How To Promote Your Blog: 55 Proven Tactics for Beginners

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Posted on 27/12/2110 min read
How To Promote Your Blog: 55 Proven Tactics for Beginners

So, you are new to the blogging industry? But don’t know how to promote it? You might be confused about whether you should share it on social media or just wait for things to happen to you. 

Unfortunately, that is not going to work. You need to have millions of fans who breathe and live your words. But you might not have become so popular yet. So, you need to try out some blog tips for beginners to promote your blog.

Your ultimate goal is to have as many visitors as you can to monetize the blog. You can convert visitors into affiliate referrals, advertising clicks, and service and product buyers. 

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to some blog promotion tips. Now, without wasting time, let’s dive in. 

Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

1.Email the List

So, when people join the email list, they expect their emails. An Optinmonster study shows that 60% of consumers subscribe to an organization’s email list to get promotional messages in comparison to 20% of consumers who follow the brand on social media. So, email your list after publishing new content on the blog. 

2.Tell Them in Person

It might sound a little old school. However, the methods can still be effective. No, there is no need to be pushy. However, you can surely let your family and close friends know what is going on in your life.

3. Add a Signature to the Emails

Apart from marketing, email is one of the most popular communication methods. So, one of the most effective ways to promote your blog is through regular emails and adding a signature at the end of the post. 

4. Announce About Your Blog in Social Media

Social media is in rage these days. So, you should cover more tactics to promote the blog through social media. You can use it to announce the new blog on social media to all the current followers. 


5. Ask Your Audience to Join the Blog Newsletter

The best method to stay updated is through newsletters. Anyone signing up for the newsletters is going to receive a notification whenever you post content. So, get your brand’s audience to sign up for the newsletters. 

6. Redirect the First-Time Commenters to the Thank You Page

When someone is commenting on your blog for the first time, it is a good idea to redirect them to the Thank You page. This way you can welcome them to your blog and develop your relationship. It helps in getting them closer to signing up for the email list. 

7. Add the Blog URL to Forum Profiles

Include the profiles with signatures where you can participate in the discussions that are related to your blog’s niche. 

8. Add Blog URL to the Social Profile

You can add the blog URL to the networks you are using, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Thus, whenever people find your blog URL on social media, they will come to learn about it. 

9. Be a Part of Social Media Groups

Social media groups provide you with an excellent opportunity to share your expertise. When you are able to establish yourself as a helpful resource, it will help in building trust. So, group members are more likely to check out your blog to get information on different aspects. But make sure you join social media groups that are relevant to the industry. 

10. Ask Your Followers to Share the Blog with Others

It’s a no-brainer and is one of the most effective tactics. When you are writing a piece of content, you should ask your connections to share it with others online. Even if 10 people are sharing your posts, you will get more visitors. 

11. Network with Others Whenever You Can

You might often attend networking events. Make sure that you have a quick elevator pitch about the blog when someone asks you what you do. Moreover, if you are in a blogging conference, ensure you let people know about your blog. Tell them more about the subject matter. 

12. Use Reciprocal Sharing Websites

There are reciprocal sharing sites that work on the system of credits.  In this, when you share the content of others, you earn credit. This, then, allows you to post your content and is shared by other people. 

13. Become a Part of Community Sites

There are several voting and social bookmarking sites that have engaged users. But some of these sites are not fond of people promoting the content all the time. So, make friends on the network and share content occasionally with them hoping they will submit to these networks.

14. Promote the Blog in Quora like Forums

One source that drives traffic to your blog is web forums. With this online community. You can establish authority by posting and sharing useful content. Some won’t let you link to the blog posts directly. Hence, you have to engage in discussions. Just ensure you have a good author bio. 

15. Build Your Group or Network

As a blog writer, you can have your own promotional operation by networking with other people in your niche. You can make everyone connect on the Facebook group or just create a new team on Slack. Make sure your connections are able to share their ideas in the groups. 

16. Consider Content Aggregators

Content aggregators are just like content syndication. It can collect content automatically from source sites and then publish it on their platform, with a backlink to the original source.


17. Reply to Every Comment on the Blog

In case you are asking your audience to leave a comment, make sure you don’t ignore them when they do. Thank them for their comments and answer their questions. 

18. Publish Guest Posts on Other Sites

Another effective blog writing tip for beginners is to promote your blog through guest posting. Write quality content that is relevant to your blog’s niche for other sites. If you can, offer an incentive to the readers to get people to your blog.

19. Make Guest Appearance on Broadcasts

Live video on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook also gives you the chance to promote your blog to a new set of audience. 

20. Allow People to Guest Post on Your Blog

You might receive a request to guest post on your blog. This shows that people see potential in the blog. Just make sure they are high-quality content. 

21. Get on Roundup Posts

In case you know good fellow writers or bloggers in your niche curating roundup posts, get on their radar. To make yourself know contribute to their following roundup post. 

22. Organize Events and Speak

You can organize your own event. It can be an online or local event. 

23. Have a Blog Launch Party

You are always throwing parties for different occasions. So, you can have it on it your new blog, too.

24. Submit the Blog to Directories

There are many directories that will list the blog as a permanent or yearly fee listing. However, only a few of them are worth considering. There are some directories that offer free listing, too. 

25. Make Use of Blog Promotion Networks

There are many networks that gather people who love helping each other promote the blog. Make sure you check them out. 

26. Interact and Comment on Other Blogs

A great way to build a relationship is to comment on other blogs. It will help in developing a relationship with other bloggers. Research to find out the top blogs. 

27. Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Working with other bloggers can also help in promoting your blog. But remember, networking and collaboration are not the same. Collaboration is an outcome of networking. So, after establishing a reliable connection, work on collaborating with authentic and authoritative bloggers. 

28. Appear on Podcasts

Podcasts have become more and more popular with time. When you are interviewed by the podcast host, you can share some expertise and tips for building credibility. 

29. Notify People You Mentioned

In case you have included references, quotes, and expert contributions in the blog post, make sure you notify them showing your gratefulness for the contribution they have. 

30. Repurpose the Blogs Posts in Other Formats

A good way to ensure that your content is seen in new places is to repurpose the content to the existing blog. So, it means changing the content to some other format. 


31. Create Business Cards and Add Blog URL

Create business cards for an affordable price or for free and add the blog URL to promote it. 

32. Add Blogs to Author Bios

These can be any sites that you might be contributing to. It includes the other blogs you own. 

33. Be Active on Relevant Forums

You can look for forums related to your niche and be active. A simple Google search can help in finding the relevant forums. 

34. Be Active in Communities and Groups

It is crucial to be active where your prospective audience spends their time. You can find Facebook groups and forums that you know of. 

35. Grow the Email Subscription List

Don’t wait to get a considerable amount of traffic. So, you should start to collect the subscribers from the very beginning. When you get a few people who love your blog from the first day, make sure they give you their email address. You can use it later to promote your products or content. 

36. Send Out Emails Whenever You Post

It is a basic step you need to take. You should send out emails whenever you post a blog. It lets all your subscribers and others know that you have posted a new blog. 

37. Prepare a Curated Newsletter

It implies you can collect interesting content across the internet that includes your own content and send out the list of the crucial articles to the subscribers. 

38. Send Out Emails During the Best Time

Sure, it is imperative that you send out emails. However, you need to ensure that you are doing it at the right time. It ensures more people can see it. 

39. Add the Latest or Best Content to the Email Signature

In case you have a blog article that you want to promote, add the article link in the signature. Adding blog posts links in the email signature will encourage traffic. 

40. Send Out a Second Email to People Who have Missed It

At times, when you send out emails to your subscribers, the open rates can be as low as 50%. To increase the open rates, take the email and change the subject line to a new one. Then you can send it out a week later to subscribers who didn’t read it the first time. 

41. Take the Help of Email Automation Service

To send emails automatically to your subscribers, you can use the email autoresponder service. It helps in sending messages to the subscribers in the frequency and order set by you. 

42. Include Social Sharing Links Within the Email

Professional marketers use this tactic all the time. It comes in handy. This ensures your subscribers are able to share the content from the email with just one click. 


43. Optimize the Email Content

You can experiment with the email content in various ways. Nevertheless, there are three things that you need to focus on, such as the body, subject line, and call to action. 

44. Have Blog Post Scheduled Consistently

Developing a consistent schedule for the blogs can help the readers to understand when they will hear from you again. But remember, the key to maintaining publishing content is to be realistic. If you are an individual blogger, you might find it difficult to come up with premium quality content daily. So, begin with bi-weekly or weekly posts and work your way up. 

45. Create Content for Your Targeted Audience

Your blog content serves as the bait that will attract readers. It is important that you figure out the target audience. Consider what their occupation is, the common issues they are facing, and the topics they would prefer to read. Good content will push your audience to take action. 

46. Create Attractive Headlines

With attractive headlines, you can get more clicks. It has to capture the audience’s attention. Your audience might notice it on the search results, or social media feed. Also, ensure that you are including the right keyword. 

47. Create Long-Form Content

Studies have shown that long-form content generally gets higher rankings in the SERPs. Evergreen content is one kind of long-form content. It helps in improving the SEO ranking of the blog post. 

48. Add Images and Graphics to the Content

Adding graphics and images to your content can be an incredible source of getting more traffic to your website. Enable users to use your images and ask them to cite your blog as the source. 

49. Organize the Content

You should have an adequate structure for the content. It will enable the audience to scan through the content without any hassle. So, add elements, such as bolded text, subheadings, and bullet posts. All these help in optimizing the post. 

50. Use Slideshare for Promoting Your Blog

Slideshare is a tool that lets you create slideshows and post them on the blog. Thus, it helps in presenting your ideas, work, and some fun images to the content. 

51. Create Effective Infographics

Infographics have become popular in recent times. Often it is used by marketers as a promotion method. You can create them even if you are not a professional designer. 

52. Write In-Depth Guides

Sure, the main content piece will be the cornerstone. It will serve as the foundation of the site and write a smaller blog post around the core post. 

53. Write Controversial Content

Want people to talk about your content? Create controversial content. it can bring bad press to your post. However, as the adage goes, there is nothing called bad publicity. 

54. Rework On and Repost the Old Content

It is a compelling practice. Get hold of some older articles, which have the highest traffic, and check if they can be updated. When you do that, publish it again. 

55. Create a Contest

Contests are effective when it comes to increasing traffic on your blog post. It can lead to your blog. You have to follow some steps to make it successful.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating high-quality content is not enough
  • You have to look for ways to promote your blogs and reach out to more people
  • Blog promotion can increase the traffic of your site
  • Use the blog tips for beginners to promote the blog to your target audience
  • Make use of free, as well as paid methods


1. What is blog promotion?

You cannot just create content and expect your readers to find their way to the site. It is important that you promote the content. This will help in driving traffic from the new audience.

2. How to promote my blog for free?

There are various methods to promote the blog for free. Some of these are blog commenting, email marketing, email signature, use images, and keyword optimization. 

3. How to get more blog views?

If you have to get more blog views, you can promote your blog on social media, know your niche, write better titles, incorporate links, photos, etc. 

4. Why do bloggers fail?

One of the reasons why bloggers fail is they aren’t creating outstanding and engaging content for their readers. As so much content is being created every day, great content is a minimum requirement for blog posts. 

5. How are bloggers paid?

The two primary blog tips for beginners to get paid are through per click or per impression.

6. What are the four common types of blogs?

The four most common types of blogs are business, personal, affiliate, and niche.