms such as BT, Canva, Metalab, Prezi, etc., collaborated with her to grow their business through copywriting. The content she crafts is highly customized and always has a personal touch for her clients.

10. Demian Farnworth

 Demian Farnworth


Demian is a prominent copywriting expert who is truly determined towards his work and can put a soul into even the most boring copy ideas. He has over five years of experience as a copywriter.

He has worked in Renmark Digital as a Chief Content writer and served as a freelance copywriter serving clients like Treehouse, Crazzy Egg, Hubspot, etc. And as he narrates, if you want to become a master at copywriting, “the two things you do three times as much as the average person to become a better writer.”


These top copywriters are just an example in front of the world to independently wake and shake any brand’s expansion strategies with their copies. Drafting a persuasive piece of work is what the best copywriters do, but let’s not forget that these people were just ordinary writers once, and they pulled themselves to a position by mastering the skill of copywriting.

The top copywriters in the world today followed some basic guidelines set by their role models to achieve the position they are in today, and this outlined framework by their inspirations got them to evolve as a copywriter. In addition to our list of famous copywriters, make sure you go the extra mile by looking for more and reading up on their work. Ensure you learn as much from them as that’s the best way for you to become a top copywriter too.


1. What are the different types of copywriters?

There are nine different types of copywriting, including SEO, product, B2B, B2C, Social Media, Ad, Direct response, website, and creative copywriting.

2. How is copywriting different from content writing?

The concept of copywriting revolves more around the generation of sales. In contrast, content writing is a more informative form of writing, which is the basic area of difference between them.

3. How can you start copywriting as a beginner?

Channelizing your content and the type of copywriting you want to pursue is the foremost step toward copywriting. Craft your content based on the choices you make.