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9 Clever Email Marketing Tips Using Your Signature

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 24/12/215 min read
9 Clever Email Marketing Tips Using Your Signature

Table of Contents Email Signature Marketing Benefits of Email Signature Marketing 9 Tips To Use Your Email Signature  Key Takeaways Conclusion FAQs Your signature is unique and exclusive only to you, whether on paper or by email. It is a mark of you as a brand. It is your identity and sets you apart from… Continue reading 9 Clever Email Marketing Tips Using Your Signature

Table of Contents

  • Email Signature Marketing
  • Benefits of Email Signature Marketing
  • 9 Tips To Use Your Email Signature 
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Your signature is unique and exclusive only to you, whether on paper or by email. It is a mark of you as a brand. It is your identity and sets you apart from others. Email signature marketing is one of the most underestimated marketing tools and is rapidly gaining popularity amongst marketers. Did you know that it is the lowest cost and high-profit marketing channel? Now that we have your attention let us dive into some fantastic email marketing tips to elevate your marketing game to the next level. But, before that, let us first understand what email signature marketing is. 

Email Signature Marketing

Email signature marketing (ESM) is the practice of utilizing your email signature as a channel to advertise your brand. It creates a marketing opportunity by adding CTA like a button, banner, text, etc., in the email signature block. These include options like social media handles, links to book a live demo, updates on upcoming or ongoing sales, top-performing videos, etc. Email signature advertising, rightly done, is an impactful tool to reach out to a broader audience.


Benefits Of Email Signature Marketing

Emails are one of the oldest and most effective messaging channels in the digital space. According to email marketing stats collated by HubSpot, there are a whopping 4 billion daily email users. The average email open rate is 19.8%. A look at the number of email users from 2017 to expected growth by 2025 is proof enough of why email marketing should be your preferred marketing channel.


9 Tips To Use Your Email Signature

Use these email marketing tips and tricks to,

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate new leads
  • Engage existing customer base
  • Drive sales

1. Promote events

Spread the word about your upcoming event using the signature block. It will help boost the number of participants for the event and increase the probability of creating a buzz around your campaign. While promoting events on social media platforms will help gain visibility, email marketing will add momentum by targeting a specific audience segment.

Bonus email marketing advice: The CTA should be easy to see and tempting enough to click. Use photos or clippings from past events or speaker details to build curiosity.

2. Send traffic to videos

Spice up your email signature and add a link to the videos you want to drive traffic to. This is a smart way to share your promotional video without the recipient having to navigate away from the email.

3. Link to social media

Another simple and effective way to add spunk to your email marketing game is to share your social media accounts below your email signature. This can include your public and personal accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can also share the link to your blog or the company account.

4. Sales and seasonal promotions

This is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to drive sales and seasonal promotions. With multiple opportunities like Black Friday, festive sales, and international days, you can cut down on email signature advertising and reach the maximum audience.

Bonus email campaign tip: Use segmenting to your advantage. Segments can include the audiences in different categories like department, interests, funnel stages, loyalty, and recipient type. 

5. Encourage product onboarding

It is the first step for a long-term relationship between a client and the brand. With onboarding becoming primarily digital, the marketing must be simple, impressive, and effective. You can use email signatures to speed up the process. Gather permission, forms, and documentation. Share the link to free live demos and the latest products launched. 

6. Build your newsletter email list

If you run a newsletter, be it for your blog or company, an effective email marketing tip would be to use ESM to your advantage. You can add a clickable button to subscribe for your email recipients. You can also add the link to your top-performing blogs, posts, and videos.

7. Schedule meetings and calls

Allow your recipients to connect with you. Share with them the link to book a meeting with you in a suitable slot for both you and the interested recipient. Add a CTA to book a meeting, a live demo, a product run-through, etc. 

8. Show off the brand spirit

Your brand is your identity and opportunity to build trust among your current and prospective clients. Optimize your email signature to leave a lasting impression on your recipient. With attention spans reducing to a few seconds, the email signature is proof of your authenticity and gives an insight into your brand. A few effective email marketing tips to show your brand spirit are,

  • All employees should use similar logos, colors, and fonts for brand consistency.
  • An email signature should be similar on all devices.
  • Add interactive icons to all company social media accounts.
  • Add clear CTA in a compelling banner.
  • Add quotes from a client testimonial.

Your email signature is like your elevator pitch. It is your opportunity to share a glimpse of what you and your brand are. While your email body may have the most effective messaging, signature marketing opens the door to a long-lasting brand-client relationship. Apart from just a name and number, you can add simple CTA for prospective clients like links to social media accounts, videos, the company’s website, etc. 

9. Feedback and reviews

A great way to build a brand reputation is to share product testimonials. Feedback and reviews are social proof to add to your credibility. Quote customer testimonial as one of the elements of your email signature. 

Bonus email marketing tip: Use the email signature to inform your clientele about recent awards, honors, and mentions by other companies and top leaders in the industry. 

Key Takeaways

Before we wrap up, here are some of the best email marketing tips to remember when planning your email signature.

  • Don’t let that space go to waste: Here is the most cost-effective way to reach out to a vast audience, utilize it to strike an everlasting impression of your brand. Showcase your brand, special offers, book a free demo, lead them to your social media handles; there is so much you can do. 
  • Align it with the overall branding: The colors, font, and messaging used in your email signature should sync with the branding styles used on other platforms. 
  • CTA should be compelling and clear: You do not want your recipient to dwell too much over whether to make an action. Only include one CTA and is easy to follow so that the recipient should feel driven enough to click on it. 
  • The email signature should be elegant and straightforward: Don’t add too much clutter to your email signature. Yes! It is an email marketing tool, but it will not grasp your recipient’s attention and may turn them away if you add too much. 
  • Device responsive design: The email signature should be designed to adapt to any kind of device, mobile, laptop, etc.


Email signature marketing is an effective marketing channel to promote your brand. With many businesses going remote, this space should be leveraged in branding campaigns. The email marketing tips mentioned in this article will definitely boost your next successful marketing campaign.


1. Does email signature marketing work?

Email signatures are a cost-effective marketing channel to reach a wider audience. It is a low-cost and high-return marketing channel. A clear, concise, and impactful email signature can increase brand visibility.

2. How do I make my email signature stand out?

– Keep your email signature elegant and concise. 
– Use clear CTA for the recipient. 
– Add a link to social media platforms or the latest promotions. 
– The font, color, and messaging should sync with the overall brand messaging and image.

3. How do I create an email signature for marketing?

– You can start by segmenting your audience, that is, deciding on the audience that you wish to send it out to. 
– Narrow down the goal that you want to achieve with email signature campaigning. 
– Keep the look simple and add a clear CTA for the audience. 
– Schedule your campaigns, and don’t forget to track your campaigns.

4. What are some email signature best practices for 2021?

– Include a headshot for a personal connect.
– Include visuals. Showcase the latest product images.
– Add links to the top-performing or recent videos.
– Add links to your social media accounts.
– Keep it clean, simple, and elegant.
– An email signature should sync with overall brand messaging – font, color, etc.
– Responsive to all types of devices
– Add a special touch – use a handwritten sign-off.

5. What is an email signature in advertising?

Email signature advertising is popularly known as email signature marketing (ESM) and uses email signature as an opportunity for marketing campaigns.

6. What are some email signature marketing ideas?

You can use email signature marketing to share information about your brand, build trust amongst customers, and build a client base. You can use it to talk about your social media handles, company website, awards and recognitions, client testimonials, the latest sales and products, blogs, events, etc. For that, you can use banners, hyperlinks, and videos, etc.

7. What are the top email marketing tips?

– Keep it clean and simple. Don’t make it too splashy.
– Use the same fonts and color style all over.
– Ideally, use low saturated colors that are soothing to the eyes.
– Have trackers to analyze the CTR
– Use it to promote offers and campaigns.

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