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How to Build a Personal Brand Through Email Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 25/03/229 min read
How to Build a Personal Brand Through Email Marketing
Email marketing still leads the digital space. Learn how you can build and strengthen your personal brand through it.

Table of Contents

  • 5 Advantages of Email Marketing
  • 10 Email Marketing Best Practices to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

Your personal brand gives you an edge over your competitors. It speaks for your individuality. Email marketing is one way in which you can grow your potential and attract recognition. 

Branding has become a must in today’s cyberspace. Most companies can’t function without it. Consonantly, there’s a sector in branding which needs your utmost attention, and that is personal branding. Be it for a freelance content writer, video editor, or business owner, personal branding is like a daily dose of coffee: it’s an essential through and through. 

Are you building a personal brand? Do you require guidance on it? A set of email marketing best practices is a good place to start. 


5 Advantages of Email Marketing

Here are five advantages of email marketing that can give your personal branding exponential growth. 

1. Lower cost 

The good old days of personal branding through distributing pamphlets, creating billboards, printing magazines, or giving interviews on television are no longer as effective as an email marketing campaign.

All the above-mentioned steps demand a lot of pennies out of your pocket. On the other hand, an email marketing platform just requires you to invest in special software that can generate, track, and evaluate your emails.

2. Easy start 

Emailing is as simple as using social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. For one, you don’t need an email marketing strategy team or a sea of software engineers to acquire success. 

Secondly, an email marketing campaign can add value to your brand through eye-catching templates, to-the-point images, short and sweet videos, and quick-to-comprehend logos. If you are an ardent lover of sophistication, you can use simple plain text emails to speak for your personal brand. Content is king, and it doesn’t need fluff as its queen!

3. Sharing is a piece of cake 

At the click of a button, you can share your brand through an email marketing campaign. It doesn’t require you to learn and follow too many steps. All it requires you to do is share your brilliant ideas with your friends and subscribers. 

Your brand will gain an audience, and grow through numerous channels of sharing. Sharing is a must in today’s digitized landscape. Well-crafted emails that speak for your brand will increase your online selling, without a doubt. 

4. Global reach

Every marketer’s dream is to reach as many eyes and hearts as they can. Which is the only medium that can grow your personal brand faster than ever? Email marketing.

Email marketing best practices entice a global audience in no time. Social media platforms came later, but emails had already ruled the globe. Also, social media platforms do not guarantee that your content is read. Emails, on the other hand, hardly reach the trash can without some attention!

5. Promising returns


Nobody likes to invest in anything without giving a thought to the results or returns. In the same vein, email marketing guarantees remarkable ROI. It sounds probably alien to your thoughts, but there’s proof of that. Current online studies show that for every dollar you spend on an email, you get 42 times the profit out of it. So, one email generates $42 in revenue.

10 Email Marketing Best Practices to Build Your Personal Brand 

Here are ten effective email marketing tips that can grab your audience’s attention towards your personal branding. 

1. Know when to hit the “Send” button


The ideal time to hit the “Send” button for your personal brand’s email marketing campaign is 10 am. There are two reasons for that: most people check their emails before they start their day’s work, and their inboxes may have no emails then. 

You can send emails to your clients in the middle of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Most people suffer from Monday blues and spend Fridays in a hurry to grab relaxing pastimes. Another way to grab recognition is to understand how SEO and SEM function. 

2. Get hold of a catchy sender name

The sender’s name makes a pitch for your email. Without it, the email can be a hard sell. You might have to scream a lot to get attention. And the sender name does the screaming in cyberspace. It can be friendly, exclusive, conventional, individualistic, or personal. Therefore, an email writing tip is to come up with an engaging sender name.

3. Feel your customer’s journey

You can add a personal touch to your emails only when you understand the buyer’s journey. What are the day-to-day experiences of your customers? How can you bolster your operations to solve your customer’s problems? How can you create a smooth-sailing experience for your customers? These are pertinent questions you need to address.

4. Optimize your website

Today’s buyers love to buy from and interact with brands that have a solid digital presence. When your email redirects users to your website, you don’t want to greet them with a shoddy site. Make sure your website is personalized, trendy, up-to-date, and breathtakingly aesthetic. 

You can use various tools for website design, including Wix, Squarespace, Google Web Designer, and Photoshop, among many others. You can engage viewers and subscribers by adding drop-downs, slide-ins, exit pop-ups, and much more. No matter what strategy you use, always ensure your website is mobile-responsive.  

5. Add a fantastic footer to your email

Most readers move towards the last line of a paragraph when their brains want to skip the body of an email. It’s the magic of your footer that will keep the client.


Use email signature marketing, which is something more unique and in vogue, as compared to traditional sign-offs. Make use of your personal brand’s tone, color, format, and other information to create your email signature.

6. Always add a pinch of personalization

Only when your brand is relatable, consistent, and recognizable will it grow through email marketing best practices. A personal touch will make your brand have a long-lasting impact on consumers. It never stops amusing the crowd.


7. Understand the forms of personal branding

The tone of voice you decide on for your brand depends on its mission, vision, and objectives. There are many brand personalities you can choose from, some of which have been mentioned below. 

  • Hipsters love to emit individuality. They share their unique experiences before anyone else does. They are open to trying out contemporary things.
  • Connectors want the crowd to stay connected with one another. They have their podcasts, television channels, and social media platforms speak for themselves.
  • Altruists are the go-to creators for customers. They exude pure authenticity. The honest suggestions given by them are appreciated by their clients.
  • Selectives do not like to share their wisdom with the whole world. They choose their audience, and offer sound and feasible advice to them. They lack a personal brand strategy.
  • Careerists enhance their reputation by building their personal brand. They have business-themed blogs and sophisticated social media profiles.
  • Adventurists love to share provocative content with their audience. They love to invite and build on controversies. They attract an audience, who may never truly realize what they’re in for.

Listed in the image below are a few more personality types to help you decide.


8. Welcome emails are your weapon

Whatever you make your customer read, it certainly should be fun and entertaining to their eyes. Welcome emails are far more attractive than regular emails. As compared to regular emails, welcome emails get opened four times more. Welcome emails can start with three simple steps. 

  • Firstly, adopt gratitude. Thank your customer for subscribing to your channel. Get them in touch with you through your social media platforms. Talk a little about your personal brand. 
  • Secondly, share your journey with them. Tell them who you are, and how your personal brand will help them prosper in life.


  • Thirdly, give them links to your brand’s web pages. Make sure they’re some of the best ones. It’s a one-time shot, and you don’t want them or you to miss the opportunity. Give them the option of choosing a weekly or monthly subscription.

9. Hunt for the ideal customer

Your email marketing strategy will only bear fruit if you know your ideal customer. How is that possible? The two questions to ask yourself are as follows:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your niche?

When you dig deeper, you can get more questions. 

  • What is their name?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What do they want from you?
  • How much money do they make from their living?
  • What would be the ultimate outcome for your customer when they buy your product?
  • What is troubling them, or what are they struggling with?

10. Ignore what people say about emailing

Most people grew up loving emails and social media. But some feel more affection for social media than they do for emails. They could be heard saying the following things.

  • Emails are obsolete. 
  • Emails are read, but products are never bought. 
  • I don’t know how to write one. 
  • Who will read my emails?
  • Email sounds excruciatingly boring in today’s digital marketing saga. 
  • I don’t have an ocean of email addresses; how do I get them?
  • Email marketing is not my cup of brew.

Ignore all these comments, as email marketing still rules the roost in the digital world. 

Some individuals love to communicate only by dint of emails. And they would love to see you respond to them. Email marketing can fetch results if you adopt the quality of listening too. Creating a magnetic personal brand by means of an email marketing strategy will ensure you win followers or dedicated fans. 

Key Takeaways

  • Email marketing best practices involve bettering your content first, and increasing your collection of email addresses later.
  • The more you share stories about your personal brand, the greater are your chances of growing.
  • You can always depend on social media to back you up. That’s not going anywhere. Forums on Reddit, Quora, and more can be of immense succor.
  • The only way to grow and attract an audience in the digital cosmos is consistency. You have to give your best every time you create and send an email. And you have to keep doing that every single day. The whole purpose of sharing an email with your client is to portray a consistent communicator. 
  • Writing about your personal brand should become your favorite task of the day. Only when you enjoy that will your customers, too, feel your passion in your words. 


1. How can you get a list of email addresses?

There are many ways in which you can build and grow your email list. A feedback form must comprise an email address section. Try to export contact details to Mailchimp or CampaignMonitor. How can you attract netizens to your website in order to get their email addresses?
1. A slider pop-up in the corner of your website that offers discounts or exciting offers 
2. Freebies in the form of knowledge, DIY videos, ebooks, and more 
3. A chatbot asking for an email address

2. What are the types of content that can help you gain an audience for email marketing?

Awareness about your personal brand should make up a major portion of your email marketing strategy. You want the crowd to appreciate, buy, and fall in love with your brand. Here are a few content types that can help you achieve that. 
1. Education
These posts revolve around case studies, tips, tricks, and industry research materials.
2. Entertainment
In the universe of entertainment, it takes viral videos, jokes, memes, comics, and puzzles to draw deliberation and conquer hearts. 
3. Inspiration
LinkedIn is already famous for this one. But it takes quotes, facts, and personal stories of success to draw brains and keep them engrossed.
4. Connection
What do customers want from your personal brand? They want to feel connected, heard, and felt. How can you build a connection with them? Behind-the-scenes content and product reviews are your best bet. 
5. Promotion
The next crucial thing on your list for an email marketing campaign should be the promotion of your personal brand in the form of testimonials, webinars, discounts, and more.
6. Conversation
In a lecture, when the professor engages with the students through questions, the lecture suddenly becomes eye-opening or interesting. Similarly, through your email marketing platform, you can indulge clients with questions, polls, and Q&As.

3. How to make branding through email marketing personal?

A recently discovered concept called email segmentation can help. It lets you divide clients based on ethnicity, location, and interests. That way, each email of yours will sound personal, and each client would want to connect with you on a deeper level.

4. What are the strategies to build clientele through email marketing?

Here are three steps to do so. 
1. Introduce yourself
Tell your clients what you do, what your goals are, and what you can offer to them. Don’t talk about your products and services already. 
2. Brand as an expert
Find your niche and talk about it like a pro. You are nothing without your passion for your niche. Once you provide an educational and high-level insight into your niche, clients will come rushing to you. 
3. Inspire your clients
Get to know their fears, concerns, and interests. Try to connect with them through humor. Humor helps bring two people together in no time. When you send interesting and amusing content to your clients, they wait for your emails the next time you decide to charm them. 

5. How to build better visibility of emails?

Anything even remotely related to social media makes the modern-day reader dreamy and preoccupied. Your social media presence is your superpower. You must inculcate your social media links in your emails to give the subscribers a chance to interact with you.

6. How to make an email an easy read?

You must optimize your email marketing operations for mobile. Make sure you select legible fonts, small and colorful images, large buttons, and exciting offers at the end of the email.