Using Facebook for Business Marketing in 2022

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Posted on 28/09/2111 min read
Using Facebook for Business Marketing in 2022
Facebook’s dynamic nature is what makes it a unique platform. Here are the best Facebook marketing tips for business. Read more to find out!

David Ogilvy had once famously expressed his love for direct mail marketing, where you reach your consumers with no distractions and more impact. Facebook works similarly where your business can have a one-to-one interaction with your consumers.

The best part about this mode is that it is a two-way conversation where you can hear your consumer’s opinions and speak to them in real-time. Facebook business marketing has become integral for social listening, the cornerstone of social media marketing.  

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basics and understand how business marketing works on Facebook. Here are some effective Facebook business marketing tips.

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting up Facebook for Business Marketing

Each social media platform is unique, and here are some Facebook business marketing tips on the benefits accruing from business pages on this social media giant.

1. Tapping a part of a massive captive audience

Did you know that a quarter of the global population is active on Facebook? That’s a lot of captive business, with some segments relevant to your business. The trick lies in expanding your Facebook followers’ list and using compelling content to coax them to take action, leading to fruitful conversions.

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2. Use your Facebook advertising strategy to target the options

Facebook presents several exciting advertising options that let you target your buyer’s persona easily. With customer data already collected by Facebook, it is easy for you to predict your customers’ next move.

To leverage Facebook ads for business marketing, they should be relevant to your target audiences’ location, likes, dislikes, interests, gender, reaction, and more.

3. Garnering your audiences’ insights

You should use Facebook business marketing analytics tools like Keyhole or Buffer to gain crucial information about your audience demographics. These analytics tools help you determine which posts go down well with your target audience and help you formulate a winning Facebook advertising strategy.

4. Managing your audiences via FB groups

Facebook for business marketing presents one of the easiest ways of building an online brand community – forming an FB group that resonates with your target audience.

Once the group grows, you can promote your business page in this group, and they will share your posts multiple times. Facebook now allows businesses to manage groups on their business pages.

5. Increase traffic and get better conversion

Your Facebook business marketing plan helps you generate more traffic, leading to better conversions through your business page. You can add images and short videos to your blogs and share them regularly amongst your groups. Using CTA buttons on your blog can drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

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Leveraging Facebook Ads for Business Marketing

You can leverage Facebook ads for business marketing by placing your product and services where they can grab the most eyeballs. Facebook accounts for more than 9% of digital advertising and 18.4% of global mobile digital advertising, according to an Invespcro report.

Facebook ads have a specific format with a headline copy, an image with a short description, and a click-through link that can be linked to any outside website or even your own Facebook page. 

Leveraging Facebook ads


These ads drive traffic to your website or your Facebook page and especially work well if you have something new to offer.

Here are some of the features that Facebook ads offer:

  • Your business can target your consumers based on age, location, and interests. Remember, the power of direct marketing is supreme, and this is where Facebook’s business marketing insights win big. 
  • With everyone in the Indian economy shifting their focus to ‘local,’ your business will be much ahead of others as Facebook ads can advertise locally.
  • You can set ad budgets depending on your requirements and have built-in ad performance measurement tools.
  • It also offers ad testing, which helps hedge risks on your investment and understand what works better in design and copy.

Types of Facebook Posts

1. Posts offering prizes for contests

Everyone loves contests and, more importantly, winning prizes. Look up some popular contest apps like Wishpond and Heyo contest builder you can use to create exciting contests.  

You can run promotions and contests using these apps and launch special offers using them, which let you run contests on your business page. As more people engage with your page, your business marketing will thrive on Facebook. 

2. Polls and Q&A sessions are hot

People love participating in online polls and giving their opinions freely. Meaningful question-and-answer sessions evoke prompt responses and help you glean valuable insights from your target audience.

Conducting opinion polls is one of the best Facebook business marketing tips. You can use the Simple Poll app for running opinion polls on your Facebook page. Using the chat bubble, you can also host your Q&A session, which is easy to create.


3. Create exciting events and share

One of the best tips for Facebook marketing for small businesses is creating exciting events to engage users and ensuring that your business is constantly visible on the Newsfeed. You can go live with a sale or invite folks to a conference.

In addition, there are exciting Q&A sessions, webinars, virtual launch parties, and time-bound online sales. Whatever you do, ensure you are present and active on your Facebook page and connect with users and groups.

4. Posting live videos

There’s nothing that can say it better than catchy images. Sharing live videos on Facebook presents a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure on the Newsfeed.

Live tutorials are a popular feature on Facebook, as are product demos with a step-by-step guide describing how a product works. Posting glimpses of behind-the-scenes clips or results of a recent contest mentioning the giveaway always creates a ripple and elicits tons of user comments.

Product launches can take your Facebook business marketing strategy to the next level if they are featured on your business page at the right time.

5. Be a great storyteller

Storytelling is an art, and you can hone your storytelling skills and present your stories as part of your Facebook business marketing strategy to gain more traction.

An interesting and exciting story has a way of getting through to people, creating a profound impact. Interesting stories revolving around everyday life are great hits. You could weave a brief tale about how you started your business or how one of your products became your business’ flagship. Any story with a touch of genuineness gets a favorable response.

6. Share some spellbinding images

Saying it with stunning images evokes a lot of interest and helps spread cheer amongst thousands of Facebook users.

Creating a smashing image and posting is probably one of the simplest tasks. You may want to try out some handy tools like Canva, or Easil, which boast brand-enhancing features, and are available free.

7. Filling in the blank posts

One of the most popular posts on Facebook is “Filling in the Blanks,” where people are amazed by the incredible options they can think of for a word to fill in a blank. Here are some examples:

  • “I’m on the verge of success if only I can – – – – – .”
  • “The only thing holding me back now is – – – – – -“
  • “What’s happiness for you? For myself, it’s ——-“
  • “I wish I ——- today!”

You can think of many more catchy one-liners that get instant responses and are shared promptly. You need to give it a try to realize the kind of impact it creates.

8. Sponsored posts

Sponsored ads are one of the best ways to leverage business marketing on Facebook. You can pay a certain amount to promote your post about your newly launched product or service. Facebook will ensure your post reaches maximum people and you get the required number of impressions.

Primary goals for marketers on Facebook


Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

1. Be sure of your goals

You cannot achieve anything without well-defined goals. You should have proper goals to measure your metrics. Your content must be insightful enough to enable you to connect with the users, which will ultimately help create brand awareness.

Images make all the difference; hence using pictures and videos liberally in your posts to describe your products or services should be an essential part of your Facebook business marketing plan.

Key steps for developing a Facebook marketing strategy


2. Have a proper schedule

The first task in your schedule should be to create a social media calendar that features a content calendar for the entire month. While video posts do well on certain days, link-sharing should only occur during weekends. Maintaining a social media calendar helps you experiment with new strategies before fine-tuning them.

Another crucial aspect to remember is the time you choose to publish your posts. Remember that the very idea of posting on Facebook is for people to view and respond. If people do not get to view your content, no matter how great your content is, your Facebook business marketing won’t yield any results.

3. Keenly monitor your metrics

One of the best Facebook business marketing tips emphasizes the need to monitor your metrics keenly. Your ultimate goal is to increase the number of conversions, which is possible only if the number of clicks and shares increases, as they are directly responsible for increasing traffic to your website.

Understanding the behavior of your buyer’s persona and determining which part of the sales funnel they belong to helps predict outcomes. In addition to increasing the number of views, repeat views also indicate a high interest in your posts.

4. Get to know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is key to successful business marketing on Facebook. Be sure to focus on the content you create and make sure that it inspires users to share it with their friends.

Understanding your target audience helps convert users into customers who will buy your product or service. The essential things you should know about your customers include age, gender, location, income, job, interests, etc.

Remember that your target audience consists of real people who have wants, aspirations, and problems like anyone else. Offering solutions to your customers’ problems is a great way to win them over.

5. Be aware of the competition

Your competitors could be ahead of you and already have a presence on social media. Facebook business marketing involves indulging in competitive analysis, which lets you understand your competition better.

You get to know what is expected of you by following what your successful competitor does, and there is no harm in doing what your competitor does, as long as it’s not the exact same. 

Tracking the activities of your competitors helps you seize opportunities as and when they arise. Check the keywords your competitors are using and try using the same or similar ones. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to select the most appropriate keywords.

6. Set a budget, and stay well within it

As part of your Facebook marketing strategy, you should set yourself a budget and try never to go over your budget.

Undoubtedly, you need to spend some money upfront if you plan to make more of it. This golden rule applies to Facebook advertising as well. Although Facebook encourages free posting on its portal, businesses need to have a dedicated page and spend money on their posts and ad campaigns to see better results.

Measuring the Success of Your Strategy With Facebook Analytics

As mentioned earlier, using the proper analytics tools for measuring your Facebook marketing strategy is crucial. Apart from the likes, clicks, and shares, several other metrics help determine if your strategy is working to your advantage.

You may have heard of the term impressions, which is nothing but the number of times your ad appears. The more your ad appears, the better the brand awareness for your business is.  Brand awareness is beneficial when you launch your product or service in new geographies, where recognition is critical for the success of your brand.

Business marketing on Facebook depends on not just the number of times your ad appears but also when, where, and how you place them. For instance, ads appearing on news feeds may cost you more, but the impact they create is proportionately higher.

Main goal of Facebook marketing


Similarly, clicks denote the number of times a user has clicked on your ad, giving you a fair idea of customer engagement and their interest in your brand, product, or service.

Keeping count of the clicks helps you determine the number of website visits resulting from that action. The click-through rate (CTR) is determined by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. A higher CTR denotes more number of people showing interest in your products.

Tracking your conversion metrics helps you understand where you stand. Every conversion is related to some action happening on your website; though all may not end in a sale, conversions are essential for any business.

Some people may go to the extent of filling their shopping cart but will not complete their purchase for reasons best known to them. Keeping track of such critical metrics helps you nail and resolve the problem. Such incomplete actions may be due to slow loading web pages or a request for an email address and contact phone number popping up at the last moment.  

Facebook analytics also help you determine the return on ad spending (ROAS), which is simple math – the revenue divided by the ad spend. A simple metric for determining whether current sales are optimum or if one must ramp up sales activities.

Facebook ad analysis


Facebook Groups for Business Marketing

Facebook groups are essential to your business marketing strategy as they present another great opportunity for businesses to spread their wings. These are virtual places where like-minded people come together and trust each other’s recommendations about a product.  

You can create a brand-related group and engage with your followers while attracting new ones. Usually, a group acts like a forum where people discuss a topic.

As a brand, you can take advantage of such places, start a discussion on your product, and understand people’s feedback. These people who join the group are quite passionate about the topics that interest them, and once you convince them via an effective platform like Facebook groups, you can count on them spreading the word.


1. How is Facebook relevant for business marketing in 2022?

Facebook is still very much relevant for business marketing in 2022 and will probably remain so for years to come. Facebook business marketing tips from experts focus on two types of marketing you can adopt: a paid approach where you have a specific business page for your brand or company, and an organic method, which may take longer to bear fruit, but is a proven, and effective method. Additionally, Facebook offers a range of other features that help small and medium businesses expand their reach by joining specific groups, and so on.

2. Is Facebook business marketing effective for small businesses?

As a small business, you must formulate a Facebook advertising strategy to reach out to custom audiences scattered all over. Facebook can be a game-changer for small businesses, provided you have a well-laid-out business marketing plan. With a clear goal strategy, you shouldn’t have any problem creating an almost human voice for your brand and connecting with your buyer’s persona.

3. What should I post first on Facebook as a budding small business?

Launch your Facebook marketing strategy with a welcome post that highlights the details of your brand and why it is beneficial for people to like and share your page. You could add a special introductory offer with a time limit. Also, it is crucial to keep updating your Facebook page with the latest information on innovations and new developments.

4. Is there any specific time to post on Facebook?

You should note the best time to post updates when devising your Facebook business marketing strategy. Weekends are the best days to post, and the 1 to 3 pm time slot is proven to be the best as more people browse Facebook during this period. Fridays are also good, though you should be posting late in the evening or after 8 pm when you can expect more views and shares.

5. What is the best way to increase followers for my Facebook page?

You can use several Facebook business marketing tips to increase your following. Using catchy images has always paid rich dividends. Keep your posts interesting, and don’t forget to use Facebook social plugins whenever necessary.
Ensure that all your emails have CTAs linking to your Facebook page. Cross-promoting on other social media platforms helps grow your business. Keep introducing contests regularly, and announce the winners with a big bang.