Boost Online Presence With These 5 Content Marketing Tools For Social Media

Team Pepper
Posted on 24/05/236 min read
Boost Online Presence With These 5 Content Marketing Tools For Social Media
We are discussing the top five online marketing tools that will boost online presence as well as help manage social media better.

If you work as a content producer or as a content creator, you are already aware that most B2B marketers use content marketing as the key strategy for growing their business online. Social media is one of the most used and powerful online marketing platforms available for marketers, and the best part? It’s free!

As a business owner, you need to stay ahead of the curve and be aware of all the latest social media tools and trends. Having in-depth knowledge regarding trending topics will help you to create content more effectively and will ensure that you are using the necessary tools effectively for your business. 

With Artificial Intelligence and automation becoming popular, the methods of planning, creating, and promoting content have already changed. For 80% of marketers, producing effective digital content is the top priority. This guide delves into the five best content marketing tools that will help you to create content strategically while boosting your online presence.

What is a Content Marketing Tool?

Software and applications exist for almost all jobs today. Content marketing tools help in creating, planning, and distributing content more effectively. They make the entire digital marketing process much easier and help in social media management, content management for all channels, email marketing, and analyzing the latest social media trends. They also 

Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Hootsuite are some of the commonly used online marketing tools for various tasks like content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

How is Content Marketing Linked with Content Marketing Tools

A content marketing strategy involves an outline of how a business will use its content to promote its services and products on various marketing channels. A digital marketer has to consider several factors including the nature of the product or service, the target audience, the distribution channels, and several others to plan the marketing strategy. 

For instance, most businesses these days use social media management tools to plan and schedule their social content and reach their target audiences better. Some other businesses might use email marketing tools to send newsletters to their customer list. Such tools help businesses in executing marketing strategies and track their progress to achieve the desired results.

5 Popular Online Marketing Tools for Social Media

There are various online marketing tools available, however, you need to select a content creating tool based on your specific requirement. Here are the top 5 content marketing tools that are used by most businesses:

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and publish content along with tracking their social media performance. It supports all popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Not only can you manage your social media posts, but you can also manage your social media presence. It comes with features like media presence and customer inquiries and reviews.

Hootsuite is extremely user-friendly and offers useful features like team collaboration, engagement, monitoring, and reporting. However, it is not free to use, the monthly subscription charge starts at around $99 which gives access to some features.

2. Biteable


If you are into short videos like reels and YouTube shorts, Biteable will be an extremely useful software. It is user-friendly and the interface is easy to understand for beginners. It comes with a wide range of video templates and you can also create GIFs for your social media networks. 

The paid version of the software is also reasonable compared to other software providing similar services. The monthly subscription plan starts from $19 and gives you access to some of the best features like HD exporting and custom branding.

Biteable provides royalty-free music to premium users and has an extensive music library. You can have photos, logos, and videos to add a personal touch to your posts. Additionally, you will also get many video templates for all industries.

3. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is an all-in-one social media tool for social media content marketers. It offers features like content scheduling, social media management, and creating content. CoSchedule offers a paid and free version. The paid version is about $15 a month and it provides all the necessary features for content marketing. Along with helping in content marketing, it also provides reports after analyzing the headlines and provides necessary suggestions for improvement.

The content calendar helps in planning, creating, and optimizing content for your business. With CoSchedule you schedule posts for all your social media channels. You also get a variety of templates and content creating tools that help in content creation.

4. Sprout Social


If you have been using social media management tools for quite some time, you might want to start using Sprout Social. It is an advanced and comprehensive social media management tool that offers many advanced social media management features, for instance, team collaboration, analyzing, reporting, and monitoring social media growth.

With this social media management tool, you can manage all your social media handles in one place. Along with assisting in social media management, Sprout Social allows team collaboration. It also allows you to monitor social media comments, assign tasks and leave comments on posts. You will find various social media integration with other business tools.

5. Tailwind


Tailwind is a social media management tool that is specifically designed for Instagram and Pinterest. The tool allows various features like scheduling posts for social media channels. analyzing social media trends and the performance of your social media account. You also get to collaborate with team members using this tool.

Tailwind offers several subscription plans starting at $9.99 for running three social media accounts. It allows users to play CDN which helps in optimizing images to reduce the loading time. For your Pinterest account, you can use the Rich Pins feature to add more information to your pins. The Hashtag Finder suggests the best hashtags for your social media posts.


1. What is social media management and what does a social media manager do?

A social media manager is someone who essentially manages all social media accounts for a brand or multiple brands. A social media manager is responsible for planning social media strategy, creating content, and executing marketing plans for a business. Social media managers perform research on your target audience and based on their findings, they design social media content plans. They also analyze the performance through the number of social media followers gained or lost and take necessary steps to increase your social media followings.

2. What is the importance of content marketing?

Whether you are taking advantage of social media marketing or not, social media has changed how customers interact with businesses and vice-versa. Today, customers can get in touch with businesses easily through their social media channels and can also gain knowledge regarding their new launches. Similarly, brands can spread the word about their launches more effectively through their social media accounts.

3. How to measure content marketing success?

The result of a content marketing strategy is measured through various metrics such as traffic, leads, and customers. The number of social media followers gained is another important factor in measuring the success of a social media campaign. The bottom line is that content marketing helps drive potential customers to a business’s website and in turn, improve sales. Through social media, businesses can drive qualified leads to websites and convert them into customers.

4. How much does content marketing cost and what is the ROI?

Content marketing is never free. Whether you are spending your own time to build social media followings or you are paying someone to do the same for you, you cannot expect social media marketing to be free. The aim is to get the maximum result out of the money and time spent. However, most business owners get confused with ROI and revenue. ROI does not only mean increased revenue but also the number of followers gained, leads increased, or website traffic increased. The actual ROI can be measured in the long run.

5. Which is the best social media platform for businesses?

There is no set answer to this question since you need to select the social media channel based on your target audience. Other factors like demographic, age of the target audience, geographic location, and many others. Chances are if your target audience is teenagers or young adults, Instagram might be the best platform. Similarly, if you offer career-related services, LinkedIn might be more beneficial for your business.