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10 Tips to Create a Killer Proposal as a Freelance Content Writer

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Posted on 3/01/226 min read
10 Tips to Create a Killer Proposal as a Freelance Content Writer

Table of Contents

How To Create A Proposal As A Freelance Content Writer

  • Overview
  • Issues
  • Solution
  • Timeline processing
  • Packages
  • 10 Tips to Create Proposal That Gives You Positive Results
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

In the freelancing content writing business, one needs to get a broad client base. The freelance content writer often tries various methods to get a strong client base and to get an impressive writing deal. Dealing with the long-term rewards of freelancing business gives you a good income and a variety of work. To crack the deal at the primary step there is a need for an impressive freelance writing proposal. This proposal works as the face of the skill and talent of the writer. 

How To Create A Proposal As A Freelance Content Writer

The proposal of the freelance content writer represents the skills and qualities of the content writer to the client. It provides a client an idea about the capability of the freelance writer to handle the project. Hence the writer must make a proposal that motivates the client to offer the project to the writer. Here are some steps by which a person can make an impressive and catchy proposal.



This is a crucial step to start the proposal for getting a deal as a freelance content writer. It should start with an introduction and appreciation for the opportunity to showcase the writer’s capabilities. The freelance writing proposal should also include your experience outlining your achievement and track record. It can also include some past data of previous clients and success reports.


In a good content writing proposal sample, the basic need is to initiate a free discussion with the client. This includes a discussion with the client about the issues related to the project and other ground issues. The issues regarding timings, deadlines, and the quality of content must be fairly outlined in this part.


This step of the proposal must include the solution to various problems which the client is experiencing. This motivates the client to get an idea about your abilities and vision. The proposal must preface the expert vision and detailed knowledge with your experience. Some generic terms of freelance writing should be present in the freelance proposal example. This will mark the writer’s intelligence level and invite the client to provide a fair chance to the writer.

Timeline processing

This is the step to complete the discussion by describing the timeline for working on any project. The work must include receiving the project, researching, framing, and delivering it. The writer can describe the sources by which they double-check the projects before delivering them. This description motivates the client to analyze the working structure and modes of delivery.


Now it’s time to talk about the charges and pricing structure that the writer follows. This step should include the fair pricing a writer charges for each type of project. This section must include the complete outline of the pricing structure with some special offers for the client. The description of discounts and modes of payment must be present with clarity.

Always leave room for maneuvering and negotiation. Always outline your proposal in a professional manner. If the client is confident about your ability to deliver you will win the project. Be confident if you have presented your proposal in the manner outlined.

10 Tips to Create Proposal That Gives You Positive Results

Several tips will make the freelance writing proposal sample accurate and efficacious. From the client’s point of view, they need a knowledgeable writer with emphatic experience in the respective field. Certain tips make a proposal interesting enough to catch the attention at the prime stage. Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep it short: The freelance writing proposal must be short and include just the important points about the writer. The client often does not have much time to read lengthy proposals. Lengthy, winding proposals look a bit unprofessional too. Hence it’s a necessary tip to not clutter your proposal with details.
  • Draws attention: The proposal must draw your client’s attention because it is interesting. Without any elaborative description, the proposal must come to the point as fast as possible. The interest to work with the potential employer, your achievements, and your experience must be presented impressively.
  • Writing tools: The use of writing tools becomes necessary when writing a proposal. It reduces the chance of errors and grammatical mistakes. Many online platforms are available to check the content for grammar, and readability.
  • Interest: The proposal must depict the writer’s interest to work with the company and deliver the best performance. The scope of improvement and work under the company guideline are the major parts that attract employers.
  • Achievements: The achievements of the writer, if set out tastefully, will convince the employer to use the excellence described for the company’s benefit.
  • Include your work: Merely describing your ability and achievements does not work to convince a client to grant you a project. So, it’s necessary to attach work samples that showcase the excellence of the writer.
  • Professionalism: The proposal must sound professional and friendly because it describes the inimitable quality of the writer. The tone of the proposal should be friendly and framed professionally. 
  • Intelligent queries: Freelancing proposals should have some queries that denote the keenness of the writer. The cutover demands regarding the writing goals for any project are certain factors that a writer can ask about.
  • Include pricing: In a proposal, this is the integral part that defines the interest and ability to work with a company. The important point to follow is to offer more options in the pricing structure according to the project. 
  • Boost confidence: A crucial step in submitting the proposal is clearly outlining what you understand about the client’s requirements. If clearly described, it will boost the client’s confidence in your ability to deliver.

Key Takeaways

There are some key takeaways from the strategy discussed for creating an attractive proposal as a freelance writer. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Before framing the proposal, homework is necessary. It should include all the details about the client, company, types of projects, some previous projects, etc. It will help the writer to connect to the client better.
  • Honesty is the prime basis of any business relationship. Be honest when you mention abilities, achievements, and other details in the proposal. What you say should be verifiable.
  • Avoid “copy and paste” of online templates. This is because they prevent originality. The client may have difficulty trusting such proposals.
  • Being personal can also be a drawback for some aspiring proposals. The addition of emoji, more friendly tone, and casual language are not professional.
  • Keep the proposal short to make it interesting and easy for the employer to read. Ensure you create a proposal that motivates the client to grant the project to you.


Writing an impressive freelance writing proposal is a way to get exceptional attention from the potential employer. By keeping some points in mind one can win the attention of clients and get the opportunity to show professional skills. 


1. How can I mention the pricing structure for my work in the proposal?

The pricing structure is a mandatory mention in the proposal of the freelance writer. But mentioning it in the correct form will enhance the standard of the proposal. The pricing structure should be in the format of a package. It should include some exclusive offers and discounts that will count you in merit.

2. What sources do I use to get the details about the client’s business and market position?

It is necessary to do the homework about the client’s business format and market position. Their professional website and reviews will help to know the history and status.

3. Can I ask some questions about my proposal?

Yes, some queries regarding the goals of the company and expectations for some particular project can be present in the proposal. It will depict the interest of the writer to know about the company.

4. What personal details should I include in the proposal?

Personal details like qualifications, previous projects, and employment status are some mandatory details that should be present in the proposal. Despite this, the writer can include some work samples also.

5. What should I avoid while preparing an impressive freelance proposal?

While making a freelance writing proposal writer must avoid using over-friendly language and tone. The writer must refrain from the use of emoji and graphics.